Raeford City Hall

Raeford City Hall in Hoke County provides administrative services for the town as well as event and ceremony reservations, government affairs, and event reservations.

Town origins date back to the second half of the nineteenth century when Scottish Presbyterian settlers established a school and post office as part of the New South movement to free Southern states from dependence on volatile cash crops and slave labor.

City Hall

Raeford City Hall provides for the needs of its residents by handling event and ceremony reservations, business license applications and government affairs. Their staff can be reached either via phone or email; 315 North Main Street serves them with regular business hours of operation.

At the turn of the twentieth century, Raeford’s downtown was filled with buildings designed by local building contractor Marcus W. Dew. Dew was responsible for several fine homes built during this time, such as J.W. McLauchlin House and Hallie and Margaret Gatlin House which now belong to Raeford-Hoke Museum; commercial structures like Johnson-Thomas Drug Buildings as well as Johnson-Thomas Drug Buildings which displayed styles ranging from Italianate and Neoclassical architecture through Colonial Revival architecture.

Downtown buildings typically consist of two-story brick structures with gable-fronted facades. These modern store and office structures, which replaced earlier wooden structures that had been destroyed by fire or demolished because more substantial commercial structures were desired, date from the second generation of stores and offices that have taken their place in recent decades.

Raeford stands out among South Carolina town centers as it still maintains its central district with most of its commercial and residential resources largely intact. Suburban development reduced Raeford’s economic, social, and governmental appeal in the 1960s and 1970s; studies conducted to promote revitalization recommended infill improvements but little action was taken on these recommendations.

Fire Department

The City of Raeford Fire Department includes a full-time chief and three full time firefighters. Volunteer firefighters also form part of this division and play an essential role in maintaining community stability; participating in training, fundraising, responding to fire calls while still receiving free gear from their community.

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Fire departments play a variety of duties and responsibilities that include emergency fire suppression and medical services, conducting fire inspections, investigating arson cases, rescuing victims from burning buildings, public education as well as physical labor that involves hazardous elements like heat, smoke, toxic chemicals or machinery. Emergency calls must also be answered quickly and efficiently by fire fighters.

A Fire District Manager is charged with overseeing the development, planning, organization and direction of a progressive public fire department with multiple functional areas. To successfully fulfill their duties they must possess knowledge of modern management techniques, supervisory practices and evaluation methods. As Fire District Managers must also have the skills to resolve operational, procedural, and personnel problems efficiently, the role also demands excellent communication skills with local officials, community organizations, agencies and the general public to relay Fire District plans, programs and goals effectively. In addition they are expected to prepare and administer budgets while understanding fire operations administration procedures as well as take part in fire investigations, code enforcement activities as well as other safety related tasks.

Police Department

Police officers are charged with upholding federal, state and local laws to protect life and property. Their responsibilities include patrolling assigned areas, responding to calls, serving civil and criminal court papers as well as performing first aid and CPR when needed and performing traffic control duties. Police officers also possess training in operating emergency vehicles, firearms and computers as well as being trained in conducting investigations and testifying at legal proceedings – other duties include investigating matters and testifying as witnesses before juries or courts of law. Police officers must possess knowledge of city ordinances, search/ seizure laws/judicial procedures/police procedures when applicable as part of their responsibilities –

Raeford Fire Department is dedicated to improving Hoke County residents and visitors’ quality of life by mitigating emotional, physical, and financial losses caused by emergency events. They achieve this through compassionate services like emergency rescue/medical, 911 dispatching, fire prevention & education efforts as well as building code inspections & arson investigations.

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Raeford is an idyllic city, boasting a low unemployment rate and numerous large industrial firms such as Unilever USA-HPC, Burlington Industries and Tar Heel Turkey Hatchery, in addition to locally owned family businesses and many locally managed firms. Situated in southern Hoke County adjacent Fort Bragg with easy access to all areas of post, Raeford also lies within driving distance of world renowned Pinehurst golf courses as well as two hours away from beautiful North Carolina beaches.


Raeford is a small town that hosts several large industrial firms, such as Unilever USA-HPC and Burlington Industries, as well as being home to educational activities. Raeford is overseen by an at-large elected mayor and six council members serving four-year terms, meeting regularly in City Hall Council Chambers; additionally, it’s served by a Board of Commissioners which manages planning and regulatory functions within its borders.

Raeford’s formation dates back to the latter half of the nineteenth century when Scottish Presbyterian settlers established schools, post offices and railroad services – hallmarks of the New South movement that promoted industry, education and transportation as vehicles to liberate southern states from dependence on cash crops and slave labor during its antebellum era.

This period also saw the advent of automobile travel, evidenced by two gas stations located within the district. Graham’s Service Station sits at the intersection of East Central Avenue and railroad corridor while Davis Sinclair Station can be found at 113 S. Main Street; both feature exuberant Queen Anne designs that exude excitement, boosterism, and can-do spirit typical of that era.

Raeford Historic District’s buildings offer a glimpse into Hoke County, North Carolina during this era of its development. Constructed between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, these resources reflect how Hoke County transitioned from being predominantly railroad towns with flourishing schools to commercial centers with residential development.

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