and its mission to provide high quality human resources và sứ mệnh cung cấp nhân lực chất lượng cao tại Việt Nam

To be successful, all of the above factors require a good human resource system to operate effectively. However, recruiting and retaining senior staff in the current shortage of senior human resources is a difficult problem for any company.

The high-end human resources market still recorded good movements during the first 9 months of the year despite the prolonged economic recession. However, over the past 2 months, the need for high-level personnel has been very high as multinational companies have returned to Vietnam to implement signed projects, including projects in the fields of real estate and real estate. manufacturing, banking and finance industry,… and because national companies have recovered and stimulated their activities thanks to the government’s recovery plan.

When we talk about economic crisis, we often think of difficulties, challenges and a dark darkness that covers the entire economy. However, as is the nature of all things, times of crisis are also times of progressive formation and movement which develop according to a new law more adaptive to the previous law of movement. And of course, the entity that understands the new movement regulations and structures its movement in the most appropriate way will prevail in a newly established order.

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According to economic experts, the global economic crisis in general and Vietnam in particular is in its final stages and a new stage of establishment and development is about to take shape. This is an opportunity and a challenge for every company and every country. However, for each company, determining the first point of the restructuring process is always a difficult answer for every company director. There are too many factors in an enterprise that need to be optimized to improve competitiveness, such as: optimization of production processes, research and development of new products and application of science and technology; establish and optimize sales channels; Build a professional internal management and customer management system; Optimize the human resources of the system,…

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To be successful, all of the above factors require a good human resource system to operate effectively. However, recruiting and retaining senior staff in the current shortage of senior human resources is a difficult problem for any company.

For companies, particularly national ones, recruiting via headhunting firms is always a luxury and carries many potential risks. Vietnamese companies often do not have distinct habits or budgets for recruiting personnel, especially management personnel, and therefore often have to compete fiercely for human resources with multinational companies doing business in Vietnam.

Senior managers, from middle management to senior management, are often sought after and delegate their work through representatives of high-level personnel recruitment companies. However, the fact that senior executives tend to mainly choose foreign-invested enterprises to work also brings many difficulties to domestic enterprises.

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Access to high-level human resources often comes through the recruitment of senior executives. Recruitment companies should share the risks with other companies when it comes to recruitment. On the other hand, domestic companies also need to correctly determine the position and role of senior managers in order to have policies to utilize and develop talents effectively and sustainably.

Solving the problem of high-quality human resources, HRchannels Group has focused on developing high-end human resources services with the business objective and motto: Excellent Solution. Great people (Good solutions – Good people). HRchannels’ right decisions and development policies have helped the company obtain exceptional quality candidates and become a leader in the field of providing high-end human resources in Vietnam today.

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HRchannels Group is also a pioneer in sharing risks with companies in the senior staff recruitment process, such as: free initial service (admin) fees, competitive recruitment fee policy and fee-only collection when candidates are received, and at the same time develop a policy to guarantee the quality of candidates after their receipt to share the risks with the company.’s recruiting system often receives the majority of profiles from high-end candidates worth $500 or more, with good experience and skills, proficient in foreign languages, and having worked for foreign companies. Foreign or domestic companies help the company become a trusted address for many big partners such as Vietnamnet Plus; Maritime Bank; ADB Bank; Memsonics Corp; 4P Electronics and Furniture Fami Corp; ASIMA Restaurants; Astral Infotechnology; Magicwave Group; GamudaLand Real Estate; AnKhanh JVC; Savaï Group; Spindex; Hyperlogy software; New space architect; REISS mode; Goldsun Corp. ; Protec helmet company; TruongThanh Media; Zamil Steel; Belcholate Belgium, BrandColor; …

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