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New Raeford Hospital Opens in Hoke County, NC

Hoke County will welcome its inaugural hospital next month under Roxie Wells of Cape Fear Valley Health out of Fayetteville. When legal matters come up at Hoke, Wells is sure to remain focused.

Last year, she assumed leadership of the hospital after two years on the state hospital association board. Her passion lies in rural healthcare.

Medical Services

Raeford Hospital in North Carolina provides numerous medical services, from routine checkups and chronic care, as well as more specialized clinics like Hoke County Cancer Center offering diagnosis, treatment and support for chronic or serious illnesses.

Emergency care at the hospital is available 24 hours a day and its staff is highly experienced in treating injuries and illnesses that are potentially life threatening, such as sepsis (an acute reaction to infection). When caught early enough, sepsis can be treated and prevented which increases survival chances significantly.

This hospital is a non-profit private organization with 41 beds. Medicare certified, this acute care hospital boasts five star ratings based on patient satisfaction and performance measures; their annual spending per beneficiary is lower than the national average.

Autumn Care of Raeford Nursing Home Community offers 132 beds. Owned and managed by a for-profit corporation, it holds both Medicare and Medicaid certification. Medicare will pay for short term rehabilitation while long-term care services may also be covered under certain circumstances; residents may use long term care insurance or personal savings for this care option.

Emergency Services

Emergency Department and Children’s Emergency Department services at Valley Pavilion, our new six-story patient tower, are open 24-hours-a-day for emergencies of any kind. When you arrive, a triage nurse will assess your symptoms and take vital signs. A health care provider will then decide the most effective course of treatment based on priority priorities set forth by critical illness/unstable patients and gradually move onto treating patients who are less ill/stable before offering ExpressCare as a convenient option for minor illnesses and injuries without an appointment.

At our hospital, physicians who have either become board-eligible or certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine serve as physicians and are supported by nurses and nurse practitioners who have received extensive training in evaluating and treating emergency room patients.

Recently, patients of a hospital rated their experience there 93 out of 100 for overall satisfaction with care received there. You can view quality measure performances, Medicare Five Star ratings and other details about it on Hospital Compare website.

Surgical Services

An expert and compassionate surgeon team are on hand to meet all of your surgical needs, with access to cutting-edge technologies such as minimally invasive surgeries and robotic assistance.

Hospital of Hope boasts 10 operating rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology to deliver safe and effective surgical care, and their Surgical Services team has earned national renown for their exceptional quality and expertise.

Additionally, a new 20,000-square-foot medical building adjoining the hospital will house cardiology and internal medicine offices; wound care clinics; orthopedic, ear, nose and throat practices as well as birthing centers to better serve Hoke County residents.

This hospital received top ratings in terms of its ability to identify and treat sepsis, an often life-threatening complication of infection that can result in shock and increased risk of mortality. Furthermore, they scored high on how frequently and quickly they provide recommended treatments shown to improve patients’ outcomes through research studies. These measures indicate whether this hospital provides care that’s more likely than others in meeting its patients’ needs for certain conditions.

Outpatient Services

Hoke County and Fort Bragg residents will benefit greatly from the addition of a 41-bed hospital, which will provide many services that previously required them to travel long distances or incur costly transfers. Many services will be located on the first floor for convenience, reduced travel times, and maximized staff efficiencies. A 20,000 square-foot medical building adjacent to the hospital will house cardiology, wound care and orthopedic offices.

This hospital was given high marks for caring for people living with sepsis, an infection-induced complication which can quickly progress to septic shock and eventually death if left untreated quickly. They also achieved outstanding scores when it comes to identifying and treating life-threatening illnesses or conditions like pneumonia and heart attacks; all measures based on feedback from patients and families about the quality of care at this hospital.

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