Leadership style lessons from candidate Hillary Clinton

Bài học về phong cách nhà lãnh đạo của ứng cử viên Hillary Clinton

Leadership style represented by the image of candidate Hillary Clinton. Let’s learn this woman’s leadership style lesson with a headhunting company’s HR channels.

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The art of looking at people with precision

Although she recruited candidate Donald Trump into the race for the White House, Hillary Clinton has always been seen as a powerful woman with a knack for using people. leader’s working style First, it shows in the people they use to support their work.

Accurately assessing the ability of employees to place them in the right positions is always a dilemma for leaders. It also requires leadership style the leaders must know the experience as well as the skills of the employees, understand if their reflection is adapted or not to the development of the company.

Hillary Clinton is well aware of this, she convinced two excellent generals for her junior position, Richard Holbrooke and George Mitchell. She realized their potential because they shared the same work goals, the same patriotism and always did their best for the development of America.

In business, employees must believe in the mission entrusted to them by a talented leader. There is no better way to attract talent than yourself leadership style. Only talented people want to serve managers, they will learn from their experience.

Therefore, the lesson of recruiting talented people here comes from the business leaders themselves. They must be talented people, yes leadership style Only genuine employees are respected and served wholeheartedly.

The leader ignores the ego, stays close to the employees

Interesting professions

Using a good staff, Hillary Clinton always has a discussion in her every move in the diplomatic office. She always respects her employees and is not afraid to be led by them. This is a very important lesson for business leaders.

A company that wants to recruit talent must have a certain reputation and success. At the same time only when it is possible to build leadership style Where appropriate, new talent wants to learn, find a leader, and stay with the company.

Leadership style The company is respected by its employees because it always knows how to develop. Call on people who know how to work well for you, without being afraid that they will “fall” you. The success of the company, in addition to the role of the leader, needs the help of the collective, of the team. Leaders must have team management skills, always be with the staff, motivate them in time for the employees to achieve certain successes.

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Therefore, to form leadership style, take leadership from candidate Hillary Clinton. This is reflected in continuous learning, surpassing oneself to build a strong staff and set an example for one’s own collaborators.


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Always be perfectly prepared for the debates

A senior leader will accurately display his own style in debates. Leaders with sufficient stature and ability will demonstrate their own understanding when interviewing employees.

As a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton clearly showed leader’s working style through debates with candidates from other ruling parties. What is remarkable and attractive is that she is always fully prepared for the debate, from the costumes to the necessary speech aids.

Not only as a high-ranking presidential candidate, it is necessary to prepare well for his working sessions. In the business, leadership style This also manifests itself through the careful preparation of his declarations. Because their statements will directly affect the perception of listeners.

Show your appreciation through words and actions

During presentations or debates, she leaves the big space and gets closer to the public. This builds trust in the other person.

During the debate with the opponent, Hillary Clinton always kept a low and firm voice. It helps to express leader’s working style more clearly, while respecting opponents and listeners. The leader’s voice tells the other person that you have thought carefully before speaking.

Expression through gestures, actions while speaking or speaking also contribute to building the leadership style. It sounds a lot like President Obama’s leadership style. Often leaders show leadership style when talking to employees with hand gestures to emphasize the main idea. In her speeches, Hillary Clinton always shows certain gestures to attract listeners.


A sustainable journey for the set goal

Clinton ran for the White House twice. First lost in 2008 to former President Barack Obama in the race for the Democratic nomination. However, this defeat did not deter her when, for the second time in 2016, Clinton went on to run for President of the United States.

During her return to the campaign, she did not hold a massive press conference, but only used a video posted on social media that was over 2 minutes long to announce the start of her campaign for the White House. . Leadership style Its expression is not ostentatious but calls for the most concrete support of the population. She appealed with the message “I hope you will join me on this journey” and campaigned for over 10 months.

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Like many other world leaders, leader’s working style is reflected in the persistent career pursuit and the path you have set for your goals. Once the objectives to be pursued have been clearly defined, they should be achieved for those who have failed in the past. Hillary Clinton is a living example of never giving up on her goals.

Evidence of feminism

Along with Carly Fiorina, Hillary Clinton are the women who participate in the difficult race for the White House. However, Carly Fiorina gave up after that, Clinton is the symbol of feminism, perhaps ready to become the leading women in history.

The fact that feminists take a leadership role in business in Vietnam is quite rare and they are almost not respected. Hillary showed humanity that feminism can completely rule an entire country through politics. leader’s working style by myself.

Businesses today don’t really appreciate the leadership role of women. This is an issue that needs to be seriously considered in order to avoid a talent shortage or gender discrimination in leadership positions.


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Fail but don’t give up

With fewer votes than President Donald Trump, Hillary once again lost the race for the White House. However, she did not forget to express her deep gratitude to those who served and wholeheartedly supported her campaign. It is leadership style much appreciated and learned.

On November 9, 2016, after losing the election, you said goodbye to your supporters and campaign staff at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan. “Donald Trump is going to be our president,” she said. We should open our hearts and give it a chance to lead. Our democracy values ​​a peaceful transfer of power.

Despite the defeat, she did not forget to congratulate the new president and those who wholeheartedly contributed to his campaign. This is how you become an excellent visionary leader who has a clear direction for your career.

With leader’s working style Single-handedly, Mrs. Clinton was voted one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes magazine. This is a leadership style lesson worth learning by today’s business leaders.

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