Raeford Hoke Chamber of Commerce

raeford hoke chamber of commerce

Raeford’s growth centered around an early high school that Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Dickson established. They saw its conception through to successful fruition.

House of Raeford is one of the area’s major employers, drawing motorists on U.S. 401 Business to stop and watch workers with hair nets cross in rubber work boots across the road.

Business Directory

Raeford Hoke Chamber of Commerce is an association of merchants and businesspeople dedicated to the advancement of commercial interests within their community. Furthermore, this chamber promotes pro-business policies and regulations at local, county, and state levels while supporting tourism events to draw in visitors while stimulating economic development. Furthermore, this organization serves as leadership in community affairs as well as supporting civic stewardship projects by way of longleaf pine forest restoration initiatives.

Raeford is located in central Hoke County and bounded on its northeast by Rockfish Creek, an east-flowing tributary of Cape Fear River. Toneys Creek drains south into Toneys Creek as part of Lumber River-Pee Dee River-Waccamaw River watershed. Raeford is serviced by U.S. Route 401 which travels east 22 miles (35 km) toward Fayetteville while also traveling southwest 20 miles (32 km) toward Laurinburg.

Kurt Posey moved to Raeford eleven years ago and quickly became active in various activities including Kiwanis and Fall Festival Board, Chamber of Commerce membership and owning WJ Wright Realty on Oakwood Avenue – all while enjoying and contributing to his community! Kurt has an intense dedication towards upholding and strengthening Raeford.

Brad Calloway is the third generation owner and operator of Raeford Hardware. A graduate of Hoke County High School and Wake Forest University with degrees in both Business and Accountancy, he became a Certified Public Accountant while previously working for Deloitte & Touche Boston MA as a Certified Public Accountant.

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Economic Outlook Dinner

Economic Outlook is a panel discussion that investigates risks and opportunities in today’s economy, reaching decision makers across Indiana with insights from experts in various industry sectors. The event features both a keynote address and Q&A session; guests leave having gained a greater insight into business environments today as well as future trends.

The chamber offers signature events throughout the year, ranging from networking breakfasts and conferences to larger dinners and galas. Attendees of these events have an opportunity to network with local leaders and government officials as well as receive awards at these occasions from the Chamber.

BRAGB hosts its Annual Economic Forecast Dinner each January, providing expert insight into expected housing and economic trends for the forthcoming year. Participants at this event include representatives from NAHB as well as other prestigious institutions or companies who are invited to present at this event.

EACCNY Members joined Laura Citron, CEO of London & Partners (the official promotional agency of Mayor of London), to learn how the City is placing innovation, creativity and partnerships at the core of its post-Brexit strategy.

Walsh, Colucci & Lubeley’s Economic Outlook Luncheon features an in-depth presentation on both the national economy and real estate in Richmond Highway corridor and Springfield. Businesses can network and gain more insight into what’s happening locally at this event.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly chamber of commerce meetings provide members an ideal venue for networking and discussing matters relevant to local businesses. Members can use these events as an opportunity to showcase products or services they are offering within the community; and they’re also an invaluable opportunity to introduce candidates running for local offices.

Sam Nichols, executive pastor of Collierville First Baptist Church, opened with invocation and led attendees in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Mark Heuberger, President and CEO of the Chamber, introduced Bo Allen, president and COO of First Horizon Bank; Allen then discussed their bank’s assistance during COVID-19 lockdowns as well as future plans.

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Other chamber members introduced themselves and spoke about their businesses, while Liz McNeill, Executive Director of Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce noted there has been a steady increase in calls from potential new residents looking for information.

Next month, Hoke County Chamber will host an Expo. Chamber members can display their businesses and employment opportunities without incurring an exhibit setup fee; non-members can setup exhibits for $25. This event will take place Saturday May 14 at Raeford Courthouse Parking Lot and those planning on attending are strongly advised to register online in advance.

Business Expo

The Chamber of Commerce Business Expo provides attendees with a networking event where they can meet local businesses and discover more about what they have to offer. It also features hiring events, making the expo open to the public. Every year this event occurs and more than two dozen local businesses or organizations exhibit their products or services at it.

Raeford is located in central Hoke County and bounded to its northeast by Rockfish Creek, an east-flowing tributary of Cape Fear River. Toneys Creek runs southward in its course through Toneys City as part of Lumber River-Pee Dee River-Waccamaw River watershed system.

Economic activity in this township centers around agriculture, manufacturing and service industries; tourism also plays a large part in its economy – hotels, motels and restaurants are present here and many visitors flock here for its beaches, golf courses and historical landmarks.

Queens Chamber of Commerce recently hosted its annual business expo at Citi Field after two years due to pandemic, drawing hundreds of attendees and featuring over 130 exhibitors from a range of fields including PropTech, BioTech and Green Tech/Clean Tech. The Queens Chamber is committed to supporting small businesses while encouraging innovation within its local economy.

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