Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce

Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce will host its Expo again next month, providing local employers with an opportunity to engage with job seekers and attract talent. Attendance is free for members; non-members may pay a $25 booth fee.

Brad Calloway is a third-generation owner of Raeford Hardware, established by his grandfather and father in 1973. Additionally, he serves as President of Raeford Chamber.

Business Directory

Are You Doing Business or Looking to Connect? The Chamber of Commerce Can Be the Key! Whether looking to do business locally, or simply connect with local businesses, the chamber of commerce provides networking opportunities, directories and email lists that help expand reach of businesses. Furthermore, members enjoy discounts like restaurant vouchers, insurance policies, bulk shipping costs and office supplies!

On Thursday, August 18th the chamber is hosting its Economic Outlook Dinner at Hoke County Agricultural Center and it is free for members. Join other business owners while listening to updates from mayor and commissioners! Don’t miss this great networking event!

Raeford is located in central Hoke County, North Carolina, United States. It is bordered on its northeast border by Rockfish Creek – an east-flowing tributary of Cape Fear River – and on its southeast by Toneys Creek which drains into Lumber River. Raeford’s central business district can be found along Main Street and North Carolina Highway 211.

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Economic Development

Chambers of commerce not only foster business activity, but they often also work to support tourism and events that bring visitors into town who spend money at local businesses. Furthermore, chambers advocate for pro-business policies and regulations at all levels: local, state, and federal.

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House of Raeford’s plan to close their Raeford plant made the economic prospects for Raeford uncertain, as this company was one of its major employers and provided 35 percent of town water and sewer revenues as well as paying approximately one million in airport fees. When House of Raeford announced plans for closure it caused concern across town; their plant had been the major provider for local employment as they employed hundreds of hairnetted workers crossing East Central Avenue wearing rubber work boots wearing hairnets – something motorists entering Raeford learned to slow down for when entering East Central Avenue from East Central Avenue until then! However when House of Raeford announced plans for closure it seemed all-but assured it paid its tax revenues back.

Rick Sandy, President of the Chamber, predicts that the closure will have an enormous negative effect on the local economy. The plant employed about 900 employees who spent money at stores downtown. Some storefronts along Main Street have become vacant while restaurants catering specifically to plant workers have closed down as a result of this news.

The chamber’s mission is to connect employers with local talent, so it plans on holding a jobs fair next month for job-seekers to connect with employers in their area. Members and non-members alike are welcome to attend this fair; setup costs start at $25.

Chamber Events

A chamber of commerce is an organization dedicated to promoting local business and community involvement. Its members are accountable for driving economic development in their localities while working with governments to foster an enabling business environment. Chambers of commerce also participate in community improvement projects, educational programs and cultural and social events – offering numerous business advantages as part of membership. Members can take advantage of special deals and discounts from other chamber members, listings in a directory, networking events and marketing services; in addition, they may participate in committee activities related to their business category. Their dues cover the expenses associated with running the chamber while fundraising efforts may generate extra revenue streams and event tickets may generate revenue streams for them as well.

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A chamber of commerce typically features a board of directors to oversee its strategy and policies, often composed of local business owners. Furthermore, chambers may employ staff to manage day-to-day affairs and track finances.

Although the Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce Expo had to be postponed due to pandemic concerns, it will return next month. This event provides businesses with an excellent opportunity to connect with job seekers looking for employment and offer available positions; plus it’s also an effective way for local companies to increase visibility within the community.


Raeford Chamber of Commerce membership provides members with many advantages. Networking opportunities, access to local directories and sponsorship/advertising opportunities are just some of the advantages available through chamber membership. Furthermore, some chambers provide discounts for meals at restaurants, insurance policies, bulk shipping charges, electric/gas energy usage or accounting software usage as additional member benefits. Chamber membership also establishes credibility in your business while leading to greater website traffic and exposure for your products/services.

An effective chamber’s board of directors or executive council is of vital importance in its operation, so when considering joining one it’s essential that you do your research on its members. Not only can this help you understand whether the chamber represents your interests but it can also help determine what events and activities would most suit your lifestyle.

Chambers not only host business-related events, but they often also organize community functions like job fairs. Job fairs provide businesses with an ideal way to connect with prospective employees and showcase their products or services while meeting prospective employees face-to-face. Some chambers also provide job-posting services available exclusively to members.

Many chambers provide HR consulting to small or midsized companies without the resources for full-time human resource specialists, security advisory, or both services to growing companies. Some chambers even have 501(c)(3) foundations to support causes related to their mission.

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