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With strong socio-economic development, the media industry has more opportunities to develop. Today, every business needs to constantly interact and connect with its audience. This is why public relations is considered even more important.

So, what exactly is public relations? Let’s explore with Ms. Uptalent Interesting things only happen in the PR industry through the following article.

1- What is the public relations sector?
2- Work of the public relations industry
3- Current types of public relations
4- Salary in the public relations sector
5- Job opportunities in public relations

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1- What is public relations?

The English public relations industry is known as Public Relations and abbreviated as PR.

The nature of public relations concerns the activities of an individual or organization aimed at improving understanding and establishing relationships with the public, the target audience.

The audience of a business or organization may consist of customers, media agencies, state management agencies, other businesses, managers and employees of the organization.

You can also simply understand public relations as activities aimed at creating an image, improving perception and maintaining a connection between the public and a certain company or organization.

Although the PR results cannot be seen directly. But the positive public opinion values ​​induced by public relations have long-term effects. At the same time, it is the necessary foundation to help businesses grow further.

Today, public relations constitute an important communication channel in marketing. Through public relations activities, businesses can connect with customers and maintain good relationships with them.

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Additionally, effective public relations activities also contribute to helping businesses increase their revenue and market share.

2- What is the job of the public relations sector?

Having known what PR means, let’s find out what are the main tasks of the PR profession.

Basically, a public relations manager in a company usually performs the following tasks:

– Carry out tasks related to the writing and editing of documents and materials such as: press releases, internal newsletters, brochures, speeches, speeches, website content, etc.

– Plan and organize events, conferences and seminars for businesses.

– Plan and implement activities aimed at promoting the company’s image.

– Establish relationships with the media.

– Advice and coordination with other departments of the company in the creation and development of relationships with target public groups such as: company employees, partners, clients, media agencies, local authorities, partners, investors,…

– Collect information, research, analyze and propose ideas, advise business leaders on issues related to building and promoting the company’s image.

– Collect information and feedback from customers.

– Research and prepare budget estimates for activities related to communications, monthly advertising and long-term campaigns.

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– Anticipate potential risks and take measures to prevent crises for the company.

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– Respond to customers via media, email or telephone.

– Analyze the effectiveness of communication campaigns and prepare reports as needed.

– Manage and update information on company websites and social media platforms.

– Find meaningful community activities and help the company carry out these activities to enhance the company’s image in the eyes of the public.

Through hands-on work, public relations can help businesses connect effectively with the target audience as well as people interested in the business. At the same time, public relations also helps companies create a positive influence on these topics.

Therefore, understanding what public relations and public relations work is is an effective way to help companies create emotions and attract public attention to the company’s brand and products.

3- Current types of public relations

With the great effect of public relations in promoting companies’ image, brand and products, public relations activities are becoming more and more targeted.

Currently, many forms of public relations are used by businesses. These include the following forms:

+ Organization of events

This is a very effective form that helps businesses attract public attention. Therefore, businesses often choose to host events when they need to build their brand, promote their products, image, and find more potential customers.

Normally, companies choose busy locations to hold their events. Such as parks, stadiums, cultural centers, exhibition centers, etc.

+ Sponsorship activities

With this form, companies will participate in supporting a certain program in kind, such as company products, or in cash. This way the company will be mentioned by the media and newspapers.

Depending on the objective of each company, you can choose the appropriate form of sponsorship. You have the choice between two forms: commercial sponsorship and charitable sponsorship.

In particular, commercial sponsorship is the sponsorship of game shows or other entertainment programs on television. Charitable sponsorship funds programs such as poor people overcoming hardship, people with disabilities, people affected by natural disasters, etc.

+ Community Relations

Every business can create or participate in communities and industry groups related to their field to connect, exchange information, and build a reputation. This is considered a very effective form of helping companies expand their business activities, promote their brands and find cooperation opportunities with reputable partners.

Moreover, participation in the industrial community also helps companies quickly grasp new trends and protect each other from crises.

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+ Press releases

If you pay attention, you will see that the press and media often report on business activities such as opening, inauguration, grand opening, anniversary, etc.

It is essentially an effective form of public relations that helps businesses build and assert their brand value.

+ Write public relations articles

A very effective way to help businesses attract consumers to their products and services is to publish publications, magazines and books with information about the products and companies.

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Another option is for businesses to write articles about a specific area that pose problems, offer solutions, and ultimately provide product information. The right articles will naturally and effectively get consumers interested in your company’s products.

In addition to the above forms, there are many other forms of public relations such as: social activities, media crisis management, non-commercial activities, dissemination of documents, online communication,…

With its brand and image building function, public relations is not only useful for businesses, but also has great effects on people working in showbiz, such as singers, artists, actors, etc. . Therefore, together with companies and these individuals, they also pay great attention to understanding what public relations is and using public relations to build their public image.

4- Salary for public relations positions

Besides the question of what a PR job is, the salary of a PR is also a question that interests many people. According to statistical data, the salary of the public relations sector today is one of the highest paid professions, with a starting salary of 7 to 15 million/month. This is truly a dream number for many people.

In the public relations profession, experience and work capacity are two important factors that determine the salary you receive. If you have 2 years of experience or more, you will receive a salary of around 11-19 million/month. For management positions or those with extensive experience, the salary can go up to 30-50 million/month.

5- Job opportunities in the public relations sector

Currently, most industries and business areas face fierce competition from domestic and foreign companies. In addition, customers have more and more choices, it is difficult to retain them.

Therefore, if companies only focus on product development and improving service quality, it is not enough. Above all, they must forge a solid position on the market by building their brand image. This makes public relations even more important.

Once fully aware of the competitiveness of the market and the importance of building an image and managing media crises, companies focus on recruiting public relations personnel. In larger businesses and corporations, there will be a separate department responsible for public relations. Small businesses will be managed by an individual or group in the marketing department.

In other words, public relations job opportunities are extremely open. In addition, the need to recruit PRs is almost permanent.

However, applying for a public relations job is not easy. Each employer has specific criteria for this position. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself with good basic knowledge and always learn, practice proactively and have great passion for this work in order to enter the public relations industry smoothly.

If you are interested in finding a public relations job, you can visit to update yourself with the latest recruitment information from nationally reputed companies.

Above is some information on what public relations is and interesting things unique to the public relations industry that Ms. Uptalent wants to share with readers. I hope these actions will help you understand the public relations industry well and make an ideal career choice for yourself. Good luck!

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