Instructions for 5+ How to Write a Great Fishcake Selling Post, Attracting Hundreds of Applications

Instructions for 5+ How to Write a Great Fishcake Selling Post, Attracting Hundreds of Applications

The fishcake business is a business choice for many people who do not have much capital or much experience. This item is mainly traded in markets and stores, rarely doing business online, so those who intend to sell fishcakes online are at an advantage. The level of competition is not too high, but you still need to create an attraction for buyers. You can consult how to post fishcakes but Digi Viet Let’s share the article below.

Find out how to post effective fishcakes

Identify target customers

You need to change the group of people who often buy food and drink like fishcakes. Next, the writer must understand the psychology of the client. What will buyers pay attention to when buying? Understanding the psychology of buyers, knowing what audience they are, will your message have a topic that will revolve around this audience group, attracting and bringing buyers closer.

Identifying your target audience is the first step when posting a sale

Need a variety of content topics

A good sales position is one that reaches as many customers as possible. However, if this post only focuses on selling fishcakes, it will definitely not attract buyers. Follow the rule of thumb, meaning your posts will follow the 80/20 rule. With 80% of the content, you will share experiences, tutorials, surveys, mini-games, … and the remaining 20% ​​will be used for sales.

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Using such an article layout allows the article to get a lot of interaction from the audience. And once they engage, future sales on the site will also offer to show them. It’s a way to post fishcakes, interactive phrases that absolutely should not be ignored.

Plan your content

Your content may be new and unique, but make sure it always revolves around the product you’re selling, which is fishcakes. Make a detailed plan of the steps such as the content you are going to exploit, how to exploit, when to publish, how many publications must be published per day, …

Attractive visual design

With a food sales position, the investment in images is very important. Maybe your article is attractive, but without images, many people won’t pay attention to the content. Scanning a reader takes only 1-3 seconds, it may not read all the information, but thanks to the image, the reader can update faster.

Food image design should be attractive, creating a sense of palatability

The image is the weapon that attracts people’s attention, so the image must also meet criteria of size, text in the image, contrast and good visibility. With products like fishcakes, the image should show the deliciousness and nutritional value.

Short and concise content

It is absolutely not necessary to write a content article with long words, not to get to the bottom of the problem, to make the reader uncomfortable. The article should be brief, precise, but not too commercial. The fact that the post selling fishcakes wants to have high readings forces the writer to understand the psychology of the customers, to put it simply, but to leave an impression.

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Capitalize important words

The capitals make the sentence hard to read, but that doesn’t mean you ignore it in your fish cake sales message. You can capitalize certain words in the content that you want to emphasize, or you can also use it in the title to attract customers.

Use hashtags

Hashtag is a useful tool, able to highlight the targeted keywords, it can better serve the customer’s search. Don’t you think that when you post an item to sell fishcakes you don’t need to care, nowadays customers who are looking to buy products often have a habit of searching by words difficult or hashtags. Therefore, if the post has a hashtag, it will definitely have a better chance of reaching customers when they search for a product. Here’s how to post fishcakes that not everyone knows how to apply.

Hashtag is an effective tool to reach customers that many people do not know

A few notes to increase interaction when posting fishcakes

You probably didn’t know that creating a good headline is a hundred times more effective than a long, boring post. Having a good title, attracting the first attention, the content of the article must also retain viewers, so you can refer to some of the following experiences:

  • Write content articles with engaging titles
  • Include reviews and comments in the article content
  • Ask questions in posts to increase engagement
  • Provide lots of information about healthy fishcakes
  • Can search and expand with TikToker food, Reviewers

With how to post fishcakes as Digi Viet shared, I hope you can successfully develop a fish cake business model. Vietnamese people’s favorite food, so if your products are of good quality, know how to build images and are good at marketing, there will be a lot of orders every day. Also, if you need more information about advertising, seeding, branding, etc., you can contact Digi Viet staff for enthusiastic advice.

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