Marketing milk tea shops to create attractive brands 2023

Marketing milk tea shops to create attractive brands 2023

Milk tea shop marketing In addition to product quality, a favorable geographical location must also have a suitable marketing strategy. In the article below, Super Speed ​​Ads will offer you optimal marketing strategies to precisely target the target audience.

Identify target milk tea customers

Before starting a bubble tea business, you need to define your target customers. Usually, the main customers of a milk tea shop are women, accounting for 80% of the 15-35 age group, even many middle-aged women also like to drink milk tea.

More important is the group of young customers from 18 to 25. At this age, they are very interested in discovering trends, promotions or eye-catching and impressive design images. With the age of under 18, you often tend to drink milk tea in the afternoon after studying more or studying in a group with friends, and in the evening, you will spend time at home to do Your work.

Impressive milk tea message

After determining the target customer segment you want to target, the next step is to create a communication message that conveys the right value to the right customers in that segment. For example, the message “extreme energy” from the milk tea shop Pozaa Tea shows a source of positive energy to a large number of young people. If you want to fine tune impressive and engaging words and phrases through every post, you can contact and use “Content Marketing Service” Super Speed ​​​​​​Advertising.

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Milk tea shop marketing | 4P model

The 4P model is an indispensable strategy for F&B businesses. Here Super fast ads will help you analyze in detail each effective model:

1. Product Strategy

The important thing in the milk tea product strategy is that the factors: quality, taste, design, etc. express the store’s unique brand through new milk tea recipes. Famous brands that apply this method have had great success, for example The Alley, Gong Cha attract customers with their line of teas with a rich layer of milk froth, Phuc Long has strong peach tea, KOI The has a special Macchiato tea with the fresh taste of ice cream and the sweet taste of tea,…

2. Pricing strategy

The price depends on the type of business and the type of product you choose. For example, if it is a popular milk tea shop, target students, while a milk tea shop with a brand name and a luxurious space is suitable for high-income customers.

3. Distribution strategy

For the F&B industry, location is an important factor in the success of a milk tea shop. While popular businesses will target locations close to schools, luxury boutiques, well-designed and well-known brands are taking up positions in city centers, amusement parks, supermarkets, etc.

4. Promotional strategy

Today, young people often use social networking sites such as Facebook, Zalo, Youtube, Tiktok, etc. In which, for milk tea shops, the most effective advertising social media channels are Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

  • For the Facebook channel, you must have a good concept for the Fanpage from the main color tone, logo, cover photo, avatar, … so that the color is consistent with the brand and consistent with other social networking sites. Please update the latest milk tea shop information regularly and regularly on the fan page and actively interact to increase revenue.
  • The Instagram page is a good platform for posting photos. Therefore, it is recommended to promote with images of sweet and colorful milk tea cups with a nice background. Also, you should include hashtags like #trasuangon, #trasuagiare, #trasuasaigon, etc.
  • While Instagram is an image-focused social networking site, Tiktok primarily advertises through short videos. Some video topics you can refer to like sharing milk tea recipes, overview of your milk tea shop, reviews of different milk tea dishes, etc.

SEO Website Google Map – Branding

Google My Business supports effective milk tea marketing, stores can use this tool to highlight their presence to Google users, including through search and on Google Maps.

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Google Maps helps locate your store and find your milk tea shop address, especially local customers.

The information you need to provide completely and accurately includes: restaurant name, address, opening and closing hours, picture of a cup of milk tea, picture of the store, business directory, description, contact information generation.


Above Super fast ads Share information you can refer to milk tea shop marketing plan effective. Whichever marketing method you choose, don’t overlook 3 important factors: the right audience, the right message and the right communication channel. Good luck with your milk tea business!

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