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IT specialists should work for startups or large companies

Chuyên viên IT nên làm việc cho Startup hay doanh nghiệp lớn

Developments in technology have changed the way business is done, with most companies now competing with each other to hire the best technology talent. As a person, this trend is an opportunity for you to think and choose the most suitable place for you. But the question before you is: choose a start-up or a large technology company? We will share with you the professional point of view of HRchannels specialized in providing current technology jobs.

For start-ups, they have their own flexibility and dynamism, while large technology companies can have strong brand awareness and are places to attract projects. However, whatever advantage you see, both of these models have their own disadvantages. Here are specific pros and cons to help you visualize the job.

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What do big companies offer IT professionals?

The important thing you get when you’re part of a big tech company is to spruce up your resume. This means you can apply for any IT specialist job in the future and still get an interview. People are really good at finding positions where they don’t have to do much, but are paid decently and therefore have no incentive to do anything (until the company has to try and they are laid off with obsolete skills).

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  • You play a small role in a big “machine” with an IT position and your job will be exactly what it sounds like.

  • There is no risk of interruption to your work, you can work with peace of mind once you have proven your abilities as a good IT professional.

  • High salary. Many large companies are currently evaluating their current benefits plans to make better improvements to attract top IT talent in the competitive technology market.

  • Very professional environment to learn

  • A great place to work if you like communication and want to learn how large organizations work.


  • Attractive jobs

    Sometimes being too settled will make you just another number among hundreds of thousands of other employees, which will gradually make you bored because that’s not what you’re looking for in an IT job.

  • Several years later, your career may still be that of a specialist because the process of advancement within the company is very difficult.

  • When you first join, you follow intense training to get used to the job and the organization, which lasts around 1 month. You can then work for several more months without any significant change in your experience or thinking.

What opportunities do start-ups offer to IT professionals?

Because jobs can change at any time, startup IT professionals must be flexible, responsible, and self-starters. For example, one day you might focus on software development, then maybe you’ll be a sales professional making calls to pitch your products. This type of environment gives you insight into a variety of career positions, helping you build skills and discover what interests you in the long term.

You can really earn good money and rich practical knowledge in startups. Because most of the time you are required to do many things at the same time like being in charge of engineering, security check or sometimes even in charge of big and small electrical appliances like refrigerators and water tanks of the unity of taste. It’s really hard work.

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Additionally, the startup project has many additional advantages and disadvantages as follows:


  • Be more responsible and take control of your own initiatives with the sole aim of growing your business

  • Closer relationships with start-up founders

  • It is possible to improve and progress from a young age, if you are a qualified computer scientist.

  • Office culture is more diverse, colorful and joyful because the environment aims to inspire employees

  • The way of working is quite open, sometimes you get free time, as long as you get your work done.


  • Most startups fail, you may not get a job after just 1-2 years and will have to embark on a new journey.

  • A well-funded startup that believes in paying talent can offer you a solid industry-level IT professional salary. But nowadays most people don’t pay according to the contract and find many ways to pay you a small salary even though they get more benefits from you.

  • There are many challenges for a startup business, and if you are passionate about the excitement behind it, you can experience it. However, most challenges carry many risks.

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2. Any advice for IT professionals on choosing a workplace?

As an IT professional, you are probably more familiar with technical background and IT terminology. But whatever environment allows you to develop your abilities and learn most comfortably, we recommend that it is the place for you. What you need to do is learn to perceive and evaluate, seek multi-dimensional information, learn from seniors in the IT field to know which company is suitable for your personality, abilities and career goals. If you want diverse experience in all areas of the business, you should work for a startup. If you want security, stability, and working on products used by billions of people, go with a big company.

Big tech companies succeed not because they are very good, but because they work as a team. More importantly, working in a big tech company is also a way to learn from your successes and get motivated. Companies are very efficient organizations where a single person can motivate thousands of people, like Steve Job, Bill Gate,… Startups are considered riskier because they fail more often. The benefit for you is to learn more about how to lead teams, influence partners and strategize. You can choose the startup life – more freedom, more autonomy, more responsibilities and more flexibility because you are young and have many opportunities.

It’s a matter of personal choice, but remember one thing clearly. You won’t work for one company your whole life. Try to gain diverse experience in large and small companies. Your life will be richer and your IT career path will take you even further.

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