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During the interview, in addition to asking about the candidate’s strengths, the employer also asks about his or her weaknesses. Then, you have to know how to seize the opportunity to present yourself in the most positive way possible to the employer. The best way to do this is to prepare in advance. You should find out own weaknesses What is it and do you have an appropriate way to express your weaknesses?

That said, many people still struggle to talk about their weaknesses in interviews. So, today Ms. Uptalent will tell you how to best express your weaknesses and disadvantages during the interview. Please follow!

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Do you realize what your weakest point is?

To be able to talk about your weaknesses in the most positive way possible, you must first understand what your weaknesses are. In fact, people are not weak, but they feel like they are not “good” at a certain area or skill. Then a feeling of “weakness” arises in them because they feel the need to improve something.

Just like when you talk about strengths, when you talk about weaknesses, you should also choose weaknesses related to skills or experience. Specifically, imagine what experience and skills are needed for the job you are applying for. Next, you need to “transform” the skills and experience you don’t have into weaknesses. At the same time, develop an improvement plan. This way, you will best demonstrate your self-awareness and understanding of the position to be recruited.

What are your weaknesses

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In the process of choosing which weaknesses to address during the interview, you should definitely avoid weaknesses that can create “negative emotions” for the employer. For example, you say you have no weaknesses. That’s really “arrogant”. Additionally, employers will underestimate your cognitive abilities and may think you are lying.

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You should also avoid the phrase “strengths are also weaknesses.” Because saying that is no different than saying you have no weaknesses. You also shouldn’t talk about personality weaknesses like “boring” or “indecisive.” The reason is that character weaknesses cannot be easily corrected. Additionally, these weaknesses are not career-related. On the contrary, it’s more of a complaint!

Another thing to note is that you should not choose a weakness that is detrimental to the job you are applying for. Or weaknesses that make employers doubt your character like “being late” or “lying”,…

How to reveal your own weaknesses

When talking about weaknesses, instead of focusing on “negative” feelings, you need to think about them in terms of how to improve and develop them for the better. This is very important because it helps you have more confidence to gradually improve your weaknesses every day.

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For the question “What are your weaknesses?” ”, you can choose to answer as follows: first indicate what your weaknesses are. Then tell a story related to that weakness. The key point of this presentation is that you need to show the employer your “self-awareness” of your weaknesses and how you improve and develop them. Most importantly, you should aim for “positive emotions” in your response to make a good impression on the employer.

State your weaknesses/weaknesses

You can follow the following situation to see how Uptalent will present your weaknesses!

Situation: Uptalent is about to interview for a position that requires frequent public speaking. However, Uptalent found herself quite shy when speaking in front of a crowd. At this point, Uptalent will do the following to develop the best response to this weakness.

First, Uptalent will think about the obstacles that this weakness will cause in the work (advancement of the affected work, unexpected results, etc.). Then Uptalent will find out if there is a way to solve this problem? (participate in courses, change habits, etc.).

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Once you have all the necessary information, Uptalent will summarize and present the answer as follows:

“I am often quite shy when I have to speak in front of an audience or when I have to express my personal opinion. This caused me many difficulties in my previous job. Remember, there was a time when I kept my team from meeting deadlines and achieving goals because I wasn’t sure I could give feedback. After this period, I took a communications course to improve my communication skills and help me be more confident when I needed to give my opinion in front of a crowd. Currently, I am more proactive in conversations. In the future, I will continue to practice this skill more competently.

You see, with just a few simple “operations”, Uptalent already has the answer to its own weaknesses. So you should also start preparing your own response.

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Prepare answers to your weaknesses in English

Nowadays, interviewing in English is not something new. So preparing answers to your weaknesses in English is what you should do. To get the answer weakness in English, you just need to quickly think about your weaknesses. Then think of a short answer in English.


1- “I find speaking in public intimidating. So I’m currently taking a public speaking course to gain confidence and learn how to better structure a speech.

2- “I am very shy. I find it intimidating to ask questions or raise points, which is why I have often remained silent in the past. As a result, I tried to express myself more in smaller groups to become more confident.

Whether or not you succeed in an interview largely depends on how you present yourself. Sometimes, by simply addressing an impressive weakness, you can “pass” the interview. Therefore, you should apply Uptalent’s “tips” in this article when exposing your weaknesses during the interview to score points in the eyes of the employer!

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