Raeford Chamber of Commerce

Raeford, located in Hoke County and known for the North Carolina Turkey Festival that began in 1984 to honor North Carolina’s top turkey production, has become one of the Southeast’s major events.

Next month, business owners and job seekers will have an opportunity to network at the chamber’s Expo, postponed due to pandemic fears.

Membership Benefits

A chamber serves as an advocate for local businesses by representing them before potential customers and showcasing them at events that emphasize community interests – for instance hosting job fairs to connect those seeking employment with job opportunities or hosting Expos of local companies. One chamber professional noted how his chamber hosted quarterly Meet and Greets with elected officials which enabled its members to build relationships while shaping legislative agendas within their county.

As well as offering users access to local business directories, chamber websites provide users with a range of information on area attractions and county and department events, while serving as an invaluable guide for new residents who are settling into their community. Furthermore, this type of site can assist them with locating parks and recreation spaces governed by their county as well as forest restoration projects administered by them.

A group of businesspeople invested in revitalizing downtown Raeford have come together to form an organization and plan events to revitalize it, including networking opportunities, a 5K run to raise money for local charities, movie night and oyster roast. Their first event will take place this May – follow by further events in June and July respectively.

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Economic Outlook Dinner

The annual Economic Outlook Dinner features experts sharing predictions for the coming year’s economy over dinner and presentation, followed by an interactive Q&A session. Held annually in January at Horizon Convention Center in Muncie, Indiana – open to both members of BRAGB as well as those in general – it welcomes public attendance as well.

At an economic summit, local business leaders shared their perspectives about where the economy is heading and the biggest opportunities and challenges the region will face in 2023. Furthermore, they explored recent economic trends to see how they might impact local businesses in the near future.

In addition to hosting events, the chamber provides a directory of area businesses and links to their websites, county events, departmental activities and a guide for new residents of the community. Furthermore, their website features thumbnail and full-sized images of attractions in their community.

At the Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce Expo, job seekers and employers can come together. After being postponed during the pandemic, it will resume on March 13th with member businesses receiving free booths while nonmember businesses pay $25. Additionally, several workshops will be available including “Contracting 101,” presented by Robin Bridges from Military Business Center.

Job Fair

Most communities throughout the U.S. rely on an unsung group of individuals – known as chamber members – working behind-the-scenes to shape local economies. These members represent business interests while encouraging economic development and engaging with community affairs – they form the core of thousands of local chambers nationwide.

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Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce held its Job Fair this month to bring employers and job seekers together. Due to pandemic-related postponements, however, this event will now take place again next month from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the county parking lot behind courthouse in Raeford-Hoke County; chamber members can set up information booths free while non-members must pay a $25 participation fee in order to take part.

Hoke County is primarily an agricultural region, known for producing turkeys as its main crop. Other main products are corn and tobacco; Hoke is also well-known for its civic stewardship project to restore longleaf pine. Manufacturing also plays an integral part of Hoke’s economy – producing wool/polyester fabrics/beauty aids as well as concrete blocks are produced locally; Fort Bragg military reservation also plays a significant role.

Raeford residents have filed applications to run for three City Council seats available this year, including Cathy Brown, Jackie McLean and Ricky Sandy who all submitted paperwork by Friday’s filing deadline. Two others may submit applications before that deadline passes.

Ambassador Golf Outing

Hoke County Chamber of Commerce hosts its Annual Ambassador Golf Outing as an informal networking opportunity, while it also holds fall festival and Kiwanis activities; members can access county/departmental events and a visitor’s guide for Hoke County. Established in 2002, they specialize in chamber management with customers throughout North Carolina – they are BBB accredited.

Hoke County is undertaking a forest restoration project to replant longleaf pine and promote civic stewardship, benefitting both economy and quality-of-life issues.

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