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How to write an article to effectively sell clean rice, 100 orders a day

How to write an article to effectively sell clean rice, 100 orders a day

when you know How to post to sell clean rice on Facebook, you will get the optimal number of potential customers. However, not everyone knows the secrets and effective tricks to achieve this. Therefore, Digi Viet would like to share the effective ways to sell clean rice, place many orders every day in detail in the article content below.

Job requirements selling clean rice

To get an attractive position selling clean rice, helping to reach many customers, you need to pay attention to some basic factors such as:

Contents of the rice sales station

Rice is an essential food, used daily by most Vietnamese families. Therefore, when looking to buy rice, customers often pay a lot of attention to product information to find the right type of rice for their needs.

Then, for customers to notice, your rice selling station must guarantee quality. Concretely, an effective and quality clean rice pole will include the following points:

  • All information related to own rice products, such as characteristics, origin, conservation, …
  • All information relating to matters of interest to customers.
  • The call to action when the user makes a purchase, own rice supplier contact details.
  • The title of the post is attractive, highlighting the product, attracting customers.

Pictures of clean rice products

Apart from product information, you should also pay attention to remarkable and eye-catching images so that customers are attracted as soon as you post. When you post to sell rice, you should post images of clean rice with many different angles of coverage. This will help customers easily visualize the clean rice product you provide.

In particular, product images should be clear, choose a shooting background to help highlight the product. From there, beautiful images combined with the quality content elements above will help you attract potential customers as soon as they see the post.

In addition to information, you should pay attention to the image when posting to sell clean rice

How to post the sale of clean rice effectively and optimally on Facebook

In fact, how to post the sale of clean rice on Facebook is quite simple. You can refer to the following ways to get really quality and effective messages:

Publish the sale of clean rice on the personal page

Many people choose to post the clean rice sale on their personal Facebook page because that account will have a familiar number of friends. From there, it will be easier to find and reach potential customers. To post the optimal sale of clean rice on your Facebook profile, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: On your personal Facebook page, you activate the “clean rice” selling function. It will help you attract more people’s attention. At the same time, enabling this feature also helps you to post clean rice sale to more groups.
  • Step 2: Start listing clean rice with core content including:
  • Name of the clean rice product you are selling.
  • Price of rice/Unit.
  • Photos of clean rice products.
  • Contact information for users to place an order.
  • Detailed information on clean rice products.
  • Step 3: Select the “Public” mode for the article and click on “Publish”.

Also, if you want to use your personal Facebook to post rice sales to many different groups at the same time to reach more customers, just click “Post to More Places”. places).) is to be.

How to post to sell clean rice on Facebook Fanpage

If you have a Facebook Fanpage dedicated to selling clean rice, take advantage of the effective post below to reach more customers:

  • Step 1: Visit the Facebook fanpage to sell rice and click on the post.
  • Step 2: Update content, detailed information about the clean rice product you want to post:
  • The title of the article selling clean rice should be attractive and attractive.
  • Detailed information about clean rice products is displayed.
  • Price of the product (if applicable and deemed necessary).
  • Information to contact the store or order.
  • Hashtag (Keywords related to rice are the most searched by customers).
  • Step 3: Insert prominent icons in the article (if desired) and upload product videos/images.
  • Step 4: Click publish to complete the publishing process to sell clean rice on Facebook Fanpage.

Posting effective rice sales on Facebook will help you attract a large number of customers

The secret to helping the rice selling station attract many customers

In addition to the above way of selling clean rice, some of the following tips will help you get a significantly increased number of customers:

Prepare attractive content to sell rice

Content is considered the soul of a message. It is the first decisive factor for customers to make an evaluation and decide to buy a product, including rice in general or clean rice in particular. To get content that is engaging and relevant to the rice business, you need to understand the ideas of potential customers. From there, plan to roll out Facebook posts with the right content by following some of these suggestions:

  • Set an article title that is impressive at first sight with customers.
  • Focus on the core content, features and benefits that clean rice products bring to consumers.
  • Know how to create an effect that encourages and stimulates customers to buy rice, such as setting a time for a promotion, etc.
  • Pay attention to highlighting important keywords, hashtags in bold, italics or adding dashes, etc.

Insert video/image for post

Apart from content, videos and images are the main elements that highlight the article, attracting great attention from customers. There are even many users who will not play content first, but focus on videos and images first. Therefore, you must choose one or more professional, attractive and impressive videos/images to post the rice sale.

The way to post an attractive and clean rice sale is to choose a clear and beautiful video/image

Choose the “golden” period to publish rice sales

For each group of customers, their access time to Facebook will be different. Usually, the “golden” time slots are 6 a.m. – 8 a.m., 11 a.m. – 12 p.m., 5 p.m. – 6 p.m., 8 p.m. – 9 p.m. These are the timelines you can consider for posting a rice sale on Facebook.

So, through the above article, Digi Viet has guided you how to post to sell rice on Facebook to sell more retail orders. I hope through this you will understand how to optimize your rice item, achieve business results and attract customers the way you want!

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