Raeford City Hall

raeford city hall

Raeford is located in Hoke County, North Carolina and home to 4,743 people. Residents enjoy its close-knit community as well as low living costs – healthcare costs and grocery purchases included!

Raeford City Council elections for three seats will take place this year. Jackie McLean serves as dropout prevention coordinator at Hoke County Schools; Ricky Sandy works at the county farm bureau; and Shelley Wilburn was previously elected.

City Hall

Raeford, located in central Hoke County, is bordered by Rockfish Creek, an east-flowing tributary of Cape Fear River, while its southern half drains to Toneys Creek – part of Lumber River-Pee Dee River-Waccamaw River watershed.

Raeford is served by a municipal government consisting of a mayor and four council members elected every two years, in addition to electing one member to the Hoke County Board of Elections. Raeford currently boasts an estimated population of 4,611.

Raeford’s founding events – such as the establishment of an institute and post office and arrival of Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad’s survey party – took place during the New South era, when farmers, merchants, industrialists, politicians and industrialists supported expanding existing towns through expansion projects and railroad service expansion plans. Promoters saw industry, education and rail service as key ways of freeing themselves from an antebellum dependence on cash crops and slave labor.

Early residents of Raeford were Scots, descendants of Highlanders who settled here during the eighteenth century. These Highlanders were known for their devotion to education, evidenced by the establishment of Raeford Institute. By the 1890s, John McRae and A. A. Williford owned stores on Rockfish Creek that also housed turpentine distilleries and gristmills – they applied for post office status and took one syllable from each name and came up with Raeford for their new town naming this way!

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Police Department

The City of Raeford Police Department is a comprehensive law enforcement agency, charged with protecting people and property within its boundaries. Primary responsibilities of this force include patrolling, investigating criminal activity and creating a detective division; Chief of Police Marcus E. Godwin heads this division.

Raeford is located in North Carolina and boasts an estimated population of 6,496, with its crime rate surpassing that of its peers nationwide and several registered sexual offenders in its ranks.

Raeford residents enjoy easy access to Fort Bragg and Pinehurst golf courses, both within two hours drive time of Raeford. Furthermore, Raeford has numerous parks and recreational areas perfect for families.

City of Raeford holds elections every other year to elect its governing officials, using only residents living within its boundaries as eligible voters. Three council seats will be up for election this time around; nine candidates have filed already with names like Cathy Brown, Jackie McLean, Ricky Sandy and Shelley Wilburn among them being added in just the first week.

Fire Department

Raeford City Fire Department in HOKE County, North Carolina operates as an organization within the Fire Department industry. Their primary location is Raeford itself where their employees are equipped to respond swiftly and effectively in any natural or manmade disaster that arises, in addition to providing fire code application services and providing public fire education programs.

Raeford, North Carolina is located at the center of Hoke County bordering Fort Bragg and boasts its world-renowned Pinehurst golf courses within easy striking distance. Two hours’ drive takes one to the Atlantic coast beaches while four hours to the mountains of the Blue Ridge range. Raeford boasts numerous shopping and dining opportunities such as Hickory Tavern.

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Raeford City Council members are currently searching for three candidates to fill three seats on its council. By Monday, nine had filed their paperwork; since then five more candidates have added themselves: Cathy Brown, Jackie McLean, Ricky Sandy, and Shelley Wilburn are on the ballot whereas Mary Neil King cannot due to being part of state legislature.

City Manager

At Raeford City Hall, the City Manager is charged with administering city government, overseeing day-to-day operations of office. Reporting directly to City Council for appointment purposes, their duties also include carrying out policies and directives as set by City Council as well as fulfilling goals and objectives set by them.

Raeford can trace its beginnings back to the second half of the 19th century when Scottish Presbyterians in Hoke County founded what would later become the Raeford Institute school. Other key events included post office opening and Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad development during New South era when advocates championed industry and education as means to free Southern economies from dependence on volatile cash crops and slave labor.

Municipal elections in Raeford take place every two years to elect its governing officials, such as Mayor and members of City Council. All residents living within Raeford can vote in these elections.

Candidacy filing for three City Council seats in 2023 opened on Friday, July 7 and closed Friday, July 21. Candidates who submitted applications included Johnny Boyles, Charles Tapp and Shirley Hart; additional potential contenders are considering running such as Cathy Brown, Jackie McLean, Shelley Wilburn and Ricky Sandy.

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