Lessons on human resources management through the functioning of a Chinese chessboard

Bài học về quản trị nhân sự qua điều hành bàn cờ tướng-cờ vua

expresses himself deeply by playing on two chessboards: Chinese chess and chess. Join the HR channels of headhunting companies to find out what these lessons are below.

Human Resource Management Lessons from Leaders

On a Chinese chessboard, the king has quite limited power because he can only move in a limited space. They always need soldiers to protect them before the end of the board, so their leadership is often difficult and passive.

In Modern thinking on human resource managementthis is seen as a representative of bureaucratic leaders, simply sitting in one place and pointing 5. These leaders are often incompetent and inexperienced and therefore cannot accurately direct their subordinates.

In contrast, on a chessboard, the king can move to any position without being accompanied by soldiers. This can be considered as the image of a high-level human resource administrator who is proactive and can manage a business in the most accurate and comprehensive way. Lessons on human resources management Here, it is housework that shapes the leadership skills of good leaders, requiring the leader to demonstrate foresight and be respected by many people.

Human Resource Management

Leadership thinking on using people

The pawns on both chessboards represent a low position in society, they often protect superiors and the king. In business, these are the employees of companies and businesses. Modern thinking on human resource management These factors must be respected because they have a great influence on the success of the company.

However, in Chinese chess, a pawn, after overcoming difficulties, often has no value at the end of the move even if it fought very heroically. In Modern thinking on human resource managementthese pawns are often human resources in companies, associated with leaders who have a mindset that does not know how to value talent.

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They use subordinates until they achieve their goals and do not know how to appreciate them. In many cases, even if the leader is at fault, subordinates will often be held responsible. These are some of the differences between leaders and managers.

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On the contrary, in chess, Lessons on human resources management This is demonstrated by the fact that the pawn can transform into any larger piece on the board, except the king. It is the image of individuals who dedicate themselves and achieve certain achievements and who will be treated and recognized appropriately. This is reflected in companies that have a humanistic spirit and value human rights.

Normally, if a person wants to become a talented leader, he will have to start from low positions and gradually improve his rank. Through the effort process, only people with real abilities and dedication to the business will be recognized by the company.

Lessons for being proactive in human resources management

If you are a regular chess player, you will definitely see that the pieces on this board have some limitations. For example, cannons need a fuse to defeat opponents, statues cannot cross rivers, and knights can only move to certain locations. These are profound trends in human resource management in the 4.0 era. No matter how employees express themselves and want to achieve their goals, there will always be some obstacles in the thinking of leaders.

On the contrary, under the chessboard, the bishop can move anywhere, the knight is not hindered in his movements, etc. This shows the way Modern thinking on human resource management In companies, we are ready to create the best conditions so that employees can quickly develop their full potential and capabilities.

This leads to Lessons on human resources management In companies, only when there are talented leaders who understand and know how to use talented people will talents have the opportunity to express themselves. It is also a lesson for managers, to create the best conditions for employees to develop their abilities.

Lessons on human resources management

Lessons on support in human resources management

On a Chinese chessboard, only 2 pawns will be protected by 2 rooks. All other pawns will only have the task of protecting the board and the generals behind them. They are therefore often more dangerous and can easily become victims.

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That’s it Lessons on human resources management in companies, show mutual assistance at work. Those who work do not receive wages and benefits worthy of their own abilities. In business, there will be discrimination and inequality.

On the contrary, if we consider the pawns under the board, they are all supported by the generals and have the same value. This is fair compensation for all employees at the same level. Thanks to this fair policy, pawns can fight with confidence until the last move. That’s it Lessons on human resources management that Vietnamese companies should pay special attention to their implementation.

Human Resource Management Lessons from Respecting Talented People

In Chinese chess, the two soldiers placed next to the king only have the role of protecting the general. These are people who tend to flatter their superiors and who have no talent. However, it is this flattery that makes them the trusted servants of flattering puppet rulers.

Lessons on Human Resource Management The problem here is reflected in the fact that untalented leaders often tend to favor flattering subordinates who lack leadership abilities. This leads to injustice towards talented individuals who actually need to be supported.

Opposite, Human resources management course Correctness is clearly demonstrated in chess moves. Next to the king is the queen, she has the highest power on the chessboard and can move to any position. This shows that senior leaders know how to properly evaluate and utilize talented people on the team. The person with the best team management skills should be closest to the leader to help them in any situation.

Human Resource Management

Human resources management through empowerment and respect for women’s rights

In chess, the king is not the person with the most power. The queen is the powerful mover and can easily move to any position while the chess piece cannot.

That’s it Modern thinking on human resource management Show respect for the professional talents of women. When they are truly talented, they can fully take on the most important tasks in business as well as society.

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