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raeford hoke museum

Raeford-Hoke Museum was first established in 2002 with the purchase of McLauchlin-McFadyen House and has since expanded to include Parker-Ray House along with other buildings housing historical artifacts, photographs, and genealogies from Raeford and Hoke County.

Hoke County lies in North Carolina’s famed Sandhills region and was established in 1911 from parts of Cumberland and Robeson Counties. Raeford serves as its seat and main commercial center.


Raeford, North Carolina’s charming small-town charm meets metropolitan amenities. Bounding Fort Bragg, this thriving town lies close to major golf tournaments at Pinehurst and Southern Pines as well as professional sports teams in Charlotte and Raleigh. Renowned for its fragrant pine forests and majestic magnolia trees, Raeford residents also take pride in creating strong communities through family-owned businesses and local events.

The Raeford Hoke Museum is an important historical attraction that preserves culture and artifacts in its local area. Comprised of multiple buildings – two colonial houses in particular are examples of beautiful neoclassical revival architecture; both feature heated spaces. McLauchlin-McFadyen House boasts over 6000 square feet heated space; this beauty boasts many antiques that come from surrounding regions; Parker Ray House contains another historical home filled with period furnishings as well.

Raeford City Council candidates are competing to take one of three available seats until voters make their selection in November. To gauge each candidate’s views on Raeford and its future, The News-Journal asked each a series of questions regarding city matters; here are excerpts from their answers:


This museum, established in 2002, showcases historical artifacts, photos and genealogies from Raeford and Hoke County. It’s also an extremely popular tourist spot and destination. The five-acre grounds include McLauchlin-McFadyen house, Parker-Ray house as well as other structures; tours for groups of 10 or more can be arranged upon prior arrangement.

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Boyles pledged his efforts towards supporting downtown businesses and encouraging newcomers to shop locally, while taking into account utility needs when planning for new development projects. Furthermore, he hopes to promote wise use of undeveloped land in the area.

Tapp: He has provided considerable volunteer efforts, serving on both the Chamber of Commerce and Raeford-Hoke Museum boards as well as helping build Sandy Grove Middle School and serving on its oversight board for what was formerly the N.C. Turkey Festival (now Fall Festival). Furthermore, he holds a long career with First Bank.

He holds degrees in sociology and criminal justice as well as education. With three children to look after at home in Raeford – two boys and one girl – and an incredible wife by his side, he loves calling Raeford his home town and has various plans to improve it, such as adding round-the-clock fire department staffing services.


The museum strives to preserve the culture and artifacts of Raeford and Hoke County through preservation. Their five-acre property boasts a 1921 fire truck, emergency and agricultural equipment, antique dolls house, one room schoolhouse and country store; as well as the Parker-Ray house renovated back to its early 1900s glory by Mary Neil King, one of their volunteers at the museum.

The buildings on the grounds reflect architectural changes that occurred throughout south-central North Carolina between the late 19th century and post-World War II eras, due to social, economic, and industrial developments that transformed Raeford from a railroad stop with one small school into an economic powerhouse catering to factory workers and farmers alike.

This historic home museum showcases exhibits on local history, such as its early life and government. Additionally, there are military, church and farm exhibits. Housed within a Southern Colonial Revival home.

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The museum is open and free to the public; donations are welcome and encouraged. Parking is available adjacent to the building and hours run from 10am-4pm Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday; it closes Sunday, Monday & holidays. Located at 111 S Highland Street Raeford NC. For further inquiries contact (910)671-3820 or visit their website


The Raeford-Hoke Museum is housed within a southern Colonial Revival home and houses various historical artifacts, photographs, genealogies and genealogical research on local subjects. Their mission is to promote preservation of Raeford and Hoke County history and culture.

The museum features two colonial homes on its property; the McLauchlin-McFadyen House stands as an excellent example of neoclassical revival architecture while Parker-Ray House was recently relocated from offsite and is being restored back to its former glory. Both structures contain early 20th-century furniture. Furthermore, events and tours for groups of 10 or more can also be booked.

Joyce Monroe, curator of the museum, explained that the Parker-Ray House project began after discussions regarding their organization’s need for additional space three years ago. At that point, Richard Neeley mentioned he owned a barn off U.S. 401 which once belonged to Louis and Willa Ray as they once resided there as their home had once been restored by Neeley himself before offering it for donation and paying to restore it himself.

Raeford is an idyllic family-friendly city, boasting low crime rates and living costs that are lower than most cities across North Carolina. Nestled amidst pine forests and magnolia blooms, Raeford provides easy access to Fort Bragg. Pinehurst and various Carolina beaches are nearby too – it has even become popular military retirement spots due to their closeness and rich history.

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