Human Resource Management Strategies of Famous Vietnamese CEOs

Chiến lược quản lý nhân sự cấp cao của các CEO nổi tiếng Việt Nam

Job superior human resources management plays a very important role and becomes an increasingly urgent issue in the Vietnamese labor market. Join HRchannels headhunting company to learn more about the human resource management strategies of Vietnam’s top CEOs.

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CEO FPT: senior human resources management combining studies and practice

Ms. Trinh Thu Hong – CEO of FPT Group has a method superior human resources management through the combination of study and practice. FPT Company believes that people are the company’s most important and valuable asset. All operational objectives and strategies are oriented towards the common goal of human benefit.

CEO Trinh Thu Hong does not pay much attention to retaining top-level staff through benefits, salaries or other incentives. It’s a pretty simple tip that any business can implement. The difference applied at FPT lies in creating a work environment that combines learning and practice.

At FPT, all employees have the opportunity to prove their abilities and express themselves. They are guaranteed the best environment so that everyone can live true to themselves, live in an environment guaranteeing employee rights, be themselves and live in a spirit of solidarity.

At FPT, the work environment stimulates employees’ creativity, helping them to maximize their own abilities. Startups always bring very positive results. FPT implements policies to encourage employee creativity.

FPT builds learning system to train top quality employees in Vietnam – FPT University. However, this does not mean that other talented people are deprived of opportunities. Applicants from training centers across the country, if capable, will be given due consideration.

Senior FPT staff
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CEO of FLC – the choice of personnel should be close, like a family

The CEO of FLC, Trinh Van Quyet, has a way of recruiting and managing human resources according to 3 basic principles:

– The first one, Recruitment of senior executives ensures not only capacity but also cultural compatibility.

– Second, FLC retains talent through the decentralization of benefits as well as precise compensation for each position.

– Third, create an environment in which people treat each other with respect.

Instead of choosing good workers, FLC chooses people who stay with the company for a long time and build relationships with members like family. People superior human resources management It is necessary to ensure the best living environment for employees as well as appropriate remuneration.


Mobile World CEO: Hiring tactics that target the economy

This is not a new way to attract talent, but it still brings good results for companies. CEO Nguyen Duc Tai, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Mobile World believes: “Never view employees as sellers of labor that the boss uses all kinds of tricks to buy at a low price. On the contrary, my strategy is to retain talent at the highest cost. »

This is completely understandable, as no senior candidate wants to devote their efforts to a unit that does not adequately meet their capabilities. One wants to buy cheap labor and the other wants to sell his labor at a high price. Once you fail to find a common voice, it will be very difficult to cooperate.

At Mobile World, only when the interests of both parties are guaranteed in parallel can you recruit the most senior personnel. Hence the movement HRM The main application of Mobile World is economical. Here, all employees are paid according to their working capacity. All factors that affect work are quickly coordinated and handled by staff.

Here they understand that the interests of the company will guarantee their own interests. Therefore, to secure their own rights, they must take responsibility for protecting and finding ways to grow their businesses in the most effective way possible.

CEO of the mobile world

CEO of Viettel: human resources management strategy according to the 5% principle

Viettel is famous for its human resources management strategy according to the 5% principle or “Sun Wukong” philosophy. As a result, they choose the best people to use in their business.

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Consequently, the human resources management strategy at Viettel is to choose to train approximately 5% of human resources so that this team can ensure the training of the rest of the individuals. This helps build a complete human resources team, helping the company focus on the resources needed to build the best team of employees.

At Viettel, managers are trained 3 in one, including: experts, managers and operators. They will be responsible for detection, through the channels Recruitment of senior executives Organize human resources for effective implementation.

According to CEO Nguyen Manh Hung, Viettel currently assigns tasks to managers on a monthly basis and evaluates the results every month. Managers at all levels typically manage no more than 20 subordinates. The assignment of tasks as well as their evaluation in numbers of 20 will allow for better supervision.

CEO of Microsoft Vietnam: Looking for staff in all cases

Microsoft has a long-term executive recruiting process to attract the most suitable talent within the company, not just through the staff interview process. Here, CEO Vu Minh Tri, HR Director and relevant departments will have to sit down to find the best people for the positions.

Implementation requires searching every day and every hour to plan for finding replacement or backup personnel. Microsoft managers will often need to dedicate 2-4 hours per week to resolve personnel issues.

Therefore, companies can easily understand the current situation of company personnel and look for potential factors to focus on development. If this cannot be guaranteed, talents will leave sooner or later.

CEO of Microsoft Vietnam

CEO of Vinamilk: attaches importance to the human factor in management

Vinamilk’s corporate culture is extremely strong. Vinamilk staff have been with this company for a long time, with some of them having been there for decades. From a service business perspective, Vinamilk therefore pays great attention to human policy.

Vinamlik CEO Bai Vu Kieu Lien said all employees have a voice at work, their contributions are recognized and they receive appropriate remuneration. This strengthens solidarity among employees and strives to move the company forward.

With the motto “be suspicious once, do not believe ten thousand times”, the business leaders of Vinamilk assure that they have “heart” and “reach”. Talented leaders must build trust with employees and shareholders. This should strengthen the confidence of each employee in the strategic objectives of the company. Don’t lose confidence in your manager.

CEO Vinamilk

These human resources management strategy from famous Vietnamese CEOs is the most useful lesson for businesses in human resource management. Learning and appropriate application of enterprise human resources will promote rapid and comprehensive development of enterprises.

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