How to work with Headhunter?

Làm việc với công ty Headhunter như thế nào?

is no longer unknown to companies and candidates as the recruitment market becomes more and more competitive. However, choosing the right headhunter still remains a major obstacle, both for job seekers and employers.

To help readers solve the above problem, Ms. Uptalent will share with you how to contact headhunting companies effectively. Please follow!

1- If you are a job seeker

1.1- Find reputable headhunting companies
1.2- Communicate professionally with the headhunter
1.3- Maintain a confident, professional and honest attitude
1.4- Note that headhunters will not collect any fees from candidates

2- If you are a company – an employer
2.1- Choose reputable headhunting companies
2.2- Clarify and make important information transparent
2.3- Have a cooperative and direct state of mind

3- Tips for working effectively with headhunting firms

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1- If you are a job seeker

Headhunters are paid to find suitable candidates for the company. Therefore, they are often not suitable for people looking to change careers.

On the other hand, headhunting is also not a good choice for candidates new to the job market. The reason is that companies often turn to headhunting firms to recruit experienced and competent employees.

However, if you are clear about the job you want to do and have sufficient capabilities to meet the job requirements, finding a headhunter will be the optimal choice.

Here are some tips to help you work effectively with a headhunting company:

1.1- Find reputable headhunting companies

The first step you need to take when deciding to find a headhunter is to choose a reputable and suitable headhunter.

There are many ways to help you find a reputable headhunter. For example, you can ask your friends which headhunting company they have previously worked for. You can also ask for referrals from HR professionals in your network. Or you look for headhunting companies that often recruit through LinkedIn or Google.

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Next, you need to determine where the headhunter’s recruiting scope is (nationally or only in a certain area or locality). Finally, you will need to confirm the level and specialization that the headhunter often recruits to see if it is suitable for you or not.

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1.2- Communicate professionally with the headhunter

You can message, call or email the headhunter. Whatever form of contact you choose, demonstrate your professionalism and try to highlight your experience and achievements.

According to Uptalent, you need to contact the headhunter via email. This allows the headhunter to be more proactive in organizing and supporting you.

When you send an email to the headhunter, make sure to provide all the necessary information so that he can fully understand your wishes and expectations. Here is the information you should include in your email when contacting a headhunter:

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– The first one, Clearly indicate the position you wish to apply for: Headhunter may receive many applications every day. So let them know what job you are looking for. You can put the position you are expecting in the subject line of the email to make it easier to identify the headhunter.

– Monday, Area you want to work in: If you do not want to work far from home, let the headhunter know. This will help you and your headhunter avoid wasting a lot of time on inappropriate tasks.

– Tuesday, Your expected salary: Clearly indicate your expected salary so that the headhunter can easily decide whether or not to contact you to discuss a certain position.

– Wednesday, send the headhunter a professional CV: In the email sent to the headhunter, you must attach a CV in PDF format. At the same time, make sure your resume is presented in a professional and impressive manner.

You should know that headhunters often have their own recruitment criteria. They will ignore your profile if you do not meet the criteria they are looking for. So, send an email with all the information they need and focus on their search goals and you’ll be more likely to get a response.

1.3- Maintain a confident, professional and honest attitude

Any partnership must be based on honesty. You can discuss your desires frankly with the headhunter. This will help the headhunter choose the jobs best suited to your needs.

In addition, you also need to clearly understand your own value so that you can communicate confidently and professionally with the headhunter. You need to understand that once an employer chooses you, it means they really like your skills and expertise. This is your advantage, so grasp it well when negotiating.

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1.4- Note that headhunters will not collect any fees from candidates

In fact, the headhunter will not charge you any fees. The nature of headhunter services is that they work for businesses. They will receive a commission of 20-30% of your annual salary once the transaction is successful.

Because they are paid to find candidates for a certain position, headhunters will not waste time on candidates who do not meet the job requirements.

This means that the headhunter will not focus on helping you find a job, they will only focus on solving client needs. At the same time, you should only view them as a useful connection, not someone who will help you find a job.

2- If you are a company – search for candidates

If you are a company looking for candidates, the following notes will help you contact a headhunter as efficiently as possible:

2.1- Choose reputable headhunting companies

Before deciding to cooperate with a certain headhunting company, companies will need to evaluate the capacity and reputation of that company.

To assess the professionalism and reputation of a headhunter, you can rely on the following criteria:

– Company recruitment needs.

– Brand of the headhunter company.

– The headhunting company must have knowledge and understanding of the field to be recruited.

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– It’s time to search for candidates.

– Recruitment cost.

– Research and negotiation process with candidates.

– Customer service, candidate guarantee.

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2.2- Clarify and make important information transparent

The next thing businesses should note is to clarify the following information:

+ Position to recruit

Many headhunting companies operate in the market today. Each company often focuses on recruiting candidates in a specific field, level or position. For example, some companies specialize in recruiting IT staff, some companies specialize in recruiting management staff, senior staff, etc.

Therefore, you must clearly identify the position you need to recruit and whether the headhunting company has expertise in recruiting personnel in this sector to choose the most suitable cooperation unit.

+ Fees

Each headhunter company will have different prices. This price will depend on the vacancy and will be adjusted based on the agreement and commitment between the headhunter and the company.

Therefore, you need to fully understand your company budget and headhunter service fees to choose the appropriate cooperation unit.

+ It’s time to send candidates

Indeed, very few headhunting firms can guarantee that they will find candidates within a certain time frame. However, you should know how long it typically takes a headhunting company to complete the recruitment process.

Rest assured that headhunters are always trying to speed up the search for candidates. Because only by finding candidates quickly can they finalize the transaction and collect a service fee.

+ Warranty period

Normally, headhunting companies agree to provide a 30-day guarantee to candidates. Some companies also have a candidate warranty policy of up to 60 days.

You can rely on the headhunter’s guarantee policy to assess the reputation and reliability of their recruitment service.

+ In particular, please send important information by email

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to communicate with the headhunter via email about all information related to the deal from the start of the search and negotiation to its implementation and completion .

Email exchanges demonstrate professionalism, clarity, transparency and also provide a basis for resolving conflicts (if any) that arise later.

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2.3- Have a cooperative and direct state of mind

There are often some differences between companies and headhunters in terms of working and communication styles. If, during the process of implementing the contract, both parties have difficulty communicating, leading to not understanding each other’s ideas and failing to reach a common conclusion, then the results of the transaction will be difficult as expected.

Therefore, before deciding to work with a headhunter, companies must have a good understanding of how they work. And for the recruitment process to be very effective, you will need to be willing to cooperate and be frank on all matters.


We see that headhunting services are developing extremely strongly. Alongside the high demand for services, the quality of services is also improved to best meet the needs of companies in terms of finding candidates.

Furthermore, headhunters also affirm their important role in connecting candidates and employers. Thanks to headhunters, many talented candidates have found suitable work environments with very good development opportunities.

Thus, Ms. Uptalent has just shared with her readers how to effectively contact headhunting companies for both candidates and companies. I hope that as a candidate you will better understand headhunters and take advantage of opportunities when working with them, and as a recruiter you will successfully cooperate with headhunters and find the best quality personnel . Good luck!

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