Predicting future recruitment trends in the C&B sector

Dự đoán xu hướng tuyển dụng ngành C&B trong tương lai

Responsibility for salaries, bonuses and benefits is often a recruiting position for large companies and businesses. Job prospects are expected to increase by 5% year-on-year following changes in the recruitment industry. If you are pursuing your career dream, HRchannels will help you understand the trends Recruit C&B specialists coming years.

Human resources jobs

1. Requires legal knowledge from candidates

C&B specialists are not lawyers and do not need to be. However, a good understanding of fundamental labor law is essential to successfully establish salary, bonus and benefit policies. If you do not understand the legality of the projects you intend to carry out, the company will need to hire additional legal counsel.

When can you say no to an employee’s request and when can you review an employee’s salary? You can answer completely if you have legal knowledge. Therefore, the trend of recruiting candidates with the necessary qualifications and understanding of employment law for positions managing salaries, bonuses and benefits will be popular in recent years.

2. Have communication skills

You will speak directly to, learn from, and ask employees to participate in surveys and reviews of company policies to collect data for proposed social and wage policy plans. Then you have to report directly to management and convince them. Employers always want to find people who communicate well with their managers, colleagues and customers. Additionally, they want you to be a good listener, to be able to share your own ideas and listen sympathetically to others. Listening is a very important skill in human resource management, especially in the nature of C&B work. Therefore, the ability to communicate is what many businesses need in the C&B specialist they hire.

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Payroll and Benefits Specialist

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3. Understanding hard skills in the 4.0 era

The 4.0 technological era has developed in recent years. What companies need to manage their compensation and benefits goes far beyond simply writing documents, a data list, or dry proposal presentations. They want you to understand new technologies like blockchain, AI, UX design, cloud computing, and data analytics.

You just need to know the basic information to make a good impression on the employer. But managing this scheme requires people familiar with cloud computing and data analysis. Because C&B specialists are human resources software managers who store the information of the entire company based on cloud computing. Important and confidential company information is kept in the cloud, so you will need to design, design and deliver cloud systems to master the use of HR software.

4. The need to recruit C&B specialists with “hybrid” skills

While certain technical skills are necessary for C&B specialist positions, employers are increasingly looking for candidates with certain soft skills. Indeed, it is often easier for a company to train a new employee on a technical skill (like how to use a certain computer program) than it is to train an employee on a soft skill (like attitude and good manners). However, none of these skills alone will make a good professional.

Faced with this reality, the trend in the C&B specialist profession is gradually moving towards the search for candidates with hybrid skills, a combination of soft skills and hard skills. Candidates with this skill set will be effective resources in supporting the business.

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5. Recruit candidates with positive energy

Attractive jobs

The job of a C&B specialist has a high salary, but carries great pressure, a huge workload and requires many skills. It is therefore a job that makes you prove your own abilities. Employers will look for positive employees who are passionate about their work and motivated by their own strengths.

These people tend to put the most effort into their work and learn from their mistakes and failures. This will ensure candidates are seen as more comfortable working with colleagues and trustworthy in the eyes of management. Two things are necessary to shape the work balancing skills of C&B specialists.

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