How to Sell Jackfruit, Durian and Fruit on FB for Thousands of Orders

How to Sell Jackfruit, Durian and Fruit on FB for Thousands of Orders

Selling fruits online is one of the ideal business ways, helping to generate a stable income. But to be like that, you have to know how to post the sale of fruits, such as jackfruit, durian, … in the most professional and methodical way to attract many customers. Through the article below, Digi Viet will share and guide you how to post a fruit salein particular the best-selling varieties such as jackfruit, durian, … are the most effective on Facebook to sell thousands of orders quickly.

How to Post a Professional and Attractive Fruit Sale

How to post a fruit sale on Facebook is actually not too difficult, but in fact, not everyone knows how to do it. Currently, with the development of social networks in general and Facebook in particular, if you know how to take advantage of your published articles, you will attract a huge number of customers. Here’s how to post impressive and professional fruit sales that you can refer to:

Download a short video describing the attractiveness of fruits

When trading fruits online, many people choose jackfruit and durian because they are two very popular fruits. So, finding a way to post the sale of fruit in general or how to post the sale of jackfruit and durian in particular is sought after by many people.

Then you can apply the way to post short fruit videos with irresistible appeal. If in the past people used images when posting on Facebook, now this form has been partially replaced by short videos. You can take close-up photos of the most eye-catching fruit pictures or show you how to properly store, peel, peel, etc.

In addition to posting images, you should update the trend of posting short videos with close-ups of products.

Continuously update price promotions

In fact, many users click like Facebook Fanpage to update, participate in promotions, receive coupons, etc. Additionally, your page will receive an extremely high interaction rate upon launch. Declare discount coupon campaigns, sweepstakes, etc. , you should always update all discount programs on Facebook to attract customers.

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Choose the optimal time to post the fruit sale

When you learn how to post a fruit sale, you might wonder when is the “golden” time to post on Facebook? To decide when to publish the fruit sale, you need to determine the Facebook usage habits of Vietnamese users in general and the group of potential customers you are targeting in particular.

Typically, most people choose to post on Facebook at the following times:

  • 8 a.m. – 9 a.m.: Time when people access the Internet to read newspapers, update daily news, surf Facebook, etc., especially office workers.
  • 11am – 11.30am: Lunch break after a morning of work and study. At this time, people will tend to pick up their phones to surf Facebook for entertainment.
  • 1:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.: After eating, many people also have the habit of opening Facebook to help themselves.
  • 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.: The end of the day, when everyone starts to leave work and school.
  • 8:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.: After having dinner, preparing an outing or resting, people will often be in the habit of consulting Facebook.
  • 10:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.: The time to use the phone before using it, people will tend to open Facebook to surf.

Improve the quality of fruit sales stations

Your fruit selling posts will reach more customers if you know how to increase their efficiency. Here are some suggestions that can help you increase the quality and effectiveness of your posts selling jackfruit and durian:

  • Be careful to publish content that interests the community of users you are targeting (may become potential customers). In particular, the most effective way to post durian and jackfruit is to post unique content that only you can have.
  • Don’t post the same content too many times on Facebook. This action is considered spam and will not be shown to your potential customers.
  • Remember that the timing of your post is important, but that’s not all. Because the article is posted on the “golden” hour but is not consistent, bringing some value to the user, it also becomes a failure and meaningless.
How to effectively post a Facebook fruit sale post is to improve the quality of the article

Focus on the Content – ​​How to Publish the Most Effective Sales Articles

The content of the article will determine up to 50% of the interaction effectiveness of potential customers on Facebook. Therefore, you need to create content in a really comprehensive and engaging way to make users feel attracted. Specifically, the way to post the sale of jackfruit and durian to help many people see will basically include the following:

  • Contains reliable, clearly presented and detailed information about fruits. In fact, customers cannot hold the product directly to verify, so you must actively build their trust through each item.
  • Focus on polishing the published photos/videos professionally and creatively. Images should preferably be properly edited, with copyright marks. In particular, the image of a certain fruit should be taken from many different angles.
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Online Fruit Selling Experience Helps You Place Thousands of Orders

In addition to learning and learning how to post fruit sales on Facebook, you can also increase the number of orders when you know how to effectively implement the following suggestions:

Create a website to sell fruit online

Nowadays, creating a sales site has become extremely necessary. This makes it easy for customers to choose the type of fruit they need to buy, quickly check the price, view specific images, and fully update their information and contact addresses for purchase, etc. Therefore, creating a website selling fruits online is a pretty good idea.

Offer reasonable prices for fruits

Certainly, with today’s competitive market, you have to be careful about the reasonable price of fruit products. In short, reasonable prices coupled with guaranteed fruit quality will help you earn more points in front of customers. From there, it is possible for potential customers to return to the store to buy fruit.

Reasonable fruit prices to attract more potential customers

Fruit advertising is true to life

For fruit products, you must advertise in accordance with the reality of quality, origin, etc. to build customer confidence. Honest advertising, displayed images consistent with reality, etc., this is how you create your own reputation for your online store. As a result, customers will trust you more and support you more.

Above is how to post selling fruit: jackfruit, durian, … the effect Digi Viet synthesized and shared for you. Hope, with this useful information, you will be able to get the best quality fruit selling positions, place “huge” orders and increase your profits.

To learn more about Internet advertising tools or effective cross-platform marketing and advertising services, etc., contact Digi Viet for the fastest guidance and support!

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