Raeford Hospital in Cumberland County Offers a Full Range of Services

The hospital’s new facility can be found along U.S. 401 east of Raeford. Adjacent to it stands a 20,000-square-foot medical office building housing cardiology and internal medicine offices.

Medicare survey data reveals that patients rate this hospital 92 out of 100 for overall experience and 93 out of 100 on whether they would recommend it to friends and family. Click through for five star ratings, quality measure performance information, and more!

Medical Services

Hoke and Cumberland counties as well as Fort Bragg previously needed to travel long distances for treatment, making the 41-bed hospital vital. Offering emergency care, hospitalization and rehabilitation services; as well as other essential medical and surgical services.

Ear tube surgery (myringotomy) involves inserting a small tube in the eardrum in order to allow excess fluid in the ear canal to drain away and ease any associated pain and pressure. This procedure is commonly done to relieve headaches.

This hospital’s Medicare Performance Report displays how often this hospital provided recommended care that has been scientifically shown to lower readmission rates and enhance patient outcomes, as well as information about their spending on each Medicare beneficiary.

This facility is certified as a general Medicare provider and participates in the Medicare Quality Initiative program.

Emergency Services

Hospital compare is an online resource designed to give patients and their families relevant information about the quality of care at any particular hospital. The site displays various performance measures such as emergency department response time for common conditions, recommended treatments that have proven successful over time and whether a hospital spent more or less than its national average on similar care services.

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On the first floor of this 180,000-square-foot facility are services most frequently accessed for patient convenience and travel distance, and optimal staff efficiencies: the emergency department, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, admissions and surgery services as well as 24-hour children’s emergency room access. A 20,000-square-foot medical building will house cardiology offices as well as wound care, orthopedic, ear, nose and throat offices to round off these services.

Raeford, located in North Carolina’s beautiful Sandhills region, provides small-town living with an exceptional quality of life and an affordable cost of living. Just an hour’s drive from Fayetteville, an hour and half west of Raleigh and two hours from the coast – Raeford boasts over 7,800 people making it one of the larger towns within Hoke County with parks, schools, churches and civic organizations within its limits.

Surgery Services

Our Same-Day Surgery team includes highly-skilled surgeons and anesthesia providers, along with highly experienced nurses to prepare you for your procedure and answer any questions that arise before beginning. Once our nurses have fully prepared you for surgery, your family or friends may join you in our Same-Day Surgery waiting area.

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition caused by your body’s extreme response to an infection, and early diagnosis and intervention increases survival odds. These measures demonstrate how frequently hospitals treat sepsis patients as soon as they become diagnosed, and quickly start providing the care that research supports; our hospital scored 92 out of 100 in this category.

Diagnostic Services

Hospital services offered include medical imaging tests (such as X-rays), laboratory and other diagnostic services, physical therapy and rehabilitation, as well as laboratory services for scheduled surgeries. These services cover injuries and illnesses as well as scheduled surgeries. These may include laboratory services, other forms of diagnosis such as outpatient diagnostic services (such as laboratory services or physical therapy and rehabilitation services).

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Hoke, Cumberland and Fort Bragg counties will now have access to a convenient 41-bed hospital that will reduce travel costs, streamline staff efficiencies and maximize patient access with less wait times while improving staff efficiency. The 180,000 sf building houses most frequently accessed services on its first floor for maximum patient accessibility, minimization of wait times and improved staff efficiency.

This hospital monitors how often and quickly care that has been scientifically shown to get better outcomes for certain health problems, such as sepsis, is provided. Furthermore, they track when recommended treatments such as antibiotics or blood transfusions are given to their patients.

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