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Human resources development is a long-term measure aimed at improving the quality of a company’s work as well as retaining its employees. Join us to discover Measures to increase the quality of human resources What follows.

Training of professional human resources

Depending on the roles of employees, companies can choose appropriate training methods. This could include training to improve staff skills, management courses abroad for managers, etc. Don’t forget to train employees to ensure rapid adaptation to your company culture.

In addition to courses, this can be done through knowledge and skills through business books, seminars or online courses, etc. For a human resources management position, this job is very important and requires employees to regularly update market trends and practices.

Human ressources

Make sure the mentor is the right person

Today’s managers not only perform general management functions, but also impart knowledge and skills by mentoring their subordinates. It is policies aimed at improving the quality of human resources chosen by many companies today.

Consulting and coaching can confuse managers. However, today’s employees have higher demands than managers when it comes to telling them what to do. To make your consulting work easier, start by addressing the following issues:

– Are employees facing difficulties and can managers help them?

– What directions will managers have in the future to improve the productivity of the team and the company?

Organize regular discussions with employees to answer questions and offer suggestions Measures to increase the quality of human resources Adjust. Potential employees will report their problems so that managers can help them.

Focus on the development of “Soft Skills”

In Vietnamese companies, soft skills do not seem to receive great importance. However, it is one of those Measures to improve the quality of human resources business. Self-awareness, communication skills, social skills, etc. all play an important role in leadership and implementation at all levels of the organization.

The soft skills that require special attention today and that every company needs are: teamwork skills, communication skills, cultural behavior with colleagues,… These skills will follow employees on over a long period of time, helping to improve their behavior and morale. Once senior executives Having harmony will help get the job done faster and easier.

Focus on personal development

Company employees not only serve your organization, but they must also be interested in the development of their personal lives. They will need intellectual, emotional,… experiences in life to develop fully.

Ensuring emotional balance

Regularly ask questions such as “How are you feeling at work lately, do you need help?” » Human resources quality improvement policy This not only satisfies the need to express oneself and express oneself, but also to express one’s voice in the company.

Additionally, to encourage employee morale and positive work develop and improve the quality of human resources This is also reflected in the constant attention paid to the establishment of appropriate social protection schemes. Organize regular picnics, outdoor fun activities, etc. is a simple way to contribute to the work-life balance of company employees.

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Focus on improving staff qualifications

To ensure work efficiency, when recruiting personnel, select the most suitable candidates for your position. Hold regular professional development courses or refresher courses with talented staff. It is policies aimed at improving the quality of human resources today applied by many Vietnamese companies.

When an employee performs exceptionally well, reward them with a masterclass. This is also considered as motivation for employees to achieve their goals. Measures to increase the quality of human resources.

quality of staff

Pay attention to physical quality

Meeting human resource needs is not just a priority in the workplace: today’s employees demand more. Currently, many Vietnamese companies know how to focus on improving the physical health of their employees. The easiest way is to provide employees with healthy food and proper medical regimens to ensure their health.

When employees have the best work tools, they will certainly work with peace of mind. Not only is this limited to having the ability to stay with the organization longer, but this work helps employees make better contributions to the organization. policies aimed at developing and improving the quality of human resources the company.

THE policies aimed at improving the quality of human resources In today’s businesses, this is still a major concern. Therefore, choose for yourself the most suitable methods to increase the efficiency of your business and retain talent.

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