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The CEO is the highest management position in a company’s organization. They have to take on many important work roles and tasks. But everyone’s time is limited. So what do they need to do to accomplish so much in the time they have? Let’s explore with Ms. Uptalent how Optimize CEO time through the following article.

1- What is a CEO?
2- What is the job of the CEO?
3- Why is the CEO always “offset” at work?
4- How to optimize the time of CEOs

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1- What is a CEO?

CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer, which means Chief Executive Officer. In Vietnam, this title is often expressed through different names such as Managing Director, Managing Director, Company Director.

You can simply understand that the CEO is the person responsible for the highest management and administration of a company. They are compared to a captain who steers a business boat through all the storms in the market.

2- What is the job of the CEO?

From the above information, you may also have partly understood the heavy responsibility of a CEO. Their role is to set the direction, vision and plan for all business activities. Basically, the CEO will have to perform the following tasks:

– Define specific strategies to implement the company’s vision and mission.

– Responsible for planning and defining the specific orientations of the company.

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– Lead the development and implementation activities of business plans approved by the Board of Directors.

– Responsible for profit, revenue and growth rate objectives, ensuring the best achievement of the company’s short and long term objectives.

– Give ideas and suggestions to help improve the company’s business operations.

– Build, develop and promote the company’s image and brand.

– Building and maintaining corporate culture.

– Approve matters related to business activities and financial policies, as well as monitor, control, evaluate and adjust budgets and cost standards accordingly.

– Review income and expenses, prepare periodic estimates.

– Evaluation and approval of the company’s investment projects.

– Negotiate and sign commercial contracts on behalf of the company.

– Organize, operate, check and periodically evaluate the commercial activities of the company.

– Approve development projects, seek solutions to diversify products, promote distribution and marketing activities to market channels.

– Organize the structure, set up the management apparatus, operate the personnel apparatus, and establish the tasks and objectives of each specific department.

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– Assess the situation and performance of the departments.

CEO's job

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– Management of construction and human resources development plans.

– Approve regulations and policies on appointment, dismissal, salary, bonuses, allowances and social protection.

– Approve the results of employee evaluations and make award decisions.

The above are just some of the main tasks that CEOs must perform. In fact, the amount of work they undertake could be far greater.

3- Why is the CEO always “offset” at work?

When you look at CEOs, you will see that there are CEOs who are very relaxed, while there are people who are hardworking. Why is it so?

The reason is that every manager understands the truth that “good time management helps to manage other things well”, but not everyone does it well.

Many managers make these common mistakes:

3.1- Working separately while working

Survey results show that only 60% of a person’s working time actually creates the product. The remaining 40% of time is often wasted on personal gain or for some reason unable to work.

One of the best examples is talking privately or surfing Facebook. If you pay a little attention, you will see that these things seem insignificant, but in fact it can waste your time.

3.2- Not making a to-do list

Many people often choose to do the easy things first, and the hard things later. Some people work spontaneously, without a clear to-do list. Therefore, when they have to manage several tasks at the same time, they often feel that there is not enough time to accomplish everything.

It shows that you need to spend time on important things instead of wasting it on things that aren’t worth it. The most effective way to solve this problem is to create a to-do list to maximize your time and productivity.

3.3- Habit of procrastination

People who have a habit of procrastinating often tend to fall in water up to their feet. In other words, they often wait until the last minute to get to work.

Meanwhile, every day you procrastinate on one thing means you’re wasting a lot of time. Gradually, this bad habit will reduce your performance at work.

3.4- Lack of focus

Indeed, it is sometimes not easy to concentrate on one’s work. CEOs in particular are often faced with a wide variety of different tasks and need to interact with other people. This distraction can cost you several hours a day.

why is the CEO always busy

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3.5- There is no specific work objective

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people always know how to set goals and strive to achieve them. People who fail often don’t know what they did wrong and how to move on. Without a clear goal, it’s easy to waste time and effort on unnecessary things.

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3.6- Obsessed with too many things

Many CEOs continue to keep all the work to themselves without knowing how to share it with their employees. When they have to take on too many things at once, their time and mind will be divided into many different areas. Therefore, when they cannot organize their time properly, they are prone to stress, mental breakdown, and reduced work performance.

4- How to optimize the time of CEOs

To be able to become a successful manager, CEOs can refer to the following points when practicing their time management skills:

4.1- Influencing the work schedule of others

Instead of trying to fit your schedule to someone else’s, you should make others stick to your schedule. The more independent and controlled you are, the more efficiently you will be able to organize your work.

4.2- Make a specific work schedule

Always knowing in advance where you will go and what to do will give you a great advantage in everything. At the same time, it also helps you work more closely and have more control over the situations that arise.

However, you shouldn’t let yourself be locked into your work schedule. Because it’s like you’re trying to get by instead of doing the work yourself.

4.3- Make room for the day

Leaders often feel that time gaps in their schedule are a sign that they are not doing enough or that they are slowing down. Many people also feel very guilty because of these shortcomings.

However, these deviations do not indicate that you are slowing down. Instead, they help you accelerate faster.

You should leave two spaces in your schedule each day. One is late morning. Two o’clock is the middle of the afternoon. A leader will need these moments to react rather than create. You can use this time to talk on the phone with someone else about work or to make an appointment with someone.

Also try to get up early. From 5 a.m. to 7 a.m., you can write, read documents and manage the internal affairs of the company. From 10 a.m., you can set aside time for meetings.

optimize the CEO's time

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4.4- Establish a plan for the near future

Most of the CEO’s time is spent meeting and exchanging work with other people. It is therefore very important to decide who and when to meet.

You can refer to the following method to do it most efficiently. Divide the people you need to see into three groups. The people in group 1 must meet. Group 2 has a lower priority. It’s good for a group of 3 people who don’t meet.

By using this method, you will have better control of time and better coordination of relationships. This brings more positive results.

4.5- Employee training

One of the steps you can take to maximize your work time is to train your employees. Good employees will help you share the work effectively and give you more time to do more important work, helping your business grow.

In short, time management is the key to success for CEOs and everyone else. Therefore, you must continually practice this skill to be able to achieve your goals and be successful in your career.

I hope this article by Ms. Uptalent has helped you better understand the CEO and how to optimize their time. Use the knowledge shared above to improve your work efficiency and improve your quality of life. Good luck!

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