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raeford hoke museum

Raeford Historic District’s oldest resource is the Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad Corridor. This district’s buildings illustrate architectural styles and construction methods associated with railroad towns in south-central North Carolina during the turn of the twentieth century.

McLauchlin-McFadyen House and Parker-Ray House both showcase neoclassical revival architecture, while their museum also houses a government room, military room and other exhibits.


Since 2002, The Raeford-Hoke Museum has been dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of Hoke County in North Carolina. As a non-profit organization with an aim of preserving culture and artifacts from within Hoke County for future generations to enjoy, while raising public awareness of Hoke County heritage.

The museum is housed in the McLauchlin-McFadyen house built in 1905 and filled with historical artifacts including photographs, maps and genealogies of the region. Additionally, there is a government room featuring displays of Raeford mayors and city officials along with a Civil War library as well as artifacts from Fort Bragg National Guard unit artifacts as well as an African-American room filled with Lumbee artifacts.

Raeford experienced a period of tremendous excitement and economic boom during the 1910s and 1920s, when its commercial buildings showcased the design aesthetics of that era. Notable examples are Johnson-Thomas Building at 127 North Main Street and Farmers Furnishing Company across from it; Kritt McNeill House on North Main Street as well as Will and Flora McLauchlin houses that epitomize it all.

Raeford’s residential buildings show its residents were wealthy and fashionable, reflecting an emphasis on ornament and featuring various architectural styles from simple one-story dwellings to extravagant Queen Anne designs.


The Raeford and Hoke County Museum is dedicated to preserving its culture, artifacts and history while simultaneously increasing public awareness of Hoke County heritage and surrounding towns. Comprised of several buildings such as McLauchlin-McFadyen House and Parker Ray House as well as a library and research center that houses historical artifacts, this facility serves both purposes well.

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Richard Neeley donated The Parker-Ray House to the park. Built in 1897 and restored over three years, this grand old manor will soon open to visitors for tours – Joyce Monroe is sure that its presence has added great character and significance to their museum!

Along with museums, Raeford boasts several other attractions as well. Fort Bragg Military History Museum and 82nd Airborne Division Veterans Memorial Park can both be found nearby; furthermore, Raeford boasts a lower than average crime rate and cost of living than similar areas.

Raeford, NC is an attractive place to live with its fragrant pine forests and stunning magnolia trees. Offering small-town charm while remaining convenient to major cities like Charlotte and Raleigh; also being near Pinehurst golf courses and various Carolina beaches makes Raeford an excellent option for families with young children seeking safe environments with outstanding schools.


This museum was established to enhance public awareness and preserve the culture, history, and artifacts of Raeford and Hoke County. Established in 2002, it now holds several historical artifacts such as McLauchlin-McFadyen House and Parker-Ray House as well as other buildings on its five-acre museum grounds – such as McLauchlin-McFadyen house, Parker Ray house, one-room schoolhouses, churches as well as other historical homes on its five acre grounds.

The museum hosts numerous events and activities throughout the year, from lectures and workshops to tours of historic homes. One such activity is their annual Hometown Christmas event at Freedom Park which gives visitors an opportunity to meet Santa himself, carriage rides, old-fashioned singing and take pictures with him afterward!

Warm Chins for Charity, an annual beard-growing contest organized by the museum, raises money for local charities while honoring those who worked to cultivate Hoke County land. The winner of the contest will receive $200 while an extra prize of $400 will go to the charity with the highest fundraising total.

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Raeford is an idyllic family-friendly community located at the heart of North Carolina’s Sandhills, providing small-town charm while remaining accessible to metropolitan amenities. Surrounded by fragrant pine forests and majestic magnolia trees, Raeford residents also benefit from easy access to Fort Bragg, Pinehurst Golf Club, and various beaches of North Carolina.


Raeford is a classic Scottish town situated at the center of the Sandhills, with fragrant Carolina pine forests and expansive farmlands. Raeford-Hoke Museum was established as a non-profit organization in 2002 with the mission of preserving Hoke County history, culture and artifacts; comprising several buildings such as McLauchlin-McFadyen House and Parker Ray House as part of its collection.

Donations are welcome at the museum, which also hosts annual events such as Singing on the Grounds and History Day for Children. It provides an ideal place for exploring Hoke County history while having a wonderful day trip!

Hoke County nonprofit, Hoke Cares for Babies (HCBF) is asking for donations in order to keep daycares operating during the pandemic. Executive director Jean Squier noted that without support many daycares would close and leave essential workers out in the cold. Items such as hand soap, sanitary products and gloves are being sought as donations.

Marie Cameron Brown was an educator for decades in Hoke County and Raeford native who retired to Swansboro to enjoy beach living after retiring her teaching career. An avid photographer and seamstress, Marie had two surviving children – Evelyn Fram of Flagstaff Arizona and Vernon “Butch” Brown from Verona North Carolina as well as grandchildren Holly Brown and Cam Brown both from Raeford – that survive her.

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