Investing in Raeford and the Hoke Chamber of Commerce

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Raeford residents can network with job-seekers and local agencies at the Chamber’s Business Expo, an event previously postponed during the pandemic but now scheduled for Saturday.

Wilburn earned two bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice and sociology from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Additionally, she is teaching at Hoke County High School.


All across America, individuals from diverse backgrounds and occupations are making a positive difference in the communities where they live. Although they may not hold political office or be executive officers at an organization, they still serve as leaders working towards economic expansion and community involvement through local Chambers of Commerce membership or volunteering activities.

Brad Calloway of Raeford Hardware has become the third generation owner of his store after purchasing it in 2012 and expanding it three times to reach almost 10,000 square feet while still keeping that hometown feel. He follows in the footsteps of both his grandfather and father when it comes to operating Raeford Hardware.

Cathy Brown, Jackie McLean and Ricky Sandy have filed to run for election to Raeford City Council seats open this year. Shelley Wilburn’s name will also appear on the ballot; additional candidates are anticipated before Friday’s end of filing period.

Kurt Posey moved from Florida eleven years ago, working alongside his grandfather at W.J. Wright Realty Co in Raeford’s downtown district. Now working for Raeford City Economic Development Department where his business and real estate skills can help strengthen and develop the local economy; additionally he belongs to both Kiwanis Club and Fall Festival Board membership.


Hoke County Chamber of Commerce hosts an array of events and activities designed to give its members an opportunity to network, promote their businesses, interact with fellow business owners in Hoke County, and learn what’s going on locally from elected officials. One such event, Logan’s Roadhouse catering dinner for this Economic Outlook Dinner. Each seat costs $10.00.

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As part of their events, they also host an Expo that brings business owners and job seekers together. Unfortunately, due to pandemic influenza, this event had to be put on pause but will return this month with members being allowed to set up information tables at no charge and non-members paying a small fee to attend.

Newcomers to the area can take advantage of this website to become acquainted with all that their county offers them and learn about all its events and attractions. There is even a guide specifically created for new residents which features attractions listings as well as contact info for county departments.

Kurt Posey relocated from Florida eleven years ago and works at Sun Path Products on Oakwood Avenue. With five children of his own and an active role in Kiwanis and Fall Festival boards as well as being an officer for Chamber of Commerce he remains actively engaged with his community.

Business Directory

Business directories are an effective way to get your company information out there and help potential customers locate it. Similar to Yellow Pages listings, these digital versions feature an index of companies organized by industry as well as links back to each business’ website – plus search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities! Plus they also provide numerous advertising opportunities!

Business listings are one of the most effective strategies for marketing your business online, as they often serve as people’s initial point of search. People read reviews before engaging services or purchasing products, so it’s essential that yours have an excellent reputation. There are various directory listing sites offering listings at both free and industry-specific levels; make sure yours do!

Ideal business listings should include the name, address and phone number for their company – this is known as NAP Citation and plays a vital role in local SEO. If potential customers can’t find your NAP citation easily in search results pages for local business, they will most likely go elsewhere instead.

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Most listing sites require businesses to have a verified phone number in order to maintain the integrity of their listings and avoid inaccurate or unprofessional material being published online. Furthermore, having such an established presence increases your chance of turning visitors into paying customers.

Invest in Raeford

Raeford investments come in many shapes and forms. From supporting local businesses to running for City Council – which makes decisions on how to spend city tax money, sets water and sewer rates and oversees local parks within its limits – and more. There are nine candidates running for City Council: Joshua Bain, Johnny Boyles, Cathy Brown, David Conoly Shirley Hart Jackie McLean Ricky Sandy and Charles Tapp are currently in contention.

At its height, Wyatt and Mary Upchurch’s House of Raeford turkey hatchery was ranked ninth nationally by Watt Poultry USA 2012 rankings, making them ninth largest producers overall in America. Now operating out of Raeford as part of its tray-pack ground meat and fully cooked product offerings. Wyatt and Mary live nearby where they are actively members of First Presbyterian Church in Raeford.

Local business owner Tapp has served on both the Chamber of Commerce board and various committees of his city, such as boards of adjustments and Raeford-Hoke Museum committees. His goals include expanding workforce opportunities in Raeford-Hoke while improving public safety – especially within its fire department, where volunteers comprise most of its paid staff but there is limited round-the-clock paid support available. Furthermore, Tapp would like new fire trucks added to its inventory which are in less-than-ideal conditions than previously available options.

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