Japanese-speaking recruitment in the provinces

Tổng hợp các khu vực tuyển dụng việc làm tiếng Nhật

It is an opportunity to open up to promising lands with high salaries, especially at a time when Vietnamese have golden opportunities at the economic doorstep, when business contracts with foreign companies are indispensable. The marriage of Cherry Blossom Country firms with Vietnamese bosses has fostered a strong and proud growth of Japanese jobs alongside other foreign-language jobs.

You, your close friends and future generations can be happy on the “Journey to the East” or, right now, refer to Japanese jobs in the areas of the article below that HR can “exploit” more than life-changing opportunities.

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Japanese language job application

1. Why is Japanese work “hot”?

Do you know why university Japanese language departments or Japanese language centers attract so many students? Even Japanese has become a second foreign language in middle and high schools across the country? Do they learn by passion?

The answer is broader than that. This is the Japanese job application after graduation. Foreign languages ​​provide opportunities for a well-paid job in the future, a smart way out of the problem of hopeless unemployment, an opportunity to change your life, to “hack” proud zeros in the payroll. , is the ideal place to take off the dream of studying abroad, living and working in the land of the rising sun.

Not to mention that working in Japanese will testify to the courage of senior executives in their “job change” journey. Like English, Korean, French… and some other foreign languages, Japanese has the advantage of helping learners to have many opportunities to improve their qualifications, salary and enjoy great benefits at school. Japanese companies, especially at the time when Japanese companies expand strongly in the Vietnamese market.

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2. Which regions often recruit Japanese jobs in Vietnam?

According to a survey by HRchannels, the areas that regularly recruit Japanese jobs in Vietnam are Hanoi, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City.

3. Why are the above regions recruiting many Japanese jobs?

It is easy to see that Hanoi, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City are all key economic centers in Vietnam. It is for this reason that Japanese companies have chosen these provinces as places to promote business cooperation with Vietnam.

Interesting professions

Therefore, job opportunities in Japan will increase for workers in these fields. Hurry up to grab job opportunities in Japan immediately.

Which professions show high-paying Japanese jobs in Hanoi?

Possess Japanese JLPT N3 or above certificate and have rich experiences in hand, you are still afraid to change. Is this the next step in your pre-determined career path? Let’s find out with HRchannels the highest paying Japanese job offers in the regions and make an informed decision for yourself:

1. General Japanese Jobs in Hanoi

  • Japanese performers
  • Follow-up of the improvement department
  • SMT Engineer (Japanese)
  • Production staff (fluent in Japanese)
  • Programmer who knows Japanese

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Summary of Japanese jobs in Hai Duong

  • Production supervisor
  • Japanese production manager N3
  • Factory manager (factory manager)
  • Manufacturing Engineer (Japanese and English speaking)
  • Deputy General Director
  • Japanese performers

3. General Japanese jobs in Hai Phong

  • Production line and quality assurance manager (Japanese N3)
  • Japanese interpreter (salary from 8 to 12 million VND)
  • Production Department Engineer

4. General Japanese Jobs in Da Nang

  • Translating and Interpreting Japanese – Japanese N3 or above
  • Production manager – Japanese N3 or higher
  • Engineers who know Japanese
  • Deputy Director and Japanese Translator

5. General Japanese Jobs in Binh Duong

  • HR Manager (Head of Recruitment), knows Japanese
  • QA Manager (Head of Quality Management Department), knows Japanese
  • Production manager fluent in Japanese
  • Japanese N3 Assembly Team Leader
  • Production schedule management – ​​Wood fluent in Japanese
  • QA/QC Manager (Head of Quality Management Department) knows Japanese
  • Japanese interpreter N2
  • Treatment team leader knows Japanese N3
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6. Summary of Japanese jobs in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Production Manager (Production Manager) fluent in Japanese
  • Sales manager fluent in Japanese and English.
  • Factory Manager (Factory Manager) knows Japanese
  • QA/QC Manager (Head of Quality Management Department) fluent in Japanese
  • Deputy CFO fluent in Japanese
  • The R&D team leader knows Japanese
  • PE Engineer (Production Engineering Engineer) knows Japanese
  • Japanese speaking sales assistant
  • assistant director
  • Deputy General Director

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Notes for applying for a job in Japanese

1. What will a Japanese application bring you?

The jobs above are all high-level Japanese positions with the lowest salary of $700 and can go as high as $3,000 depending on job requirements. In addition, by applying for a job in Japanese, you will be able to work in a professional environment and benefit from great advantages such as the project bonus, the Têt bonus, the commission bonus,…

2. Fluency in Japanese is an advantage

Surprisingly, I work in a Japanese company but English and Japanese are the main languages ​​used. If you can communicate well in Japanese, you are more likely to be appreciated and promoted easily.

It will also be easy to see, Japanese Certification The taller you are (L3 and above), the wider your circle of high-paying career opportunities, while Japanese communication skills are highly valued for relationship building and effective teamwork in Japanese companies .

3. How to find a job in Japanese?

If you are looking for a management position in Japanese, it is not difficult. HRchannels.com will always be the most prestigious Japanese job posting support website for readers. Simply visit raefordhokechamber.com, type the phrase “Japanese” into the “Find a Job” field. Then you will click on the “Region” and “Career Level” options to find Japanese jobs for senior executives as you like.

Additionally, you may also choose to call our helpline number. A team of consultants who understand the Japanese job market and the specifics of the industries as well as the “highlights” of each company’s culture will help you make a significant breakthrough in your career. Without forgetting that the Head hunter Our dedicated staff will teach you the secret to a successful salary negotiation when we see that you truly are a “shining star” in the company’s talent sky.

Above you will find all the useful information about working in Japanese, explaining why jobs requiring Japanese have never been so popular and why high-paying Japanese jobs are regularly recruited in the business sector, the key economy of the Vietnam. In addition, the article also provides readers with information on some grades when applying for Japanese jobs, in the hope that readers have a successful working year.

Hopefully the above HRchannels article will bring readers some interesting information about Japanese language jobs and Japanese language job recruitment areas nationwide.

Source of image + article: HRchannels

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