Path to becoming a Senior Human Resources Officer after 4 years of graduation

Headhunting company HRchannels shares lessons on how to become a senior employee to help young people gain valuable lessons in the career development and guidance process.

First, be a valuable HR employee

Not only in the Human Resources profession, in all professions, if you show your abilities to your leaders and managers, the path you take in the future will definitely have “fragrant flowers” ​​and “sweet fruits”. In the book To Never Be Unemployed (author Vu Thi Thu Hien) – a book based on the experience of many years of working with employers in the domestic and foreign business sector, it is written: A good profile, A good study result does not mean guaranteeing you a good, stable job and the salary you want.

According to the author, who has spent almost 15 years in the human resources industry, the main difference lies in personal reputation, industry trends or market situation. What the author repeatedly emphasizes and considers important is building a personal brand at work. Your personal brand and the salary you receive are directly proportional to each other.

So the question is: what makes a good HR employee?

Professional knowledge and human resources skills

Professional knowledge is essential to any profession and HR managers are no exception. This involves: forecasting human resource needs and planning human resources, drawing up a good portrait of the candidate based on the success factors of the position, organizing an impressive and successful interview, asking interview questions to identify the “ nature” of candidates, build a bidirectional internal information system. , guide new employees to integrate into the company…

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Always remember that improving professional skills is extremely important and never redundant. When you have real ability, no matter the environment, working conditions in general and human resource management in particular will not confuse you. More than anyone, when it comes to people management, knowledge is essential.

Good communication

People working in human resources must be able to communicate effectively. They must be lively and skillful in their speech and actions. Because they have to contact and work with many different departments. They are also “psychologists” when they wish to interact with employees to give them advice. Additionally, they also need communication skills during interviews to be able to “exploit” potential candidates.

Ability to negotiate and convince

The ability to negotiate and convince is one of the necessary requirements when recruiting human resources personnel.

Attractive jobs

Skills in persuading employees and convincing employers when negotiating with new and old employees on salaries and bonuses; act as a mediator between staff and companies in conflicts and disputes; persuade superiors to accept the plans proposed by the HR department to the company; Used in human resources recruitment to negotiate salary, position,…

The reading quality of the other

One of the important skills of a human resources manager is reading people. Understanding the correct and accurate psychology will help you a lot during candidate interviews. Additionally, you can also accurately identify and assess their potential. In any company, the human resources department must always be the mediator between employees and employers. Therefore, the HR manager must have basic principles to ensure the legitimate rights of both parties. For me, the most important thing is that the company complies with legal requirements. Additionally, human resources workers should always pay attention to individual circumstances.

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Pathway to senior human resources after 4 years of graduation

Senior management is always a key factor in companies. Even though they represent on average only 10% or less of the number of employees of the companies, they bring in more than 80% of the profits of these companies.

Going from a good Human Resources employee to a senior Human Resources employee is a long process and requires many qualities: knowledge, skills, experience, relationships, etc.

More specific,

Passionate about work

An experienced HR manager will definitely have love and passion for the work. Corresponding to this concept is how companies show respect to these senior executives and give them private space to maximize their strengths instead of imposing them in implementing existing plans. On the contrary, on the senior management side, we must find a landing place according to our preferred company, that is, a place with a vision, a mission or an operational objective associated with personal development objectives, and not a place that meets our needs. …have temporary benefits.

Have a vision

Know what you want to achieve – and why. Don’t wait for your organization to figure out what people should do and how to do it. There are many real-world examples and studies that help us find optimal solutions. You should prioritize these solutions, especially those that are highly executable. Search for everything you can find and connect with others. If you are interviewed, clearly state your objectives. If you’re already working, tell them about any opportunities that arise.

Inspire others

HR managers represent “the rules”. The more you inspire others to understand why and how HR is necessary and how we work for their benefit, the more you will be recognized as a leader within the organization. If you have passion, it will be present throughout your company culture. Otherwise, it will just be a job for you and the people who work for your organization.

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