Is it difficult to become an AI expert?

Trở thành chuyên gia trí tuệ nhân tạo AI có khó không?

The application needs of businesses are increasingly growing. This has motivated many young people to dream of becoming an AI expert one day.

So, is it difficult to become an AI expert? Readers, please follow the following article by Ms. Uptalent to answer this problem!

1- Reasons why AI experts are sought after
2- Requires knowledge and expertise
3- Are there schools in Vietnam that train AI?
4- What should you do to improve your knowledge and expertise?

4.1- Participate in short-term training
4.2- Learn about the industry and field you work in
4.3- Follow AI websites and industry experts

5- Advice for you

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1- Reasons why AI experts are sought after

If before the applications of artificial intelligence were quite vague, they have now become much clearer.

According to executives, AI is currently an important key to helping companies build management systems, conduct business activities and is also a very effective solution to increase profits.

By applying AI, businesses can solve and improve many different aspects of their business operations, such as:

* Financial analysis

You can clearly see the effects of artificial intelligence in financial analysis through the Google Analytics app. Based on the analyzed results, managers can make better decisions.

* Customer service

Attractive jobs

AI is applied in the form of Chatbot to respond and advise customers regularly, continuously, 24/7.

* Market research

Apart from financial analysis, businesses are also using AI in all different aspects of their business operations. One of the areas that promotes the use of AI is marketing.

Businesses can use AI to analyze consumption data, market trends and campaign performance, developing more effective marketing strategies.

* Trend prediction

AI allows businesses to aggregate and analyze large amounts of data at once. This way, companies can find the most effective solutions to grow their business.

* Planning

The application of artificial intelligence helps businesses manage all schedules, work tasks and operational efficiency. With this, companies can easily rely on it to plan and organize the implementation process in the most efficient way possible.

* Identify security risks

By using AI, businesses can quickly detect internal and external security risks. This helps them better protect private information of businesses and customers.

We see that AI brings many benefits to companies that know how to apply it. So it’s not too difficult to understand that artificial intelligence experts are currently in high demand by many companies.

Become an expert in artificial intelligence

2- Requires knowledge and expertise

Many people wonder whether or not they can become an expert in artificial intelligence? Or what to do to become an AI expert?

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Becoming an expert in artificial intelligence is not easy. But anyone can certainly pursue this profession if they meet certain knowledge and expertise requirements.

2.1- Professional qualifications

A common requirement for candidates for the AI ​​expert position is to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or other related fields.

There are also many companies that do not attach much importance to qualifications. They simply need you to have the necessary professional certificates to ensure that you understand and master the knowledge and skills needed to do the job.

However, in some cases, employers may have higher qualification requirements, such as requiring candidates to have a master’s degree, doctorate, and specific professional certificates to take on important roles.

2.2- Knowledge

Having a solid foundation of professional knowledge in programming, systems analysis, computer science and many other miscellaneous knowledge is something that every AI expert must achieve.

More specifically, an expert in artificial intelligence must master the following knowledge:

Knowledge of computers

This is the basic knowledge base that every AI expert must master. It helps you understand in depth how to leverage, use and develop AI models for business.

Understanding the material

An AI expert will need to have a good understanding of different aspects of computer hardware, from how it works to its limitations. Through this, they can find the right AI solution to meet specific needs.

Mathematical knowledge and reasoning

Most of the work will be carried out by artificial intelligence experts on computers. However, there are still problems that they are forced to solve on their own.

Modern machines and technology can be very useful, but some things cannot replace the human mind.

Understand technical knowledge

Technical knowledge is an essential tool for AI experts to do their jobs effectively. Here is the knowledge you need to master:

– Programming languages ​​such as Python, R, Java and C++.

– Probability, statistics and linear algebra.

– Big Data technologies such as Apache Spark, Hadoop and MongoDB.

– AI algorithms and frameworks.

You can acquire all of the above knowledge through formal training programs at universities or by participating in short courses. Once you master the necessary knowledge and expertise, you can easily start your career as an artificial intelligence expert.

Expert in artificial intelligence

3- Are there schools in Vietnam that train AI?

For artificial intelligence experts, a knowledge base in computer science and mathematics is a key factor that helps them build and develop AI models.

To accumulate the necessary knowledge, you can study artificial intelligence or other fields such as information technology, computer science, graphics and computer engineering.

The next step you will need to take is to choose a school to study at. Because the artificial intelligence sector requires a high level of expertise, you should carefully consider the school’s facilities to meet your learning needs.

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Below is a list of some prestigious artificial intelligence schools in Vietnam that you can refer to:

Northern schools

– Hanoi Polytechnic University.

– University of Information Technology – Hanoi National University.

– Telematics Academy.

– University of Power.

– FPT University.

Southern schools

– Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education.

– University of Information Technology – Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

Normally, artificial intelligence training programs at universities will be different. Therefore, you should carefully consider the teaching content, the list of subjects and consider your interests and career direction to choose the appropriate school.

Additionally, each school’s tuition fees will also be different. To choose the right school, you need to do thorough research and compare your financial capability before enrolling.

Artificial intelligence training school

4- What should you do to improve your knowledge and expertise?

In addition to acquiring the basic professional knowledge to do the job, you should also make an effort to equip yourself with many other important skills.

Continually improving your knowledge will serve you well in the process of doing your job and seeking promotion opportunities.

To improve your knowledge and abilities, you can take some of the following steps:

4.1- Participate in short-term training

If you want to succeed as an artificial intelligence expert, you need to take courses in software development, programming, and robotics. Try to take as many courses as possible because it can definitely help you a lot in your job.

4.2- Learn about the industry and field you work in

In addition to specialized knowledge about AI, you also need to deepen your knowledge about the field in which you work. For example, if you work as an artificial intelligence expert in the medical field, acquire basic knowledge about healthcare, medical examinations and treatments so you can work more efficiently.

4.3- Follow AI websites and industry experts

You should choose reputed artificial intelligence websites to follow and update yourself with the latest knowledge and information about the field. This will help you always catch new trends quickly and not be overwhelmed.

Besides, you should also actively learn from famous industry experts. You can follow their personal pages or read their articles to learn many valuable lessons for yourself.

Tips on artificial intelligence

5- Advice for you

To become a good artificial intelligence expert, apart from knowledge, you also need to equip yourself with other necessary skills and practical experiences.

5.1- Qualification training

You should actively practice the skills required of an AI expert such as:

– Communication skills.

– Teamwork skill.

– Talent for problem solving.

– Mastery of foreign languages.

5.2- Cultivate work experience

From the knowledge and skills you have acquired, you will need to find ways to apply them in practice. At the same time, apply your understanding of artificial intelligence technology to come up with exceptional solutions to help solve different life needs and all areas.

In short, studying artificial intelligence is not easy. You will need to have specific career plans and goals and constantly make an effort to study and practice to succeed.

I hope this article by Ms. Uptalent helped you answer the question “Is it difficult to become an AI expert?” At the same time, you can also apply what Uptalent shares to constantly improve your knowledge and expertise and become a true AI expert soon. Good luck!

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