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Currently, the job of Korean interpreter is attracting the attention of many people and is also one of the hot industries that many students study. However, it is a very demanding job, not everyone can do it and not everyone can seize the opportunity. So what do you know about the profession of Korean translator? Let’s find out about this interesting job with Ms. Uptalent and find out the most effective way to approach the Korean interpreter job with a high salary.


1- Presentation of the Korean translator
2- What is the salary of a Korean interpreter?
3- The secret to becoming a good Korean translator
4- How to find a job as a Korean interpreter with a high salary?

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1- Presentation of the Korean translator

A Korean interpreter is the person in charge of translating the Korean language into Vietnamese or other languages ​​so that the people concerned can understand and vice versa. We understand that a Korean interpreter is an intermediary who connects people who use Korean with those who use other languages.

Basically, the Korean interpreter will take on some of the following main duties:

1- Prepare for interpretation sessions. You will need to do research, search for specialized terms, practice good manners, … to have the most efficient translation session possible.

2- Translate Korean into Vietnamese or translate into other languages ​​and vice versa during meetings, meetings, conferences, seminars,…

3- Translation of Korean documents and documents.

4- Take notes on important content during interpretation as needed, communicate and report to superiors.

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2- What is the salary of a Korean interpreter?

In Vietnam, the salary of Korean interpreters is always ranked among the highest paying jobs. Compared to other languages, Korean interpreters are also considered to have higher salaries.

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The salary of a Korean interpreter is influenced by many different factors. For those who don’t have much experience, the salary is usually 8-12 million/month. Those with more experience will have a salary of 22 to 35 million/month.

In addition, the salary of Korean interpreters is calculated by the hour, by the session and by the day. This calculation is applied to Korean interpreters at events and seminars. Then, the salary will depend on factors such as translation time, translation specialization, participating events, etc.

Hourly wages are usually agreed in advance and are usually divided into three tiers as follows:

+ Level 1: 40 USD/hour (equivalent to 900,000 VND/hour) for those with basic translation skills.

+ Level 2: 60 USD/hour (more than 1,300,000 VND/hour) for those with average translation ability.

+ Level 3: USD 150/hour (approximately 3,500,000 VND/hour) for those with in-depth and experienced interpreting skills.

In general, Korean interpreters at events and conferences have very good earnings. However, this work is often small and unstable.

Korean interpreter salary

3- The secret to becoming a good Korean translator

To work as a Korean translator, you must have a high level of expertise. Communicating fluently or understanding Korean is not enough here. You will need to have a wide vocabulary, know specialized vocabulary in many areas, and understand the Vietnamese and Korean culture and people. In fact, many people who have a good command of Korean cannot work as interpreters due to their lack of skills and professionalism.

It is therefore not easy to pursue a career as a Korean translator. However, with some of the following tips, you will easily become a good performer in the future:

1– Use all methods to develop listening and speaking skills in Korean.

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2– Regularly read books, newspapers, stories, watch movies, listen to music,… in Korean to improve Korean vocabulary and fluency.

3– Looking for opportunities to exchange and make friends with Koreans.

4– Look for study abroad opportunities if possible.

5– Learn different aspects of Korean culture. This will help you translate more contextually.

6– Improve the command of the Vietnamese language.

7– Join volunteer organizations and Vietnam-Korea cooperation programs to expand career development opportunities.

Become a good Korean translator

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4- How to find a job as a Korean interpreter with a high salary?

We can see that the demand for Korean interpreters is very high. The appearance of many Korean companies and factories in Vietnam has boosted the demand for Korean interpreters in the market. So, if you enjoy the job of Korean translator, make the effort to study and practice the necessary skills and experience on your own.

Besides, you should also prepare a professional and appropriate CV yourself. Most importantly, you need to refer to possible interview questions, prepare your answers well, and practice interview techniques so you can go through the interview smoothly.

To quickly find a job as a Korean interpreter, visit reputable online recruitment sites like This is a website that specializes in posting high paying jobs and managerial jobs in all industries. So just search for the keyword “Korean interpreter” and you will find a list of currently posted jobs. Then all you have to do is choose the job that suits you and apply.

In short, Korean translation jobs are now very popular and the demand for this job is also very high. At the same time, it is also a job with quite high requirements for those who wish to practice the profession. Therefore, not everyone can succeed in this profession. However, with effort and love of hard work, you will definitely get access to attractive and well-paid Korean translation job opportunities. I hope this article has provided you with useful information. Good luck!

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