Learn more about headhunting companies – headhunter

Learn more about headhunting companies - headhunter

With the development of the economy, the demand for corporate recruitment is also increasing. The demand for recruitment is high, but the shortage of qualified human resources leads to fierce competition in the recruitment market. This situation opens up development opportunities headhunting company In Vietnam.

However, among many headhunting companies today, choosing the right reputable and appropriate company is becoming a concern for many companies. Therefore, today Ms. Uptalent will help readers learn about headhunting companies in Vietnam so that you can understand and choose the right partner for your business.

1- What is a headhunting company?
2- Hunting business work process
3- Classification of headhunting services

3.1- Mass Recruitment – ​​Mass Recruitment
3.2- Contingency research – Recruitment by contract
3.3- Selected research – Senior recruitment
4- What is the price of headhunting services?

Headhunting company recruiting jobs

1- What is a headhunting company?

You can understand it simply, a headhunting company is an intermediary company that specializes in finding talent based on client requirements. And headhunting is actually a higher and more difficult type of recruiting than the traditional recruiting process you know.

Headhunting is considered an art, and headhunters are “masters” with many exceptional abilities and skills. As a result, they can understand the psychology of the candidate and can give convincing arguments to motivate the candidate to make a decision.

2- Work process of a headhunting company

Each recruitment company will have its own characteristics, objectives and working methods. In general, however, they often follow a similar workflow.

When headhunters receive new orders (here is the company recruitment request), they will search for information related to the position requested to understand the position they need to recruit. Then they will learn about the company and potential ways to help them reach candidates. Usually, selected candidates will be contacted by headhunting over the phone.

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After performing the above steps, headhunt will select the appropriate records and send them to the client. On the side of the client company, upon receipt of the application, it will evaluate each candidate. Qualified candidates will be called for an interview.

Interesting jobs

At the end of the interview, the company will discuss in detail with the selected candidate the position, salary, bonuses and other schemes, rights and obligations through a face-to-face interview or a cover letter. ‘job offer.

The results of the interview and the job offer letter will be sent simultaneously to the candidate and the recruiting company. Usually the headhunter workflow lasts 5-6 weeks and they usually commit to a 2 month guarantee with the candidate.

Headhunter Business Workflow

3- Classification of headhunting services

Currently, in the market, headhunting services are divided into 3 segments:

3.1- Mass Recruitment – ​​Mass Recruitment

With this form headhunting company are required to recruit a large number of candidates according to certain quality and quantity requirements of the company. Usually, positions recruited in this form do not require a great deal of experience and expertise from the candidate, so headhunting can be easily managed. Specifically, they will quickly screen and assess applications to select qualified candidates. For headhunters with a large source of candidate data, this screening only takes about 3-5 days.

3.2- Contingency research – Recruitment by contract

The emergency search is a form where headhunters will find candidates who match the company’s requirements and will be paid when the candidate and the company reach an agreement. When using this form, companies have many advantages because headhunters only get paid when they find people, so they will need to complete the task as soon as possible.

This type of recruitment is not limited to any position, whether it is mid- to senior-level candidates and candidates for positions with particular expertise in IT, engineering or other fields. Because these positions require quite a bit of experience and skill, the headhunter also needs experience and good specialist knowledge to take over.

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3.3- Selected research – Senior recruitment

This service is aimed at companies that are looking for senior managers and executives. It is the most advanced recruitment service with exceptional professional and experience requirements. Therefore, it will cost the company a lot of money.

Classification of headhunting services
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For this form, the company will have to advance part of the costs to the recruitment company. In return, headhunt undertakes to find the candidate sought within a certain period of time. The second part of the cost will be paid during the time of finding the candidate. The last part will be paid when recruiting the candidate. Such a three-payment installment has the advantage of allowing the headhunter and the company to work more closely together and monitor the hiring process more closely.

4- What is the price of headhunting services?

Currently, the cost of corporate headhunting services has a certain difference and largely depends on the brand of each company. The top companies, operating for a long time have a cost of 2-3 months of gross salary. For medium-sized businesses and new businesses, the cost is 1 month’s gross salary.

There are also headhunting companies that determine the cost of benefits based on the rank of the position to be filled. Employee level 9 million, team leader 19 million, department head/assistant level 29 million, manager 49 million.

If based on the type of recruitment service, contract recruitment incurs a fee of around 20-30% of the candidate’s first year’s salary. And senior recruitment has a fee of 30-35% of the candidate’s estimated first year salary.

In short, depending on the regulations of each headhunting company and the recruitment requirements of the company, the service fees will be determined accordingly. Therefore, to achieve the best recruitment effect, you should think carefully before signing a contract with headhunters.

Above is the information about the headhunting company that Uptalent would like to send you. Hope through this article readers will understand headhunting companies correctly and choose the right company for your business. And don’t forget to follow Uptalent for more interesting articles!

Headhunter process

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