IT manager and development opportunities in the digital age

IT Manager và cơ hội phát triển trong thời đại công nghệ số

In the form of technological revolution 4.0, the digital age has a tremendous impact on all industries, all fields, society and even state management activities. This is creating a career boom in the information technology field. Especially management positions such as IT manager. Let’s find out what the development opportunities will be for IT managers in the digital age!

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Recruitment needs in the IT industry worldwide

Revolutionary technological advances will have a significant impact, forcing organizations and businesses to change to adapt and grow. According to expert forecasts, the global information technology market will reach a value of up to $5.2 trillion in 2020. More than 50% of managers say they will have to recruit staff this year. Development trends focus on security technologies, cloud computing and business intelligence (BI).

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In a report by Robert Walters, it also shows that strong digital transformation is underway in countries like China, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. Staff recruitment needs are focused on areas such as: artificial intelligence – AI, big data, UX and network security.

However, generally speaking, recruitment by businesses faces many difficulties and challenges due to insufficient supply to meet demand. Especially management positions like IT Manager.

Request for recruitment of IT staff in Vietnam

In the context of the digital age, the Prime Minister officially approved the “National Digital Transformation Program by 2025, orientation 2030”. This helps promote digital transformation in our country. Therefore, the demand for IT recruitment continues to increase in 2020 and is expected to continue to increase in the coming years.

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Currently, the government is constantly expanding its technological cooperation with foreign technology companies. The government pays close attention and understands the importance of the process of promoting digital transformation in all aspects of the economy, society, education, etc. Based on lessons learned from the recent Covid-19 outbreak, the importance of digital technology has been firmly affirmed in helping people overcome large-scale crises and creating more development opportunities.

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Additionally, Western investment trends are focused on Asian markets, including Vietnam. This motivates domestic enterprises and the government to rapidly improve and promote technological development in order to prepare for waves of production transformation by foreign enterprises.

Market signals show that major technology companies plan to seek cooperation and development opportunities in Vietnam, such as Apple’s supply chain expansion or Samsung’s $300 million investment plan. Other major technology companies such as Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL), India’s largest IT company, have developed centers in the city. HCM; and Axon Enterprise and many other technology companies are also focusing on expanding their facilities in Vietnam.

Attractive jobs

In recent years, our country has made positive changes in digital transformation to gradually move toward a digital economy and society. The strong growth of the industry is reflected in the increasing number of startups in the technology sector, the increase in startup projects of large companies or the emergence of more and more product companies.

In addition, Vietnam’s technology sector is facing two waves. First, there is a growing wave of investment funds wanting to expand into Vietnam. Secondly, the increase in recruitment demand in the field of fintech such as: AI, data science, big data, cybersecurity. There is also a trend of forced digital transformation, requiring every company to hire IT staff. All of the above leads to an increased demand for IT staff recruitment in the coming years.

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Based on the statistical results of market-wide recruitment data, IT companies in Vietnam operate in the fields of e-commerce, logistics, SAAS, Cloud service, CRM, ERP, Fintech, Martech, Blockchain and AI.

According to expert analysis, Vietnam will need around 500,000 human resources for the information technology sector in 2020. But the entire market is only capable of meeting half of this need . Faced with this situation, the IT industry will need more human resources in the years to come, especially for management positions such as IT Manager. Therefore, it can be seen that the development opportunity for this position is very large and the income for this position is also extremely attractive, $1,000-2,000/month.

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From the above analysis, becoming an IT manager deserves to be the career goal of anyone working in the IT industry.

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