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raeford city hall

City halls are essential civic buildings that serve as centers for municipal offices and events as well as symbols of local governance. Discover more about Raeford City Hall in Hoke County, North Carolina here.

Raeford can trace its beginnings back to two pivotal events: the construction of an elementary school and A & R railroad station on Rockfish Creek.

Administrative Offices

Raeford is a small yet progressive town located between Fort Bragg and Southport that provides an exceptional quality of life. Just 30 minutes from Pinehurst Golf Courses and two hours away from world renowned Carolina beaches, Raeford also serves as home for several Gaelic-speaking Highland Scots families who reside here.

Raeford is governed by a council-manager form of government. Dennis Baxley serves as City Manager and reports directly to Mayor. He has been with Raeford for 10 years.

Municipal elections are held every odd-numbered year to elect a mayor and council members for their City. Only residents living within its limits are eligible to vote in these elections; at this time there is one Early Voting location at Hoke County Board of Elections.

Flooding poses a substantial threat to properties in Raeford. A low-likelihood flood event has a 26% chance of occurring within 30 years, potentially disrupting essential services like communications, transportation and electricity. Communities who adapt to higher flood risks can save money on premiums while mitigating potential damages caused by severe events.

Central Hoke County city, Rockfish Creek drains to the northern section and Toneys Creek to the southern side, respectively. US 401 Business runs through its center, leading east 22 miles (35 km) towards Fayetteville and southwest 20 miles (32 km) toward Laurinburg.

City Council Meetings

Raeford City Hall hosts many events throughout the year for local residents, such as council meetings and other community gatherings. Additionally, its facilities can be rented out for special events like weddings or corporate functions; additionally there are even spaces available to performing arts groups like theater companies or music ensembles.

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The city of Dallas’ economic development department is embarking on an effort to provide affordable housing options for its citizens. According to its meeting agenda, they plan on teaming up with outside developers on five projects with funding already included in their current budget.

Last Friday, filing began for those interested in running for one of three Raeford City Council seats up for election in 2018. Bobby Conoly and John Jordan currently hold these positions while Mary Neil King may seek to replace Conoly. Ballotpedia does not cover her as part of our coverage of elected offices in North Carolina.

Raeford is located in Hoke County and borders Fort Bragg. Recently, its historic downtown has been revitalized through a nonprofit organization: Downtown Raeford Business Association. Composed of businesses who share an interest in seeing Raeford prosper, this group plans to host events such as their popular Mullet Roast featuring oysters and live music as well as weekly First Friday events starting this May.

City Hall Events

On alternate years, voters elect the City of Raeford’s governing council members through elections held within its boundaries. Only residents within Raeford can vote.

Hoke County Board of Elections records indicate three candidates had filed by last Friday with regard to Hoke Town’s three council seats being up for election this year; these candidates included Cathy Brown, Jackie McLean and Ricky Sandy as well as Josh Bain and David Conoly who added themselves on Tuesday just prior to The News-Journal print deadline.

Raeford, located in central Hoke County, is bordered by Rockfish Creek – an east-flowing tributary of Cape Fear River – and Toneys Creek (a south-flowing component of Lumber River-Pee Dee River-Waccamaw River watershed). Early events that marked its growth included establishment of schools, post offices and railway stations – hallmarks of New South movement that advocated industry and education as solutions that could lift regions out of dependence on cash crops and slave labor

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Raeford offers many events throughout the year, such as its Clash of the Titans Car, Truck and Bike Show held annually in September as well as its First Fridays event series sponsored by the Downtown Raeford Business Association – a collective of local businesses with an interest in supporting community.

City Hall Reservations

Raeford is an ideal community for quality of life and education, boasting some of the top schools in North Carolina as well as offering many family-oriented activities such as shopping, dining and sports teams.

Low housing and grocery prices help families maintain an affordable lifestyle in this city, with residents enjoying events and festivals throughout the year, along with outdoor recreation like hiking trails and lakes. World-famous Carolina beaches can be reached within two hours by driving; while it takes four hours to reach Blue Ridge Mountains.

Raeford-Hoke County Historical Society also operates Edinborough Medical College, founded by Dr. Hector McLean who converted his 10-room house into the college. This first or second medical school in North Carolina served its initial students from 1925 – 1944 and operated out of Edinborough House located near Downtown Raeford-Hoke.

Nine candidates have filed to run for three available seats on Raeford City Council. As of Monday’s filing deadline for candidacie, five candidates had applied: Cathy Brown, Jackie McLean, Ricky Sandy and Shelley Wilburn had done so by then while Josh Bain and David Conoly added their names shortly before The News-Journal’s print deadline on Tuesday morning. Raeford city government comprises its Mayor as well as five at-large City Council members elected at large who serve terms of four years each.

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