Human resources – A key factor in sustainable development

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Human resources and human resource management have become a major concern in many companies today. In the context of rapid development of science and technology, agility in recruiting and organizing human resources will help enterprises gain an advantage in the face of increasingly fierce competition.

Key factor in development

The famous scholar Than Nhan Trung of the Nguyen Dynasty said: “Talent is national vitality.” From yesterday to today, the human factor has always been a major concern. In each social context, talents and highly qualified human resources will be highlighted, playing a role in the development of the country or company.

HumanHuman resources play an important role in business development

Professor Dr. Letter C. Thurow, an economist and management scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), said: What determines the survival and development of a company is educated people. Highly qualified, well trained, ethical, cultured and knowing how to work effectively…

Human ressources

An environment that inspires employees also helps increase productivity

Companies with good human resources and professional qualifications will have the ability to reflect and expand their relationships. At the same time, this human resource also reduces training time and initial investment costs. With a production line, trained workers will contribute to smoother operations, helping to improve labor productivity and product quality.

A good environment creates quality human resources

In Vietnam Labor Market Bulletin No. 16, the fourth quarter of 2017 released earlier this year shows many signs of improvement. The quality of work is improved thanks to the higher number of trained people. The work structure is changing in a more positive way. The proof is that in the fourth quarter of 2017, the number of trained unemployed people fell from more than 237,000 to 215,000.

Advances in modern science and technology as well as advancements in the “open” economy require administrators to adapt quickly in all aspects. In particular, finding well-paid jobs, organizing and undergoing training within the organizational apparatus also brings positive business results and is of increasing interest to companies.

However, before giving a positive assessment of Vietnam’s human resources, the World Bank’s assessment showed that the quality of Vietnam’s human resources reached 3.79 points (on a 10-point scale), ranking 11th rank out of 12 countries studied in Asia. While Korea scored 6.91 points; India scored 5.76 points; Malaysia scored 5.59 points. This assessment also indicates that our country’s human resources are of low quality, lack dynamism and creativity, and lack industrial work style.

Recently, HR Asia magazine awarded 27 companies the Best Workplaces in Asia award. This is the first year that HR Asia has conducted a survey in Vietnam to select companies with impressive results in access to human resources.

Human resources are an important factorFrieslandCampina Vietnam is among the Best Places to Work in Asia 2018.

Therefore, significantly improving the current situation of low quality human resources also shows the daily development of enterprises. According to the announcement by Vietnam Market Bulletin, this year’s labor market would have many prospects, as the improvement in the business environment has partly created favorable conditions for the labor market. Companies focus on salary, rewards and social protection policies. The survey also showed that in the fourth quarter of 2017, the average monthly income of salaried workers increased slightly compared to the third quarter of 2017.

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The list of awards is based on the results of a survey of 130 companies in 24 different fields and industries in Vietnam. In particular, in each company, the unit selects 20% of the workforce for a direct survey according to the following criteria: Employee satisfaction with the company; cohesion; corporate culture and opportunities for advancement and personal development.

Speaking about this award, the company representative said that in addition to providing high-quality nutritional products, FrieslandCampina Vietnam always focuses on the lives of its employees. Determined that people are the prerequisite for sustainable development, the company always guarantees all social benefits a professional working environment. The budget allocated to training and human resources development activities is also maintained at a high level each year.

Vietnamese human resourcesFrieslandCampina Vietnam offers a variety of products to users

In the employee survey, FrieslandCampina Vietnam performed above the industry average, particularly in the areas of employee development opportunities, recognition of achievements and team spirit. For this reason, FrieslandCampina Vietnam is one of the 27 names of the best workplaces in Asia.

In addition to ensuring employee health, training in skills, professional knowledge and work safety is always a top priority. The company also cooperates with relevant agencies to improve workers’ road safety awareness.

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