How to Sell Crowded Milk Tea with 4 Extreme Strategies

How to Sell Crowded Milk Tea with 4 Extreme Strategies

The milk tea business is very popular, so many people who intend to do business will not choose the product as milk tea. Is the milk tea market no longer fertile ground for entrepreneurs? In fact, there are still many opportunities in this beverage market if there is a right strategy. Articles below Digi Viet will share with you how to sell crowded milk tea Please.

Designing a Youth-Oriented Space

Many loyal followers of this drink are none other than young people. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to beverage quality, businessmen should pay attention to product design and space design. Especially in the context that there are many milk tea shops with not too different taste, building an attractive shop or a cup of milk tea with a beautiful appearance is a good milk tea business strategy, is competitive.

Currently, many design styles are emerging, but you need to find a new direction. If you want to have a successful business, have your own style to attract customers, you must have a breakthrough. Nowadays, there are many beautiful spaces, you can open a business store with the cozy style of previous decades to attract more customers.

Find a place to open a shop

One of the ways to sell crowded milk tea that businessmen are interested in is the place of sale. You need to thoroughly research where you will place your store with factors such as:

  • Number of people passing each day
  • The parking lot is spacious and convenient.
  • Location is on the street or in the mall
  • The restaurant area can accommodate more or less guests

Can you also learn more about the surroundings of the store to ensure the safety of customers and employees? Have any stores ever opened here? What item do they open? Why did they choose to move?

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Health and Safety

When opening a store, the most important thing is the quality of the product. If the space is beautiful, the milk tea is delicious, but hygiene is not guaranteed, customers will only come once and never come back. Therefore, the way of selling crowded milk tea should still put quality and hygiene criteria first:

Ensure the cleanliness of water to raw materials

Making milk tea requires preparing water and then boiling it. Because clean water determines the food safety of a cup of milk tea, and also determines its flavor. Next, the tea should be completely natural, do not use teas that have been mixed with odorants and need to be cleaned.

Milk powder and pearls

Recently, ready-made pearls have spread in the market and have been discovered by authorities to be of unknown origin. That’s why you need to make sure your ingredients are safe and clean.

Quality assurance pearls must be from 100% natural tapioca. After boiling, the pearls should be rinsed with filtered water and then soaked in pure honey. Only then the milk tea seller will guarantee the quality and safety of the pearls, thereby creating trust with customers. As for the issue of milk powder, it must be subject to clear origin and quality standards.

Preservation of raw materials

If an ingredient is left in the environment for more than 4 hours, it will certainly never make a good cup of milk tea. Therefore, you should equip more specialized machines and utensils to make milk tea such as: tea holder so as not to lose the smell and taste of tea, refrigerator, cup cork press, etc. will also have some confidence in the process of making a cup of your milk tea.

And you need to make sure your ingredients have an expiration date. Absolutely do not use expired ingredients as this not only affects food safety but also makes the taste unguaranteed. It will affect the reputation of the brand you are building and it is difficult to recreate trust in the hearts of customers.

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make a difference

It can be seen that the milk tea business market is also entering the saturation stage. Not that there isn’t a business opportunity, but you can’t be competitive if your product is too similar to the products on the market. To be able to grow and expand, it is imperative that you have something different that attracts customers, some suggestions such as:

Milk tea cup packaging design

Milk tea is too familiar to customers, so if used, ordinary milk tea cups will not be new. If you want to implement the way to sell milk tea to customers, you need to design impressive packaging, make customers remember your brand through the image of a cup of milk tea.

Now you can refer to new designs like milk tea in a bulb, canned milk tea, create designs with maxims, etc. of customers. Many store owners give away the secret of making their customers regret throwing the cup of milk tea out of the store.

Use a straw with natural ingredients

Currently, the use of environmental protection straws is a trend that many people are responding to. And this trend will quickly become a habit of protecting the environment of young people. Therefore, a cup of milk tea that uses a nature straw to both protect human health and protect the environment will certainly attract and create sympathy from customers.

You can divide, for example, a straw with topping, pudding and beads, you can use a large bamboo straw or a rice flour straw. As for normal milk tea, you can use grass straw or paper straw etc.

Find new ideas to enjoy milk tea

Because the milk tea market is saturated, if you want to attract customers, your way to sell crowded milk tea is to create a new drinking style. Some shapes such as: milk tea fondue, two compartment milk tea, buffet milk tea, upside down milk tea, etc.

Index of hope how to sell crowded milk tea Together with the specific strategies above, it will broaden the knowledge of those who are planning to start a milk tea business. Also at Digi Viet There are many other great articles about startups or technology that you might be interested in. Contact Digi Viet if you need advice and assistance with marketing, advertising and branding services.

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