Raeford Hoke Museum

raeford hoke museum

Louis and Willa Ray constructed their home in Cumberland County (now Hoke County). Over time, however, both families left and it stood empty.

Later donated to the museum and designated as an historic site, its five-acre property now contains a 1921 fire truck, emergency service equipment, an old dollhouse, one-room schoolhouse and country store.

History of Raeford

Raeford is one of Hoke County’s finest railway towns and one of the last remaining intact railroad communities in south-central North Carolina. Its charming historic district boasts charming old-fashioned homes and shops and its environment is comprised of fragrant Carolina pine forests and vast tracts of fertile land surrounded by majestic magnolia trees adorning front lawns, while spring brings forth an amazing array of azalea blooms.

Raeford-Hoke Museum was established in 2002 to preserve its long and rich history, and features several buildings as well as two colonial homes – McLauchlin-McFadyen House and Parker Ray House – which feature numerous artifacts, photos and genealogies related to Raeford/Hoke County history and culture.

As well as houses, the museum features several exhibits on its grounds such as a 1921 fire truck with emergency equipment, an antique doll museum building, one-room schoolhouses and country stores. All are open to the public free of charge; tours for groups of 10 or more may be arranged by calling ahead.

The museum boasts an extensive library of local historical documents and photographs. Additionally, its archives house information about early residents in Hoke County including descendants of original Highland Scot families.

The Parker Ray House

Raeford Hoke Museum was established in 2002 to preserve the local area’s history, culture and artifacts. It features historical artifacts, photographs and genealogies of Raeford and Hoke County as well as several buildings such as McLauchlin-McFadyen House and Parker Ray House (renovated to its early 1900s glory).

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Three years ago, the Parker Ray House joined the collection after it came up casually during a conversation between Joyce Monroe, curator of the museum, and Richard Neeley (visitor to organization), when Richard suggested donating a barn.

Monroe reached out to Neeley and discovered that the house belonged to Louis and Willa Ray, his grandparents who built it in 1899 in Cumberland County (later part of Hoke County) before eventually leaving it empty until donated to a museum in 2011.

The mission of Raeford Museum is to promote public awareness of Raeford and its surroundings. Annual events hosted at this location include Singing on the Grounds, Christmas Open House, Leadership-Hoke Tour and Leadership-Hoke Workshop Tour. Admission to Raeford Museum is free but donations are encouraged! It can be found at 111 South Highland Street and it welcomes visitors at any time.

The McLauchlin-McFadyen House

The McLauchlin-McFadyen House on museum grounds represents early history of the town. Built by Louis Parker in 1899 when he relocated from Massachusetts in search of land and an area where his family could thrive comfortably. The family lived in this house until donating it to the Raeford-Hoke Museum in Spring 2015. This museum preserves culture and artifacts from Raeford-Hoke while raising public awareness of county’s heritage. Raeford offers visitors several historic places of interest, including Parker Ray House and Hoke County Courthouse, that will give them an insight into its remarkable past. Are You Searching for Something Modern to Do Near Our Apartments? There are various recreational activities nearby our apartments. Rockfish Creek Winery and Skydive Paraclete XP offer ideal spots for relaxing with wine while drinking while Wide Open MX Park and Skydive Paraclete XP provide exciting off-road driving and skydiving adventures respectively.

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Hoke County’s Agricultural and Early Industrial History, Schoolhouses and Religious Architecture, Rural Crossroads and Mid-century Raeford were identified as potential research themes to investigate during the windshield survey. A number of historic farmsteads still stand within Hoke County today with clustered outbuildings such as smokehouses, chicken coops and equipment sheds that may warrant further examination in later phases of this architectural survey.

Genealogy Room

Raeford Hoke Museum was established as a non-profit museum in 2002 with the mission of preserving local history and culture for future generations. Their collection contains historical artifacts and photographs as well as genealogical records; their home is situated within Raeford, North Carolina’s historic town which boasts many other attractions as well.

Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve provides 900 acres of longleaf pine forests and hiking trails that make an excellent outdoor recreation spot, and visitors can also experience its southern cuisine such as BBQ and fried chicken in town. In addition, Weymouth features many boutique shops.

Raeford is an idyllic town nestled within North Carolina’s famed Sandhills region and celebrates its rich heritage through several annual events, such as the North Carolina Turkey Festival which highlights agricultural heritage of the region. Pine Needles Resort and golf courses also make Raeford home; residents are known for their warm hospitality and southern charm, making the town easy to navigate via public transportation or taxi services; car rental agencies provide car rentals; their staff is knowledgeable of local conditions so they can help find you an appropriate car to meet your needs.

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