Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of commerce can be an invaluable asset to local businesses. Networking opportunities aside, members may also take advantage of member discounts on various items and get listed in directories along with industry literature.

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Raeford-Hoke Museum

Raeford-Hoke Museum exists to increase public awareness and preserve the history, culture and artifacts of Raeford and Wake County. Operating as a nonprofit organization supported by donations and volunteers, this museum hosts annual events like Singing on the Grounds, History Day for Children and Open House at Christmas; plus it houses Parker Ray House which can be rented out for special events.

Raeford Historic District buildings represent an array of nationally popular styles and vernacular forms associated with railroad towns that emerged in south-central North Carolina between 1910-1920s. It features Queen Anne houses, an imposing Neoclassical structure, and two blocks of early twentieth-century brick commercial structures.

Buildings such as these illustrate the town’s prosperity and connection to the wider world. Many were constructed by Marcus W. Dew, a local building contractor renowned for constructing many of the town’s finest residences such as McLauchlin-McFadyen and Parker-Ray houses renowned for their intricate detail work and elaborate ornamentation.

First generation commercial buildings were made of wooden gable-front structures; these buildings were quickly destroyed by fire or by demand for larger and more impressive commercial structures that displayed the town’s wealth. Second-generation structures, like Johnson-Thomas and Hoke Drug buildings, displayed various styles, from Italianate through Colonial Revival and Neoclassical.

Carolina Horse Park Foundation

The Carolina Horse Park Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization established by equestrian enthusiasts in 1998 to foster the preservation of equestrian sports and their traditions, fund the facility itself, promote its events, raise money for worthwhile charities and fund its operations through membership dues. Furthermore, eight full time employees as well as 400 enthusiastic volunteers form its staff.

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The Foundation has a proud tradition of supporting worthy causes and upholding horse sports traditions in Blowing Rock. Established by Bruce Duchossois – now deceased – with a vision to turn this property into South Carolina’s premier equestrian venue while keeping its historic character, Bruce’s Field today stands as an impressive world class facility that supports world class equestrian events.

Today, this 315-acre facility hosts 28 weeks of equestrian competitions and 10 educational/nature events annually – one of the largest equestrian facilities in America that draws competitors from throughout Southeast and Mid Atlantic regions.

The foundation has also created several programs to connect the community with horses and the CHP’s mission, such as sponsoring the Painted Ponies Art Walk and Auction on Broad Street in Southern Pines for seven weeks – featuring 14 life-sized painted fiberglass horses decorated by local artists and sponsored by businesses from surrounding towns.

Bank of Raeford

Raeford, North Carolina lies within Hoke County between Fayetteville and Rockfish Creek and comprises part of the Sandhills region. It features undulating hills laced by slow-moving creeks that traverse its terrain; Rockfish Creek itself bisects its center for easy navigation through town.

The Bank of Raeford was established on May 12, 1903. Since its creation, it has provided efficient financial services while remaining an institution of strength and resourcefulness. Its building features a distinctively ornate facade divided by pilasters with peaked metal window hoods; additionally it boasts classical cornice. Other noteworthy buildings in Raeford include Johnson-Thomas Building for drug store sales as well as Farmers Furnishing Company building.

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Hoke County established Raeford Institute as an alternative high school education for white pupils, opening public school classes on West Prospect Avenue by 1912. By 1960-61 all white pupils had been sent to Hoke County High School while an one-room high school on Main Street continued serving negro pupils.

Kurt Posey moved to Raeford from Florida 11 years ago and works at Sun Path Products on Oakwood Avenue. A member of Kiwanis and serving on the Fall Festival Board, Kurt is passionate about seeing Raeford grow and prosper; with his Bachelor’s Degree from Wake Forest University and Certified Public Accountant credentials as well as banking/finance experience gained before working here he brings valuable insight to local issues and community matters.

Raeford Hardware

Raeford is an ideal location to raise children and start businesses. Offering excellent schools and low crime rates, Raeford also boasts low taxes and plenty of jobs – the economy of Raeford continues to expand while population expands at an incredible rate; new businesses continue to make an impressionful mark here, making now an excellent time to invest in real estate in Raeford.

Raeford Hardware has been operating continuously since 1903, making it North Carolina’s oldest continuously running hardware store. Established by two brothers who passed it along to their sons. Brad Calloway took over operation of Raeford Hardware from his father in 2012, expanding it three times while still keeping its small town feel.

Raeford is situated near Rockfish Creek, an east-flowing tributary of Cape Fear River, while its southern half drains to Toneys Creek which forms part of Lumber River-Pee Dee-Waccamaw Watershed. Fort Bragg military base also makes Raeford an attractive community, making it home for soldiers and their families, providing an ideal balance of a peaceful yet lively living space.

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