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Change is taking place all across America thanks to volunteers serving local chambers of Commerce.

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The History of Raeford

Raeford is notable for several reasons. First, its roots lie within African-American culture as evidenced by many notable black citizens such as civil rights leaders and artists who call Raeford home. Furthermore, Raeford boasts a diverse economy which encompasses textile manufacturing jobs as well as Burlington and Sun Path Products as international corporations located here.

Raeford boasts not only these industries, but also has an abundant agricultural presence which attracts many workers to work here. Furthermore, being home to a major military base provides additional employment opportunities.

Raeford’s most prevalent job sector is retail trade, followed by educational services and health care and social assistance. This chart illustrates the proportion of people employed in each field; census data only represents their primary occupation – some people may work across multiple fields simultaneously. Furthermore, most residents in Raeford are married while the average household size in Raeford is 2.51. Additionally, most residents drive alone to work every day.

The Raeford Institute

Raeford’s city seal features an image of Raeford Institute – its inaugural school of higher learning – surrounded by four significant historical characteristics that helped facilitate early growth and development, including education, churches, manufacturing, agriculture and agriculture. Today Raeford continues its growth thanks to a diverse economic base comprising textiles, poultry farming, cosmetic manufacturing as well as world’s largest vertical wind tunnel for skydiving simulation as well as charming village shops.

Edinborough Medical College

Edinburgh Medical College is one of the UK’s oldest medical schools, offering a six-year medicine degree course. Renowned for its groundbreaking research, three quarters of Edinburgh Medical College staff employed academic units rated five star by Research Excellence Framework; their specialized schools include biochemistry, physiology, neuroscience and zoology; they also offer scholarships through Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan to international students.

This school is known for its strong emphasis on problem-based learning and clinical attachments, with outstanding faculty teaching. Classes consist of lectures, seminars, tutorials and practical sessions; in addition to this students are expected to complete extensive GP placements and community projects during preclinical years.

Lancaster’s five-year medicine course is integrated and systems based, offering patient contact from its initial stages. Renowned for excellent teaching, Lancaster is recognized in the 2020 Guardian League Tables as one of the top 20 UK medical schools. Furthermore, Lancaster places strong emphasis on personal qualities like empathy and communication skills – two hallmarks of excellence for healthcare providers.

The Raeford Fire Department

Raeford Fire Department is a full-time, volunteer and non-profit 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation offering fire services to North Raeford and its surrounding areas. Staffed with highly trained firefighters and Fire/EMS paramedics, it plays an essential role in safeguarding homes and businesses as well as providing emergency medical support services in its service area.

The Administrative Staff is organized into four divisions, each led by a Chief Management Analyst. The Technical Support Unit is led by a Supervising Hazmat Specialist; within it are one Hazmat Specialist, one Industrial Hygienist and an Engineering Geologist Associate IV. For Risk Management Plan Check Unit and Data Management Unit respectively are headed up by Senior Management Analyst IIs while their Data Management counterparts are headed up by Management Analysts.

To protect your family from house fires, installing smoke alarms that are regularly tested and creating an escape plan that is practiced twice annually are essential measures. Since firefighters can only reach most fires within two minutes, early warning from working smoke alarms and quick escape plans can save lives.

The Raeford Chamber of Commerce

Raeford Chamber of Commerce is a local organization dedicated to business and community involvement in North Carolina. Members range from large corporations to home-based businesses and receive several services from this Chamber, such as accessing a membership directory and networking events; discounts on office supplies, electricity/gas energy usage/billing software packages/literature. Raeford was originally named after old Highland Scot families that settled here as turpentine distillers or general store owners – their names gave Raeford its unique identity (‘ford of the creek’).

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