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City halls serve multiple purposes beyond housing municipal offices: architectural symbol, lasting visual legacy and focal point for community activities and events.

Hoke County was settled initially by Scottish Presbyterians, whose descendants remain strongly tied to this area today. Raeford is an excellent place for employment opportunities in Hoke County.

City Hall

Raeford City Hall can be found at 315 North Main Street in Raeford, NC 28376 and serves residents in many ways, including event and ceremony reservations, government business, and administrative procedures. Their staff can be reached either by phone or email for inquiries regarding services.

Raeford began as part of the New South movement during the second half of the nineteenth century, when Scottish Presbyterian settlers first arrived on Hoke County land to establish schools, post offices, and railroad services – pioneers that would serve to shape its economy away from its dependence on volatile cash crops and lack of transportation during its pre-Civil War era. These landmark events occurred simultaneously with other important developments like farmers trading with Northern merchants or industrialists or farmers supporting hundreds of towns founded with optimism that industry, education, and rail service would revitalize Southern economy away from an economy built upon volatile cash crops or lack thereof in its antebellum economy.

Raeford is governed by an at-large elected mayor and six council members elected at City Hall Council Chambers for four-year terms, holding meetings at City Hall Council Chambers. In addition, there is also a Board of Commissioners elected every two years who oversee planning, budgeting, and regulation activities within the City. Many large industrial firms can be found nearby including Unilever USA-HPC, Burlington Industries and Tar Heel Turkey Hatchery.

Police Department

The City of Raeford Police Department is committed to the safety and security of residents, visitors, and businesses in our community. Our Patrol Division conducts daily patrols and responds promptly to calls for service; while detectives conduct criminal investigations and serve search warrants. Working in concert with members of our community as well as other city departments, the Raeford Police Department strives to proactively address crime issues as well as quality-of-life concerns in Raeford.

Raeford is located in southern Hoke County and boasts an ideal location, only two hours away from world-famous Pinehurst golf courses and four from North Carolina beaches. As part of Fort Bragg, Raeford serves as an easy commuter town; all areas of Fort Bragg can be easily accessed. Local economic conditions are strong with low unemployment rate; several industrial firms such as Unilever USA-HPC, Burlington Industries and House of Raeford call Raeford home.

City of Raeford employees enjoy an average annual salary of $35,683. Their highest earner makes $115,424. You can view the City of Raeford payroll by visiting their website or using a free public records search tool. They offer excellent benefits like 401k/456b/456d plans along with health and dental coverage as well as recreational activities for their residents.

Fire Department

The City of Raeford Fire Department strives to enhance the lives of Hoke County residents and visitors through providing high quality of life by mitigating emotional, physical, and economic loss caused by emergency events. They accomplish this through exceptional services delivered with compassion. Their mission can be found through fire protection services (ALS/BLS), hazardous materials mitigation techniques such as aircraft firefighting operations. 911 dispatch, public education / awareness efforts as well as building code inspections/arson investigations or river or ocean rescue.

The Fire Department at City Hall includes a full time fire chief, three full-time and two part-time firefighters who respond to over 300 calls annually and fire rescue assistance calls throughout the state. Their policies and budgets are set by City Council.

Volunteer firefighters interested in serving should contact City Hall’s Fire Department. While prior experience is preferred, newcomers need not worry – training and gear will be provided for all volunteer firefighters by City Hall’s Fire Department.

Raeford, North Carolina is a small town situated at the center of Hoke County and home to various shops and restaurants as well as banks such as Lumbee Guaranty Bank and Fidelity Bank.

Community Center

Raeford is an vibrant community with many locally owned, family businesses. Additionally, Raeford is located minutes away from malls, shopping centers, retail and outlet stores as well as multiple restaurants and nightlife venues.

Raeford was established through two events in the mid-nineteenth century: first was an Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad survey party organized by John Blue in 1892, who designated what became Raeford station as station location; and secondly when gentlemen John McRae and A. A. Williford decided to establish a post office on Rockfish Creek by taking one syllable each from each of their names to create its name for Raeford as town name.

Raeford City Hall serves as the administrative hub of Raeford in Hoke County, North Carolina, USA. This office handles various administrative procedures for Raeford including event/ceremony reservations, business license applications and government affairs. Regular business hours apply. Filing opened on Friday July 7 for candidates interested in running for one of three available Raeford City Council seats open for election this year – two-week filing periods begin immediately thereafter and close at noon on Friday July 21.

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