Production Manager – key personnel throughout the production process

Giám đốc sản xuất- nhân sự chủ chốt trong toàn bộ quy trình sản xuất

is a key position of senior personnel in the entire production process of the company. If you are applying for this position, please immediately refer to the following article to understand the specific job of this position shared by the headhunting company HRchannels.

Production manager job description table

Role of production manager in the factory

Location English production director is the Chief Product Officer (CPO). This is a staff position responsible for supervising all production activities in accordance with the company’s production plan and capacity. Nowadays, regardless of the size of a company, the issue of production management is a top priority.

Currently, production managers apply modern production management technologies to facilitate work. Thanks to this, companies can significantly reduce production costs to achieve maximum production quality and the lowest possible product price.

Production managers work in manufacturing plants, overseeing production needs dictated by management. They are responsible to the manufacturer as well as the board of directors for the production process and the financial situation of the company.

Production manager across the vice president of production and the assistant will supervise the entire production process of the company. From there, plan the most comprehensive development strategies for production and meet customer needs.

role of production manager

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Professional objectives of the production manager

– Ensure that the workload, the quality of production and the progress of the implementation of the work are carried out efficiently and according to the established plan.

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– Coordinate with departments and decentralized management teams to ensure that staff strictly comply with regulations on work safety, food safety, fire and explosion prevention…

Attractive jobs

– Produce a large volume of products in the shortest possible time, with low investment costs and a limited number of personnel possible.

– Bring the highest profit to businesses and fully meet customers’ needs for service and product quality.

Powers and roles of the production manager

Powers of the production manager

– The production manager supervises the entire production process. This work is done by decentralization to assistant production directors and management services.

– Carry out reward work in the company as well as discipline violators.

– Have the right to organize and coordinate senior personnel and production machines and equipment in the factory in accordance with production requirements.

– Accountable to the entire company board of directors as well as all company personnel for all production activities of the factory.

– The professional production manager organizes production plans and operates the entire company to ensure production quality and productivity in front of the company manager.

– Build and maintain a work system with efficient and high-quality work productivity.

Duties of production managers

– Production and implementation planning

+ Based on the assigned plan, the production manager plans and deploys according to schedule and quality.

+ According to the actual production situation of the company, coordinate with the human resources department including the human resources director, the head of the human resources department,… to recruit additional personnel if necessary.

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+ Balance production capacity between factories, proactively propose solutions to improve production efficiency.

+ Responsible to the board of directors and management for the situation and progress of production.

– Management of machines, equipment and goods

+ Responsible for the management of machines, raw materials, goods, etc. belonging to the factory you manage.

+ The production director Perform mechanical operational checks. Detect damaged products to inform relevant departments about the manipulation, which greatly affects the production progress.

+ Monitor all entries and exits of machines, equipment and products in the plant.

– Other jobs

– Build and maintain a safe and hygienic working environment and ensure the prevention and safety of fires and explosions in the facility. Hygienic, safe and fireproof working environment in factory.

-Accept comments and reactions from staff and make suggestions to superiors. – Perform other tasks assigned by the Board of Directors.

Essential qualities of a production manager


Just like production activities, the job of production manager continually evolves over time. This may include meeting customer needs, applying modern production technology,…Production manager job flexibility is required to plan for adaptation to this change.


The production manager manages all staff in the factory. Thus, a good manager will know how to listen to the needs of his subordinates as well as the instructions of his superiors. Thus, managers can adjust their work to the most appropriate level.

production manager job

Ability to self-control

In difficult business situations, production managers should not get discouraged but should control the situation. Avoid getting angry, which can easily lead to unnecessary mistakes.

Hence the process Recruitment of production managers It is necessary to select well-paid human resource positions that meet the skills needed for business operations.

Production director is an important position, determining the entire production process of the company. Finding the necessary information for this job will help you easily understand the job in the fastest and most convenient way.

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