Raeford Hoke Museum

The five-acre museum grounds showcase the McLauchlin-McFadyen house, which opened to the public in 2002. Also on site are an antique fire truck from 1921 as well as emergency equipment; an antique doll building; one room schoolhouses; and country stores.

Raeford Historic District offers an eclectic blend of architectural styles and vernacular forms that embody the typical railroad town that flourished in South-Central North Carolina from 1910-1956. Gas stations such as Graham’s Service Station and Davis Sinclair Station bear witness to an increasing importance of automobile travel at this time.


Raeford Hoke Museum is an historic district that preserves three homes and a school building, established to increase public awareness of town and county history, culture, artifacts, early life experiences, military life, government activities, church life and farm life in Raeford Hoke County. Two colonial houses – McLauchlin-McFadyen house and Parker Ray house are excellent examples of Neoclassical Revival architecture.

The district’s commercial buildings reflect North Carolina’s period of urban growth during the 1910s and 1920s in small towns across North Carolina. The Johnson-Thomas Building boasts arched window openings and is divided into recessed panels by pilasters; Hoke Drug Store and Farmers Furnishing Company buildings display peaked metal window hoods and cornices with stylized capitals; while Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad Depot stands out with its flared roof, deep eaves, and fenestration typical of depots constructed across North Carolina during this era.

Graham’s Service Station near East Central Avenue and Davis Sinclair Station near the tracks symbolize the growing importance of automobile travel in our time. Graham’s and Davis Sinclair Stations can be found near railroad corridors while our museum provides group tours or private guided visits upon request from April until December and is free. Donations are welcome and appreciated and there is even a gift shop on-site!


The museum boasts an impressive array of period costumes and antiques to showcase the history of Hoke County and Raeford, along with a library and research center open to the public. Ideal for family outings and discovering North Carolina history, both its main house and Parker Ray House can be rented out for reunions, weddings or other special events.

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The Museum hosts several educational programs throughout the year, such as lectures, workshops and field trips. Their mission is to raise public awareness of Raeford and Hoke County history and culture while also preserving these artifacts for posterity. Established as a non-profit organization in 2002, their first preservation effort involved purchasing The McLauchlin-McFadyen House as their starting point.

Carole Williams hopes her husband’s well-maintained Cessna plane can aid one of her favorite causes – Raeford-Hoke Museum. On Friday, it plans to auction it by sealed bids; proceeds from which will go toward expansion plans at their facility located at 111 S. Highland Street in Raeford.

Raeford offers small-town living with big city amenities. With fragrant pine forests, majestic magnolias, and deeply-rooted southern hospitality reflecting its community roots. Additionally, Raeford boasts lower crime rates than national average and its proximity to Fort Bragg makes resettling military families much simpler. Raeford is also well known for golf; nearby Pinehurst hosts several tournaments annually.


The mission of Hoke County and Raeford Museums is to preserve their history, culture, artifacts, and art forms for future generations to enjoy. Each building houses various historical artifacts or documents; staff are always searching for more items for display within these collections; additionally they are committed to increasing public awareness of history in Hoke County and Raeford.

Beginning its journey as the Parker-Ray House was first discussed during a meeting between Joyce Monroe, curator of Moore Regional Museum’s Hoke campus, and Richard Neeley who owned a barn off U.S. 401 near Hoke campus of FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital. They spoke about expanding space at Moore Regional, while Neeley mentioned his house with historical ties in Moore County that could possibly be donated as museum exhibit space. She asked if Neeley was willing to donate it and donate his house instead.

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House was moved to museum in 2002 and now forms part of a larger complex including a 1921 fire truck, emergency and agricultural equipment and an antique dolls building. Additionally, visitors can tour McLauchlin-McFadyen house which features original furniture as well as the one-room schoolhouse and smokehouse that are part of this museum complex. Hometown Christmas celebration takes place annually in downtown Raeford at 5:30 p.m. when Santa will help light Freedom Park tree before remaining nearby so children and families may take pictures with him!


The Raeford and Hoke County Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving its history, culture and artifacts. The museum features many historical artifacts and photographs as well as educational programs throughout the year. Open to the public with tours available upon request for groups of 10 or more.

Raeford-Hoke Museum, established in 2002, is located in Raeford, one of South-central North Carolina’s best preserved railroad towns. Comprised of multiple buildings on five acres, including McLauchlin-McFadyen House built in 1905 and Parker Ray House built later, these historic artifacts and documents can be found throughout these structures as well as an extensive genealogical records archive that was recently donated to them by local genealogists.

As well as its houses, the museum features numerous buildings that showcase an assortment of historical artifacts and documents, such as government rooms, military rooms, Civil War libraries, farm rooms, one-room schoolhouses, smokehouses and country stores.

Raeford-Hoke Museum also houses a 1966 Cessna airplane donated by Carole Williams, wife of Billie Williams from Southmoore Heating and Cooling. Billie gave Carole this aircraft for Christmas; Carole donated it in honor of all first responders from Hoke County such as firemen, law enforcement officers and ambulance drivers who provide first response services in Hoke County – it even has its own room!

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