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Popular and useful free personality test

Trắc nghiệm tính cách miễn phí phổ biến và hữu ích

More and more people are looking for articles because it can help them discover themselves, navigate their careers as well as their personal lives.

So what do you already know about these quizzes? Let’s explore the popular and useful free personality tests with Ms. Uptalent to see their value and learn how to use them effectively!

1- What is a personality test?
2- Objective of the personality test
3- Popular Types of Free Personality Tests
4- How to effectively use the personality test?
5- End

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1- What is a personality test?

The personality test is a method that uses multiple-choice questions or real-life situations to assess and classify a person’s personality.

While the technical skills tests will have a definitive answer to every problem, the personality test will not. In other words, there is no right or wrong in personality tests.

The general nature of personality test questions is that they are often aimed at persuasion, detail, objectivity, and rationality. At the same time, they also prioritize emotional intelligence, cognitive abilities, and human thinking.

Thanks to the results of the personality test, you will better understand how you perceive the world around you as well as your tendency to make decisions in the face of life’s problems.

2- Objective of the personality test

Have you ever wondered why you should take a personality test? Or what is the purpose of the personality test?

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Most personality tests aim to help participants learn and discover for themselves their personality, interests, strengths, weaknesses, and ability to interact with the people around them.

Additionally, you can also rely on the quiz results to find out how well suited you are to the industry, field, or type of job.

Since personality tests can reflect an individual’s interests and personality, they are often used in recruitment tests or intelligence competitions.

In recruitment, HR can rely on candidates’ responses to assess their suitability for the position. At the same time, it is also an objective basis to help employers understand the candidate better and have the most accurate assessment.

However, the test results are not the sole and decisive basis of the entire recruitment process. To make the final hiring decision, HR will need to rely on many other factors.

3- Popular Types of Free Personality Tests

3.1- MBTI Quiz

The MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a very popular personality test. Uptalent thinks you have more or less heard of this name.

This test classifies a person’s personality according to four basic psychological functions:

– Communication tendencies: Extraversion (Extroversion) or Introversion (Introversion).

– How to understand and perceive the world: Sensation or intuition.

– How to make decisions and make choices: Reason (Thinking) or Feeling (Feeling).

– Tendency to take action: Principle (Judgment) or flexibility (Perception).

Thanks to the MBTI multiple choice question system, you will know which of the 4 functions above is the characteristic tendency of your personality.

By mixing the factors in the above 4 functions, MBTI will classify people into 16 different personality groups. Specifically:

– ISTJ: Responsible.

– ISFJ: Nurturing person.

– ISFP: Artist.

– ISTP: Technician.

– INFP: Idealist.

– INFJ: Protector.

– INTJ: Scientific.

– INTP: Thinker.

– ENFJ: The giver.

– ENFP: Inspirational person.

– ENTJ: Operator.

– ENTP: The person who sees far.

– ESFJ: People who care.

– ESFP: Interpreter.

– ESTJ: Guardian.

– ESTP: executor.

MBTI’s goal is to help candidates better understand their personality, interests, strengths, weaknesses, and suitable career suggestions.

You can take the MBTI test here.

3.2- DISC personality test

The DISC test classifies people’s personality into four main groups: Dominance, Influence, Stability and Conformity.

DISC represents the four personality groups mentioned above.

This test aims to find out the main factors that govern a person’s personality. At the same time, it also looks at how the above four factors interact and affect the person’s behavior.

The DISC test is designed with a series of short questions. It will only take you about 10 minutes to complete this test.

Nowadays, many employers use DISC as an essential tool to assess candidates because it is very user-friendly and easy to manage.

Moreover, thanks to DISC, they also more accurately assess different aspects of candidates such as soft skills, work motivation, ability to perform a job, etc.

You can take the DISC test here.

3.3- The five major personality traits

The Big Five Personality Traits are also known as the “Big Five Personality Traits”. The essence of this test is based on the 5-factor model – an experimental concept in psychology.

As a result, scientists believe that every person has 5 main personality factors:

– Extroversion.

– Awareness.

– Friendliness.

– Opening (Opening).

– Emotional stability.

However, the percentage of each personality aspect in each person will not be the same.

Unlike the MBTI, this test will not assign you a personality group, but will only help you assess the proportions of each aspect of your personality.

The main purpose of the Big 5 Personality Test is to help participants assess personality and motivational factors for learning and personal development activities.

You can take the Big 5 personality test here.

3.4- Test 16 personality factors (16 personality factors – 16PF)

16 personality factors divide the human personality into 16 different groups. By looking at this classification, you can understand and explain why there are personality differences between different individuals.

This test consists of 185 multiple-choice questions designed to comprehensively test different types of behavior in real-life situations. It will only take you 35-50 minutes to complete it.

In addition, it is also used to learn:

– The way of acting, the capacity for empathy, the need for interpersonal interaction;

– a person’s attitude towards authority, social norms or rules;

– Favorite profession.

Currently, the 16-factor personality test is commonly used in career counseling and personnel selection activities.

You can take the personality test 16 here.

3.5- Enneagram personality test

The Enneagram test divides people’s personalities into 9 main groups:

– Perfectionist (Reformer/Perfectionist).

– Help (Helper/Giver).

– Ambitious (Director/Interpreter).

– Personality (individualistic/romantic).

– The rational person (Investigator/Observer).

– Loyalist/Loyal Skeptic.

– Passionate (Passionate/Epicurus).

– Challenger (Challenger/Protector).

– Peacemaker (Peacemaker/Mediator).

The enneagram will not put you into a specific personality group, it will be a combination of many different groups. However, there will definitely be one personality that will stand out from the rest. It most accurately describes who you are of all the personality groups.

You can take the Enneagram quiz here.

4- How to effectively use the personality test?

As you can see, there are many different personality tests. So what test do you need to pass? How to effectively use these personality tests?

Uptalent thinks that’s what most people wonder.

First of all, you need to understand that personality tests are designed for many different audiences, such as students, students, job seekers, employers, … or anyone who wants to dig more about you -even.

Therefore, depending on the object, the purpose and use of the test will be very different.

However, to use the tests effectively, you should note the following points:

– First, the test results are only approximate. Therefore, you should only consider it as a reference, and not depend on it or trust it completely.

Second, each test will have its own strengths, so you should take many different tests to get a fuller and deeper insight into your personality.

– Third, don’t do the personality test just once, but do it several times at different times. It will help you to always understand yourself and have the best direction for your career and your life as a whole.

5- End

In general, personality tests can help you see your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences quite accurately.

By taking the test, you will have a solid foundation to gradually improve, develop your abilities as well as connect with people.

However, you should only consider the test results as a reference, absolutely do not let yourself be framed by this personality.

So, Ms. Uptalent has just helped readers get information on the most popular and useful free personality tests today. I hope that after the article you can effectively use these tests and gradually improve yourself every day. Good luck!

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