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Lessons learned in leadership from President Obama

Những bài học kinh nghiệm trong lãnh đạo từ Tổng thống Obama

At the beginning of 2009, the United States officially had the youngest black president at the head of the White House: Mr. Barack Obama. Through his leadership, President Obama has helped America make great strides.

To achieve these successes, in addition to his talent, Mr. Obama’s art of leadership is considered extremely great. Let’s learn the secrets to becoming a great leader and from this former President of the United States.

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Always use personal messages

He used his own eloquence to leave his mark and express his own views. It is not difficult to see him speak in schools, give successful lessons by addressing young people,…leadership lessons His work is shown through each intervention, he delivers objective and positive messages.

During his years in the White House and even later, Obama has always held a certain place in the hearts of lovers of world peace. It is considered a “monument” in art of leadingalways ready to work and solve the deepest problems.

Lessons learned in leadership The point is, if you don’t have personal opinions that are in the public interest, you will be easily swayed by other people’s criticisms. If you don’t train yourself to be a clear-headed person, you will probably spend a lot of time changing your plans and not become an excellent leader.

Interesting professions


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Put human interests first

leadership lessons President Obama comes from the fact that he knows how to place the common good of the people above all other interests. No matter what this president talks about, who he talks to, he always calls him “we” and “us”. At the beginning of the story, he often starts from general histories of the country before addressing his own problems.

Many people often find it difficult to build the strength of the collective, they have not yet called everyone to unite for common work. leadership lessons many American presidents All right The point is to show that your point of view is not just for personal gain but for the common good, you will quickly gain the trust of like-minded people.

Always believe in yourself

Before letting others believe and act according to your ideals, you must believe in your own goals and orientations. During the election campaign, it was clear why Mr. Obama had won a large number of votes.

Lessons learned in leadership demonstrated in its use of the slogan “A Change We Can Believe in” and campaign platform with practical goals at the time in the United States: to reduce reliance on imported energy and fuel sources, increasing insurance for the poor, applying a flexible foreign policy, etc.

Trust is the key factor in art of leading of President Obama. To become a charismatic leader, you must understand your job in order to gain the trust of the people you want to lead. Therefore, believe in yourself before expecting others to believe in your ideals.

Build your own leadership style

When he became leader of the White House, he continually built his image on social media, responded to online criticism and shared many positive clips. leadership lessons Here, to be supported, you have to build the best image in the eyes of employees.

talented leader This method not only communicates through a fixed communication channel, but also uses many different forms such as social networks, videos, talk shows, etc. The use of media is mainly used by many people. art of leading many American leaders as well as of Mr. Obama.

Lessons learned in leadership Most of the world’s outstanding leaders have very good communication skills. Presidents from Lincoln, Churchill or Mandela… to Obama, they are all people who have the talent to convince and to lead through profound speeches.

leadership lessons suggested that the work should not be directed by harsh texts or imperative orders. A wise leader knows what his followers need to make adjustments. Only by doing this can you earn the trust and loyalty of your subordinates.

Exercise foresight and make decisive decisions

Obama demonstrates his leadership not only with words but more importantly with actions. He persuaded the people to believe in his opinion and take his side with concrete actions. It is art of leading many American leaders that managers always build and aim for.

He responds very quickly to meetings as well as to debates related to political issues, financial and social crises. With his own opinions, he always tries to find the most accurate evidence for others to recognize this point of view.

leadership lessons His work shows that although the era has seen many changes in prejudice, issues related to skin color, race, … are difficult issues in the United States. However, these problems are quickly solved by the skillful execution ability of an excellent leader.

Lessons learned in leadership is reflected in the vision of the manager, whether it is far-fetched, decisive or not. Therefore, as an excellent leader, you must aim for the common good of the community instead of just serving your own goals.

Don’t rest on victory

Unlike many conventional leaders, art of leading To belong to After achieving successes, Obama still strives to build a better America. When he won the elections, talented chef keep working hard and never let yourself stop trying or rest on winning.

During his two terms as president, he repeatedly emphasized returning to work as a way to remember himself and his associates. leadership lessons Many US presidents show that instead of resting after glory, they are using their precious time to formulate their next plans during their tenure.

It is Lessons learned in leadership It is worth learning from this supreme president. In the company, the manager after achieving the desired sales in a certain time, but it does not mean that you will complete the excellent work in the next time. Therefore, the advice given is to always do your best at every moment to become a good leader.

Friendly and open-minded leader

Obama often changes his tone flexibly depending on the problem he is presenting, which words cannot do. talented leader This one uses gestures when it’s like: put his hand on his chest, move his finger when he wants to invite someone, …

When speaking, he often looks to one side and then turns to the opposite side to draw listeners in. This allows him to easily reach his audience. The audience will feel the confidence of a leader who dares to look at them directly, dares to speak out. The art of leading His personality is also reflected in the fact that after the end of each speech he greets everyone with friendliness.

When Mr. Obama visited Vietnam, the image of the president eating bun cha in a small restaurant moved many people. A simple and approachable leader will gain the trust of his subordinates. SO, Lessons learned in leadership suggested that leaders need to learn more about life and get as close to employees as possible.

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With a real style of leadership and the art of leading Uniquely, Obama has built the image of an extremely open but just as strong American president. It is also the ideal leadership model for companies to follow.

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