Raeford City Hall

Voters will soon elect three members to the Raeford City Council during this election. Nine candidates vying for three spots – Cathy Brown, David Conoly, Joshua Bain, Jackie McLean, Shirley Hart Ricky Sandy Charles Tapp and Shelley Wilburn are in competition.

Raeford is conveniently situated nearby Fort Bragg and Pinehurst for family friendly activities, while also boasting strong economies and affordable living costs.

City Hall

Raeford City Hall serves as the heart of government in North Carolina’s Raeford. It is home to mayor, city council members, city clerk, finance director and other administrative staff members as well as being located at 315 N Main Street Raeford NC 28376.

Raeford Historic District features buildings that represent architectural styles and forms seen throughout southern Hoke County from late nineteenth century to post-World War II, from late Victorian styles and forms to postwar modernism. They also show how Raeford grew from being an isolated railroad stop with only one school (Raeford Institute) into an expansive commercial center serving local manufacturing as well as agricultural interests.

Nine candidates have filed to run for three seats on Raeford City Council. The News-Journal conducted interviews with all nine candidates to learn more about them as individuals, their backgrounds, and what goals they wish to accomplish through serving on council.

City Administration

Voters in Raeford elect their City Council every odd-numbered year during election seasons. This body sets tax and water/sewer rates, oversees local parks within city limits, determines zoning issues and works closely with county and state elected officials on various matters – just to name a few responsibilities!

Raeford is a small central North Carolina town situated between Fort Bragg and Pinehurst golf courses, dating back to the eighteenth century. Its Scottish Presbyterian community has maintained their identity despite facing conflicts like the Revolutionary War and Civil War.

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Bain wants to use technology and other forms of communication to stay in touch with city residents, such as round-the-clock paid fire department staffing, while continuing his support of Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Office, Downtown Raeford Business Association efforts. Attracting newcomers into downtown Raeford was also one of his main objectives, according to him. His fellow candidates include Cathy Brown, Johnny Boyles, David Conoly Shirley Hart Jackie McLean Ricky Sandy and Shelley Wilburn.

City Clerk

The city clerk is an important part of Raeford City Council, which determines how to spend city tax dollars, oversee local parks within city limits, make decisions regarding zoning and planning issues, register voters and conduct elections – these duties fall to them and their council mates as members of Raeford’s Early Voting location.

Raeford will host nine candidates for its 2023 municipal elections on Nov. 7 vying for three seats on its city council: Johnny Boyles, Charles Tapp, Cathy Brown, Shirley Hart, Jackie McLean Ricky Sandy and Shelley Wilburn are on the ballot.

All candidates aim to improve public safety. Tapp has advocated for 24/7 paid fire department staff as a way of avoiding backlog of calls and assuring city services meet residents’ needs efficiently and responsively. He would also use social media and other tools like public meetings as ways of connecting with his constituents; Bain wants residents to support local businesses by shopping locally and supporting businesses located nearby.

City Manager

The City Manager serves as the chief executive officer for their city and has many responsibilities within that role, such as setting tax and water/sewer rates; overseeing parks within city limits; working with county/state elected officials on various issues – among many more duties.

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Similarly, the City Manager oversees parks and recreation departments of their city as well as being accountable for managing budget, staff hiring and firing decisions, project coordination efforts, program creation as well as maintaining city facilities.

Nine candidates are running for three Raeford City Council seats this election. The News-Journal interviewed them all, asking about their backgrounds, motivations for seeking office, and goals as members of Raeford city council. Josh Bain, Johnny Boyles, Cathy Brown Shirley Hart David Conoly Jackie McLean Ricky Sandy and Shelley Wilburn filed this week; two did so prior to The News-Journal’s deadline.

City Treasurer

The city treasurer is responsible for overseeing the financial health of their town. As this elected position requires meeting specific criteria before running for election, candidates must submit a letter of intent as well as undergo background and criminal record checks prior to being approved as candidates for this post. Applications open Friday July 7 and close Thursday August 2 in this process.

Joshua Bain, Johnny Boyles, Cathy Brown, David Conoly, Shirley Hart, Jackie McLean, Ricky Sandy and Shelley Wilburn have filed to run for three seats available on Raeford City Council this year. These nine candidates will vie for voters’ attention to control city tax rate and water/sewer charges as well as oversee parks within city limits as well as make decisions related to rezoning matters.

Bain owns Sasquatch Real Estate in Raeford and hopes to expand local shopping options with his real estate ventures by using social media to promote local businesses and draw more visitors downtown. He plans on using his platforms to showcase local businesses while encouraging more visitors to the downtown district.

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