Raeford City Hall in Hoke County, North Carolina

Raeford can trace its roots to Hoke County during the latter half of the 19th century when Scottish families settled there and established a school there.

With one week remaining in the filing period, nine candidates have filed to run for election to three seats on Raeford City Council. Most recently were Cathy Brown, Jackie McLean and Ricky Sandy filing prior to The News-Journal’s print deadline.

Administrative Offices

The administrative offices for the City of Raeford are ideally situated at the heart of their community and open weekdays for residents’ inquiries, event and ceremony reservations, city business as well as answering residents’ inquiries by phone. Furthermore, city staff is available by phone to answer residents’ inquiries about government agencies, departments and services as well as address any of their questions or address any of their concerns. Furthermore, payroll management, job listing maintenance as well as benefit administration as well as compliance with federal and state employment laws is managed within this department.

Raeford lies adjacent to Fort Bragg and offers easy access to Pinehurst’s world-class golf courses, Carolina coast beaches, the North Carolina Mountains, and Blue Ridge Parkway.

Meeting Rooms

Raeford is an idyllic town in North Carolina that welcomes visitors with southern hospitality at its best. Surrounded by stunning scenery and boasting an extensive history that will enchant anyone who visits, Raeford offers plenty of accommodations that provide comfortable stays – making finding somewhere to stay an effortless task for any guest visiting this wonderful destination.

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AA meetings can be an integral component of an individual’s alcohol addiction treatment program. Available online, these meetings enable recovering alcoholics to share their experiences and receive support from others in a safe and private setting – all within an effective 12-step framework.

City Hall Events

Raeford City Hall plays host to many annual community events and ceremonies, such as Independence Day festivities, Christmas parade, Spring Fest festivities and wedding receptions. Additionally, it serves as the venue for weddings or other private functions.

Raeford Academy stands as an iconic landmark in Hoke County. It began as part of a larger New South movement centered around education, industry and transportation as means to liberate states from an antebellum dependence on cash crops and slave labor. It opened to students during the second half of the nineteenth century. Scottish Presbyterian settlers established it during this timeframe by founding both school and post office here – these efforts coincided with their foundation during that same time frame by Scottish Presbyterian settlers establishing both in Raeford.

Nine candidates have filed to run for three seats on the city council that are up for election this year. Cathy Brown, Jackie McLean, Ricky Sandy and Shelley Wilburn had already filed as of Monday when filing period closed; Josh Bain and David Conoly joined just hours before The News-Journal’s press deadline Tuesday.

City Hall Meetings

City hall meetings provide residents with an avenue to express their concerns over local issues. Held regularly and open to all residents of Hoke County, North Carolina, such as Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. For example, these gatherings can help people battling alcohol dependency find help and support – following an established treatment protocol which has proven itself successful over time.

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After being met with strong opposition at an initial city council meeting in 2019, developers of 85 acres behind West Hoke Middle School in Raeford are back with their proposal of building up to 191 homes on 85 acres of land behind it. Now seeking preliminary subdivision approval with different plans than when presented to council in 2019, when many citizens voiced opposition due to needing rezoning in order to allow larger lots with minimum 12,000-square foot lots, this month’s request seeks preliminary subdivision approval with different plans than presented then.

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