Raeford Hoke Chamber of Commerce Presents Hometown Christmas

Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce will host its annual Hometown Christmas this Friday. Local shops will open for shoppers to shop holiday decor and food trucks will join this festive event for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Raeford Historic District contains commercial structures constructed between 1900 and early 1920, featuring various stylistic idioms such as Italianate, Neoclassical and Colonial Revival styles.

The McLauchlin-McFadyen House

The McLauchlin-McFadyen House was constructed in 1905 and houses the museum’s collection of historical artifacts. Sitting on five acres, the museum also displays its 1921 fire truck along with other emergency equipment as well as doll houses, one-room schoolhouses and country stores.

Raeford is an idyllic city nestled within Hoke County that combines small-town life with big city amenities. Situated near Fort Bragg, Raeford boasts a bustling business community as well as close-knit, friendly neighborhood. Surrounded by fragrant Carolina pines and fertile land, Raeford provides the best of both worlds!

In North Carolina’s Upper Cape Fear Valley between 1800-1900, many Gaelic-speaking Highland Scot families settled, many still reside there today and the Hoke County Museum serves as a living testament to them.

The Parker-Ray House

Raeford-Hoke Museum, an historic property located on five acres, features five buildings at their Raeford-Ray House is one of them; others include McLauchlin-McFadyen house built in 1905; emergency service museum; doll house; country store and genealogy room.

Since 2002, Raeford Museum has been operating as a non-profit organization to preserve Hoke County culture and history while simultaneously increasing awareness about Raeford itself and its past.

Located at 111 South Highland Street in Raeford, NC 28376, the museum is open for guided tours and welcomes inquiries by phone or online. A grand opening of Parker-Ray House is scheduled for May 3; for further inquiries contact Joyce Monroe as museum curator.

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The Barn

Three years ago, a conversation at Raeford-Hoke Museum started something big. When curator Joyce Monroe told a visitor of their space needs for organization purposes, said individual mentioned having an old barn with historic properties on it that could become part of Raeford-Hoke Museum’s expansion plans.

Staff from the museum began visiting residences to gain more information on this barn building. After receiving several leads, they decided to add it as part of their collection.

Hoke County in North Carolina’s Sandhills holds many hidden treasures that await discovery. Boasting scenic beauty, historic importance and friendly locals – there’s so much to do here – from hiking through longleaf pine forests to discovering nearby towns – with world-class golf courses as well.

The Smokehouse

The museum houses its collection of historical artifacts, photographs and genealogies within several buildings – McLauchlin-McFadyen House, Parker-Ray House, Country Store, One Room Schoolhouse and Smokehouse are available to be visited or rented out to groups for tours and rental purposes.

Olav closes the door of his dark, clapboard smokehouse and wedges a whittled stick through its lock to secure his catch of local meat and fish before sitting back and watching for his harvest to arrive.

Building designs at Raeford demonstrate its impressive growth during the 1910s and 1920s. Johnson-Thomas Building and Hoke Drug Building boast recessed windows with decorative pilasters while the three-story Bank of Raeford features a stately Classical Revival cornice. Farmers Furnishing Company building across the street displays peaked metal window hoods which were common features among depots constructed at that time – this feature can also be seen at Aberdeen & Rockfish Depot.

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The Schoolhouse

Raeford Hoke Museum not only houses two of Raeford Hoke’s iconic houses – McLauchlin-McFadyen House and Parker-Ray House – but also boasts a doll house, emergency service museum, schoolhouse and country store. Run entirely by donations and volunteers, Raeford Hoke Museum hosts various annual events such as Singing on the Grounds, History Day for Kids and Hometown Christmas – in addition to being open year-round!

This museum is an integral part of Raeford, North Carolina and celebrates both past and future through preservation, research, and education. Located at 111 South Highland Street in Raeford North Carolina 28376, its aim is to protect heritage through preservation, research, and education.

At the height of North Carolina’s New South period, railroad towns sprouted throughout the state. Settlers promoted industry, education and transportation as ways to escape an antebellum dependence on cash crops and slave labor; among these efforts emerged Raeford as both a town and Hoke County’s county seat.

The Country Store

The Country Store is a family-owned gift shop with an emphasis on local products. One of its draws is Hoke County applesauce, jams and jellies – not to mention local craft beer and wine, artisan cheeses, fresh local produce as well as other treats!

On Friday, December 2, Hometown Christmas festivities will take place here as one of its venues. Santa will arrive to help light the tree at Freedom Park before visiting a kids’ corner for visits with and photo ops with children.

Raeford, North Carolina offers a charming blend of small town friendliness and proximity to metropolitan amenities. Its pastoral charm echoes its deeply-seated Southern heritage; fragrant pine forests and majestic magnolia trees fill its landscape. Situated between Fort Bragg and Southern Pines, Raeford provides access to some of the world’s top golf courses like Pinehurst and Southern Pines – and many charming village shops too!

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