Raeford City Hall

Raeford is a small town with a big heart, offering a cosmopolitan urban mix and ideal proximity to world-famous Pinehurst golf courses and Fort Bragg. Furthermore, Raleigh-Durham can be reached in about two hours drive time from Raeford.

Nine candidates have filed to run for election to three open seats on city council this year, including Cathy Brown, Jackie McLean, Ricky Sandy and Shelley Wilburn (by Monday) with Josh Bain and David Conoly filing later on Tuesday after meeting their paper’s deadline for filing.

City Hall

Raeford City Hall can be found in Hoke County, North Carolina and borders Rockfish Creek which flows east from Cape Fear River and drains to Toneys Creek to its south.

Town growth began to occur following two key events of the 1890s: establishment of a school and post office, as well as arrival of an Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad survey party. The New South movement championed industry, education and rail service as vehicles to free the region from an antebellum dependence on cash crops dependent upon slave labor.

Johnny Boyles, Charles Tapp and Shirley Hart will compete for an odd-numbered seat on Raeford City Council during this election cycle. Whoever emerges victorious will join its membership for one odd-numbered year.

Each candidate for City Council are local residents and business owners with strong ties to the community, engaging actively in volunteer programs and civic organizations as well as serving on various committees or boards of directors.

They also have an impressive track record of working together. All members share similar beliefs on issues like supporting local businesses and keeping taxes low; furthermore they all agree on creating a better place for families while expanding the population of their city.

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City Manager

The city manager serves as the chief administrative officer for their municipality, overseeing day-to-day operations of their city while working closely with mayor and council to set priorities and manage finances and budget. They may also oversee local parks within city limits as well as make decisions regarding rezoning matters – among many other responsibilities.

Joshua Bain, Johnny Boyles, Cathy Brown, David Conoly, Shirley Hart, Jackie McLean Ricky Sandy and Shelley Wilburn are running for Raeford City Council seats. Each is native of Hoke County and active within their communities for decades – each campaigning hard for reelection while simultaneously campaigning for new ones.

Bain stated his intent is to promote wise use of undeveloped land within Raeford and see more residents supporting local businesses. In addition, he would like to increase attention on downtown Raeford by creating an “economic development committee.” Furthermore, he plans on regularly meeting with city departments to meet their needs as well as implement round-the-clock paid fire department staffing services.

City Attorney

Raeford City Attorney Cathy Brown provides legal support services to both City Council and departmental entities within Raeford in a timely manner, striving to make decisions that are fair and reasonable to residents of Raeford while adhering to all state and local laws. Her appointment was approved by City Council.

Raeford is a small rural community in Hoke County, North Carolina that first came into being when Scottish Presbyterians settled the area during the second half of the eighteenth century and established schools and post offices before building an entire town around themselves. These pivotal events happened during the New South era – when farmers, merchants, industrialists, politicians embraced education, industry, railroads as means to move away from dependence on cash crops and slave labor in favor of education and industry instead.

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Raeford City Council races are currently underway, with several candidates interviewed by The News-Journal before going onto the ballot this November. Candidates running include Cathy Brown, Shelley Wilburn and Ricky Sandy all running as candidates. Brown graduated high school in Durham before going on to earn two degrees: bachelor from St Andrews University and master from North Carolina State University before working with Hoke County and Cooperative Extension for 30 years before running as candidate in November.

City Clerk

Raeford’s City Clerk serves as its administrative officer. Elected nonpartisanly to their position, this nonpartisan elected position oversees and makes decisions about spending of city tax dollars. They work closely with county and state elected officials on issues affecting Raeford; additionally they prepare documents for city meetings, record minutes of city council meetings and respond to citizen inquiries about these topics.

Raeford is an idyllic suburban rural mix, boasting strong military presence. Most residents own their homes. Raeford boasts an above average public school system and relies heavily on agriculture, manufacturing, retailing and tourism for its economy. Being close to Fort Bragg gives it easy access to post, while world renowned golf courses in Pinehurst can be reached in under two hours drive time.

Raeford City Council seats are up for election this year, and nine candidates have filed to run. Joshua Bain, Johnny Boyles, Cathy Brown, David Conoly, Shirley Hart, Jackie McLean, Ricky Sandy and Shelley Wilburn are hoping to take one or more of those three positions.

The News-Journal asked each candidate why they were running and their thoughts on current local issues, with here are some answers from them:

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