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Every day, Robbert Rietbroek, CEO of PepsiCo, always asks his employees to go home in the “loudest” way in order to balance work and private life. He wants to eliminate the culture of sitting for long periods of time to “come in late” and impress co-workers, like in many other places.

This CEO shared, “For example, I usually leave at 4 p.m. to pick up my daughter from school. I immediately announce to everyone around me: “I’m coming to pick up my child!” “. Because if the top bosses can comfortably leave earlier, the managers can also leave earlier, and thus the new employees also feel that they can leave completely earlier if they complete the work assigned to them and that there is no one else.

Robbert Rietbroek believes that the aim of this rule is to eliminate the impression culture of sitting for a long time, because new and young employees always feel uncomfortable and do not dare to leave when their professional colleagues seniors and especially my boss are still at work. with enthusiasm.

Since joining PepsiCo, CEO Robbert Rietbroek is famous for always promoting work-life balance in the company, offering very flexible policies on working hours, as well as trying to promote women in high-level positions (the proportion of women in high-level positions during a period of time after Robbert’s promotion was above 40%).

“As a father of two young children for 16 years, I understand that employees face many challenges in maintaining their work effectiveness and family relationships. The Pepsi Board of Directors always wants employees and parents of the company have time to take care of their families. I always tell my employees: “I want everyone to be a ‘hero’ in the company, but also a ‘hero’ at home. If you’re only trying to do well in the business, you’ll only be doing half the job.”

PepsiCo and the “One Simple Thing” campaign

PepsiCo introduced a 16-week postpartum leave policy for employees that is unlimited and does not track the start and end of the workday, allowing employees to leave early on Fridays during the summer months, and particularly encourages employees to participate in the “One” Simple Thing Campaign: “employees can choose one important thing in life and build their work schedule around it.”

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“For example, for the company’s financial director, every Friday morning he will personally take his daughter to school and then go to work a little later than usual,” said CEO Rietbroek. “It’s a simple but extremely important thing for this director’s family: his daughter always knows that her father takes her to work every Friday morning. And we respect that.”


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Attractive jobs

Additionally, a manager in the purchasing department signed up to take her children to school every morning, so she often arrived later than the others. Another employee in the IT department always works earlier than everyone else so he can go home earlier with his wife to care for their newborn.“.

The “One Simple Thing” campaign also received strong support from many single employees. The purchasing manager of Pepsi New Zealand and Australia is an avid surfer, and he is always supported by the company with flexible working hours to catch the best waves.

“We offer him the most perfect surfing opportunities,” shares CEO Rietbroek. “Employees always know that their boss is surfing somewhere if they don’t see him appear during working hours, and he will certainly make up for it in the following days. You must always trust your employees, and this will allow them to always make the right choices.

PepsiCo culture and results

CEO Rietbroek always initiates informal conversations with employees by asking them about their work goals and, more broadly, their life goals.

Question: “What can the company do for you?” » Always allow employees to present even the smallest of their difficulties. This could be elderly parents who need extra help, or a child who has just started primary school and needs to learn to swim every Thursday at lunchtime.

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The CEO of PepsiCo emphasized that the above flexible working rules have allowed the company to achieve great success today. “Pepsi is currently the retail leader in Australia and at the same time offers retailers the best-selling products in the market.”

In just two years of implementing the above policies, Pepsi reduced its annual turnover rate from 12% (the average for fast-moving consumer goods companies) to less than 7%. “This flexibility allows the company’s talent to be more engaged in their workplace.”

“We succeed because we value employee work flexibility.”

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