Lessons from Apple’s ‘unbeatable’ executive recruiting strategy

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Apple’s work has brought benefits to businesses around the world in general and Vietnam in particular. These are valuable lessons learned over many years of training and development, which help companies develop the most suitable recruitment strategy.

Appreciate talented people from the interview phase

Key personnel determine the exact success of the business. Therefore, the fact that Apple is growing as fast and strong as it is today is largely due to the fact that it has an extremely talented staff. Apple’s position on recruiting is very clear as follows:

– Pay attention to staff achievements: When recruiting, Apple does not expect too much from a perfect CV. Recruitment of senior executives In this case, they rely on the candidate’s previous achievements. Instead of providing a long recruiting CV, bring the products and projects you have completed.

– Are you an iPhone lover and user? Surely it’s not just Apple that insists on this point, but every employer wants candidates to understand the company’s products. Certainly, when interviewing at Apple, you cannot use Samsung or Nokia. So with Apple, people who don’t understand and use the company’s products are definitely not a good fit for the company.

– Hire only good people. One of the points that makes Apple’s current success is that the Human Resources Department And what companies need to learn is that they only employ competent people. Apple’s point of view is that if you choose someone good, they will probably go with someone average or poor.

Apple’s interview process is very serious and fierce. Employees will go through a rigorous career path, a 6-hour interview in round 2 with a recruitment board of up to 12 people.

The current situation is that most The company provides human resources It is difficult to choose suitable candidates because they do not know how to select them. To ensure recruitment is done quickly and accurately, select the candidates who best match the needs and the field targeted by the company.

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Company Culture is a Perfect Start

The key to attracting Apple’s top executives is building a solid foundation of company culture. Everyone in the company respects each other, helps each other without reservation and attaches no importance to expertise or rank.

Attractive jobs

Apple executives have accumulated decades of dedication and experience in specific jobs before becoming leaders. Apple is always proud that in its business there is no shifting of responsibility. Employees obey the direction of superiors while superiors always strive to protect the rights of employees.

Thanks at work Recruitment of senior executives and the spirit of solidarity in the company culture has helped Apple continually advance in the technology market. “Bite apple” products always occupy a special place in the hearts of customers.

Corporate culture is an important basis for attracting talent. Only when companies have the best foundations can they Human Resources Department Only then can we have the most qualified candidates who will stay with the company for a long time.


Create a comfortable working environment to attract candidates

The tech industry always requires constant creativity. Therefore, Apple provides employees with certain spaces so that they can improve quality quickly. When they detect technical errors or unsatisfactory points, employees are free to be creative and propose the best solutions for the product.

Thanks to this policy, employees, regardless of their position, are free to be creative while recruiting senior managers becomes easier. Many candidates choose Apple because of its flexible, low-stress work environment.

Therefore, creating a comfortable working environment is also a way to attract the most suitable candidates. Human Resources Department Focus on open positions. Candidates will choose a psychological environment with perfect welfare schemes.

The challenge of selecting the most qualified candidates

Apple attracts top candidates by offering certain challenges during interviews. Usually, they provide challenges that are more difficult than their abilities and require candidates to perform well.

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This is the reason why Apple’s human resources are constantly and rapidly increasing and their qualifications are constantly improving. They recruit only good and truly suitable employees for each necessary vacancy. Candidates for management positions at Apple understand that they will have to be one of the important factors that strengthen the strength of the Apple giant.

A The company provides human resources Or, companies that want to recruit suitable staff need to clearly understand the vacancy and show candidates what they will get when they “join” your company. Challenging candidates on their professional and soft skills helps you accurately evaluate candidates and make the most accurate hiring decisions.

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Give candidates the opportunity to interact with talented leaders

Steve Jobs – the first founder of Apple – is a living witness to employer excellence in the search for talent. Its talent attraction strategy involves selecting exceptional employees to contribute to the company.

Steve Jobs wanted John Sculley, considered a marketing genius working for PepsiCo. He personally went to New York and met John Sculley and asked him, “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling soft drinks or do you want to have a chance to change the world?” At that time, PepsiCo was considered a market giant and far surpassed Apple. Apple now attracts senior executives by exposing them to its most talented colleagues.

In interviews Recruitment of senior executives, Apple also exposes candidates to its best employees. This not only helps companies accurately identify new factors but also helps inspire candidates.

A The company provides human resources Or, companies always want to find the best quality factors for their business. Therefore, if there are good candidates, invite them quickly by offering them whatever incentives you can provide.

Apply the principles Recruitment of senior executives from Apple – the world’s leading technology company – will help businesses easily “recruit” suitable and potential candidates. This is an important factor contributing to the success of the business.

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