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raeford city hall

Filing for Raeford City Council opened this week. Three seats will be up for election this year.

Tapp: Raeford residents prioritize public safety as an issue and Tapp would like to see round-the-clock paid staff in its fire department. He also intends on supporting both its downtown business association and economic development office.


The city council is an impartial body responsible for setting tax and water and sewer rates, making decisions regarding planning issues within city limits, working with county and state elected officials on various issues, overseeing local parks in town and overseeing their management. Each member serves a four-year term; nine candidates for city council positions were running this year: Joshua Bain, Johnny Boyles, Cathy Brown, David Conoly, Shirley Hart, Jackie McLean Ricky Sandy Charles Tapp and Shelley Wilburn

Raeford Historic District’s early buildings date to the turn of the twentieth century, reflecting New South optimism, boosterism and can-do spirit. Their houses typify Queen Anne styles.

Raeford offers an active downtown, with antique stores and restaurants. However, suburban development and a nearby mall have reduced commercial activity in Raeford’s center, yet it still maintains charm and provides many recreational activities for visitors. Raeford serves as a good hub to tour Hoke County with many facilities available such as library, post office, airport (which serves private aircraft as well as military aircraft), community center (for gathering), swimming pool etc.


On odd-numbered years, Raeford holds municipal elections to select its governing body – mayor and council members – by holding municipal elections. Candidates for office must be registered voters living within city limits in order to be eligible to run for public office.

Cathy Brown, Jackie McLean, Shelley Wilburn and Joshua Bain have each filed to run for three seats on the city council before Friday’s closing date for filings.

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Each candidate was asked to share some of their priorities if elected. For instance, Brown, a retiree and extension agent for the county Cooperative Extension, indicated she would support efforts by local businesses to promote city events and business; she also advocated wise use of all land in the city including undeveloped areas.

Joshua Bain, owner of Sasquatch Real Estate, pledged his intention to establish more personal ties with residents by visiting neighbors and giving out free honey from his backyard beehives. Furthermore, Joshua would like a round-the-clock paid fire department staff even if that means increasing budget allocations.

Shelley Wilburn holds degrees in criminal justice and sociology from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke (now Hoke), serving in various roles at both. This included working as an Assistant District Attorney’s Office employee as well as working for both police departments as a police officer herself as well as teaching at high schools across Hoke county.

City Hall Staff

Raeford City Council is an unelected, nonpartisan board that decides how Raeford’s tax dollars are spent and works closely with county and state elected officials on various matters. Additionally, they oversee parks within city limits as well as work with them on various matters, setting tax rates, water and sewer rates as well as making zoning decisions within Raeford. Featuring nine members at any one time – in even-numbered years municipal elections take place to elect officials governing Raeford.

The News-Journal asked all nine candidates seeking three Raeford council seats this year – Josh Bain, Johnny Boyles, Cathy Brown, Shirley Hart, Jackie McLean, Ricky Sandy, Charles Tapp and Shelley Wilburn all filed applications this year to run for them.

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Tapp was raised in Raeford and graduated from Hoke County High School. As a licensed electrician, plumber and wastewater operator he joined Hillcrest Baptist Church where he has served on its Board of Adjustment as chairman since 2007. Since then he has also been active in his community through Chamber of Commerce membership and fundraising for projects like Sandy Grove Middle School’s expansion. Now with plans underway for more round-the-clock paid fire department staffing to keep pace with its growth he says it is his wish to implement round-the-clock paid fire department staffing so he can keep pace with its rapid expansion.

City Hall Website

City hall websites provide citizens with an invaluable way to gain more knowledge about their local government. Meeting schedules, important documents and employee contact details can all be found there as well.

Site is updated frequently to provide the most up-to-date information available. City council is responsible for setting tax rates, passing ordinances and policies, overseeing parks within city limits and cooperating with county and state elected officials on various matters.

Joshua Bain is running for one of three seats available on Raeford City Council this year. He pledges to keep Raeford moving forward by increasing public safety measures like round-the-clock paid fire department staff and using social media and other channels to stay connected with residents.

Cathy Brown, Jackie McLean and Ricky Sandy are running for city council seats as well. Each candidate offers unique perspectives and backgrounds when considering issues facing the city; McLean for instance holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and sociology and currently works on developing a community violence prevention program; she previously served on city council and is involved with several nonprofit organizations.

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