Production Supervisor and Production Supervisor Promotion Path

Production Supervisor là gì? Lộ trình thăng tiến từ Production Supervisor đến Production Manager

The production supervisor is a position responsible for the direct management of a workshop or production facility. Currently, this position is of interest to many young people because of its good job opportunities and promotion prospects.

If you are also interested in this job, let’s explore with Ms. Uptalent What is Production Supervisor and the progression from Production Supervisor to Production Manager? through the following article.

1- What is a Production Supervisor?
2- Career progression from production supervisor to production manager
2.1- Level of education
2.2- Practical experience
2.3- Professional skills
2.4- Loving the product and having the right mindset about the product
2.5- Master the ability to analyze data
2.6- Ability to develop and execute a strategy

3- Difference between production supervisor and production manager
4- What skills are FDI companies looking for in the position of production supervisor?

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1- What is a Production Supervisor?

Production supervisor or production supervisor, is a person responsible for managing and supervising a team of workers in a factory or production facility.

The main task of the production supervisor is to assign work to each production team, monitor the progress of work and ensure that the objectives and standards set are best achieved.

Additionally, the Production Supervisor is also responsible for leading, disciplining, training, guiding, inspiring and supporting the production team working under his management.

2- Career progression from production supervisor to production manager

In the position of production supervisor, if you want to continue to progress to the position of production manager, you must go through a certain period of time to accumulate the necessary knowledge and skills.

According to Uptalent’s experience, the minimum time to move from Production Supervisor to Production Manager is 3 to 5 years. During this period, you will have to work hard to meet the requirements of the position of production manager.

Often the requirements with Production Manager will have different points depending on the industry and the size of each company. But fundamentally, there are still some commonalities, and you’ll need to hone those requirements step by step on your journey to becoming a production manager.

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Here’s what you need to do to go from production supervisor to production manager:

2.1- Level of education

While the production supervisor position only requires a minimum of an intermediate or higher degree, for the production manager position you need a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, business management, or a related profession.

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You should therefore be careful to ensure that you meet the qualification requirements for the position. Production director This.

2.2- Practical experience

The production manager must have a minimum of 3-5 management experiences in a similar position or work experience in the field of operation of the company. In addition, you must have experience in planning, controlling production processes and managing human resources.

2.3- Professional skills

To become a product manager, you must have in-depth knowledge of products, industries, and product engineering issues. In addition, you must also understand the software and tools commonly used in the work process to fulfill the role of product manager with optimal performance.

2.4- Loving the product and having the right mindset about the product

The Product Manager’s responsibility is to develop and manage issues related to the company’s products. The prerequisite for the person in this position is therefore to be truly passionate and to love the product they are working on.

The next thing is you need to have the right mindset about the product. Specifically, you need to know what products to manufacture, what needs to solve for customers, and where to start. Only with good product thinking can you help your business create quality products that match your tastes.

2.5- Master the ability to analyze data

Along with product thinking ability, the product manager must also have the ability to analyze data to be able to convince people of the growth potential of the product. In business activities, everything needs evidence, a solid foundation when presenting the problem. And in that regard, nothing can beat real data and numbers.

2.6- Ability to develop and execute a strategy

3- Difference between production supervisor and production manager

Perform the same tasks related to managing and supervising the company’s products, but there are many differences between production supervisor and production manager. Specifically:

3.1- Main tasks and responsibilities

The Production Supervisor will directly supervise and assign work to employees as part of management. The production manager does not necessarily have to do this. They mainly control and coordinate the work by coordinating with other departments to ensure the achievement of set objectives.

The Production Supervisor is responsible for reporting to the Production Manager. During this time, the Production Manager will report the work to senior management.

3.2- Management level

The production supervisor is categorized under the low level management while the production manager is in the middle management group.

3.3- Scope of work

The Production Supervisor supervises and works primarily with junior employees under his direction.

During this time, the production manager will interact with many other departments of the company. Sometimes they will work with external partners.

3.4- Powers

The powers of the production supervisor are limited to assigning and organizing the tasks of team members or employees under his direction.

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Meanwhile, the production manager has greater authority. This position has the authority to adjust and redirect organizational structure, job description and direct work to departments.

3.5- Salary

The production supervisor and production manager both have higher salaries than other positions. But considering the amount of work and the role of production manager, they usually have a higher salary than the production supervisor. In return, they must meet higher experience and skill requirements.

4- What skills are FDI companies looking for in the position of production supervisor?

When hiring a production supervisor, FDI companies often ask candidates to meet the following requirements:

4.1- Foreign language skills

The biggest difficulty you have to overcome when working in an FDI company is the language barrier. Therefore, in order to be able to communicate easily with your boss, colleagues and work efficiently, you should focus on practicing foreign language skills.

4.2- Expert knowledge

For the position of production supervisor, employers often require candidates to have at least an intermediate or higher degree in engineering, business administration, production management, or other related fields.

You must also have a minimum of 3 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Candidates with work experience in FDI companies, experience as a team leader or production supervisor will be preferred.

In addition to the above factors, employers also value applicants who have work experience in the use of production machinery and tools and proficiency in MS Office software.

4.3- Skills and qualities

In addition to the above criteria, the production supervisor must also possess the following important skills and qualities:

+ Planning

The production supervisor has to take on many different tasks, including personnel management, supervision of the production process, coordination, guidance of employees in work, etc. Therefore, they must be able to plan to handle the work smoothly and without worrying about missing work as well as limiting errors.

+ Flexible and courteous behavior

As someone standing between superiors and subordinates, the production supervisor must have a flexible and courteous attitude. Only then will they make people respect and listen to what they have to say.

+ Good communication

After all, the production supervisor is also a managerial position, so the ability to communicate is essential for them. When they are good at communication, they convey information in a clearer and more engaging way. At the same time, they can also handle conflicts, disputes and unexpected situations more effectively and limit possible problems.

+ Professional working style

This will help the production supervisor demonstrate his ability and prestige. At the same time, it also motivates subordinates to see them as role models and to follow them. As a result, the work efficiency will be greatly increased.

+ Time management

A production supervisor’s job is to ensure that work progress is on schedule. Absolutely do not close the deadline to start work. Moreover, it is only when he can manage his working time reasonably that the Production Supervisor can encourage subordinates to work.

+ Fairness, transparency

If he is not fair and transparent in everything, the production supervisor will not be respected by the employees and the prestige will also be lost. This will lead to a decrease in work efficiency. Thus, always clear and fair work is very important for a Supervisor.

Above is information on what a Production Supervisor is and the promotion path from Production Supervisor to Production Manager that Ms. Uptalent wants to share with readers. Hope this information will help you gain more useful knowledge to guide your future career. Good luck!

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